hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily update 
on the dojo and if you like this hit that like   button it helps the channel out a lot and i really 
appreciate it all right what are we going to talk   about today well dogecoin news a couple of new 
articles that came out we'll talk about mining   and where dojo could possibly go and is it the 
new bitcoin if you missed that bitcoin train   maybe dogecoin is that train you don't actually 
want to miss and why could it actually be the   cryptocurrency of the future also let's talk 
about jake paul yeah he has made 5 million   dollars already off of nfts so let's discuss what 
an nft is and if you should actually get into it   also let's talk about cardano some cardano 
price predictions and what's a good price   to actually get in then we're gonna finish off 
this video with my top six great stocks to buy   for all of march and april and some of these are 
actually forever stocks that you should keep for   at least five to ten years because their real 
potential is going to be somewhere down the line   all right if you haven't subscribed to my 
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help you myself all right let's get into dogecoin hey everybody all right so i just want you to be 
aware this is actually just a market correction   in fact i can just label this as a flash 
crash so this is just a small flash crash   which usually corrects in about two weeks 
i've been doing this for about 13 years   and some average that i could actually say 
where everything returns back to normal is   10 to 14 days so please do not pan excel just 
hold down to your dogecoin and hold on to your   stocks this is a normal occurrence and it will 
go back to normal so dosh going right now is at   4.8 cents so we're slowly moving upwards which is 
good bitcoin down from an all-time high of let's   take a look here we're actually at 58 000 so we're 
down to 15 000 a huge difference in price ethereum   down from two thousand dollars down to thirteen 
hundred and ripple will actually rebound back but   if we take a look we actually had some all-time 
highs of about even actually higher than this   but we're down to 40 cents so it's a good buying 
price even though most of us actually can't buy   or even sell ripple what you can do is actually 
trade it for a different type of cryptocurrency   so if you contact the actual platform you're on 
and let them know they'll actually switch out   ripple for something else if you actually want 
to get out of it but the only way to buy ripple   right now is through very specific atms believe 
it or not okay let's take a look at cardano   if we take a look we actually were as high 
as about a dollar fifty so a couple of people   asked me what's a good buying price so i would 
actually buy in at this actual low point around   here so somewhere between 90 cents to a dollar if 
you want to get in because of the volatility we   could actually get there easily so don't just 
buy in right now because it's slightly down   i would buy it a dollar or less okay so let's just 
get into what is an nft quite a few questions on   discord everywhere else and i just want to kind 
of cover it very quickly so park mike shinoma   to explain here so verifiable digital scarcity is 
suddenly all the rage nfts are non-fungible tokens   or digital collectibles they use blockchain 
technology as authentication and they're   everywhere and jake paul actually made about five 
million dollars in a couple of days off of it   so let's read a little more the centuries-old 
auction house christie's is getting in on   the action for the first time it's accepting 
cryptocurrency for nft piece by the digital artist   people artist chris torres just sold a one of a 
kind slightly modified nft version of his famous   jeff nyan cat you know the animated flying feline 
with a pop tart body for 600 thousand dollars so   maybe if you get in now it could actually increase 
in value by 10x 100 x who knows what the future is   so and earlier this month lindsay lohan stole 
an image of her face is a digital asset so she   sold this digital asset then it kept getting 
resold and it actually climbed up to 50 000   so i want you guys to actually consider nfts 
it might hold the potential to make some   really good money okay so youtube boxer logan 
paul turns himself into an nft pokemon card   the winning bidders on logan paul's auction of 
first edition pokemon cards will also receive a   limited edition nft featuring the man himself so 
he has literally found a way to turn everything   into money and we can learn a lot from paul logan 
and what he actually does and how he's just become   such a successful entrepreneur so this is that 
actual card and it says paul will unbox and open   the packs on behalf of the auction winners 
in a live stream on february 27 to celebrate   the 25th anniversary of the game's launch so 
another way for him to basically capitalize on   cryptocurrency nfts and everything he can 
actually get his hands on so is the new   bitcoin the dogecoin i think it is and that actual 
fact that it's unkempt might actually help it   really really long term because we can actually 
see that uncapping of bitcoin could bring it down   to a six dollar to 200 dollar range where you 
can't really do anything to doge coin it's already   unkept so it's already at the best position it 
can possibly be in fact if we actually cap it we   could easily get to six or seven dollars from 
the current share price of four or five cents   or the current crypto price so with more than 
47 million twitter followers elon musk holds   a great deal of influence in the world of tech 
and cryptocurrency proven by dogecoin's meteoric   growth in recent weeks a single tweet from elon 
musk sparked overnight interest in the currency   so he already said he would actually make this 
the crypto of mars so that means that once these   rockets start actually heading towards mars that's 
probably when we'll see the real true potential   of dogecoin so if you buy dogecoin now and 
you sit on it for next five to ten years   that's where you can actually see that possibility 
of hitting that six to seven dollar mark   all right so cardano bitcoin sv doge coin price 
analysis let's focus a little bit on cardano   because this is where we could actually 
see some really good returns as well so   cardano held down to its third rank on 
koi market cap even after plummeting 20   so right now everything is down maybe we should 
actually get at least a little bit into cardano   in the past 24 hours the rest of the market was 
also bleeding as bitcoin sv headed towards 172   levels of support dogecoin seeded a 
short-term range and it was trading   to bearish pressure and that's okay the entire 
market is selling off and bitcoin dogecoin and   ethereum and cardano are all following along 
and this will correct itself in about two weeks   and the entire actual situation that's happening 
with bonds right now and the bond yields   the actual banks will re-buy the actual bonds and 
we will stabilize so don't worry don't panic sell   so dogecoin coinbase says entire 
crypto market could destabilize   if satoshi nakamoto is unmasked now there's also 
rumors that satoshi nakamoto is actually not even   japanese or asian at all that he actually 
made this cryptocurrency in california and   he's just a white guy now we don't have actually 
confirmation of that but i'm sure eventually we   will find out so cryptocurrency exchange coinbase 
has warned its initial public offering ipo finds   that bitcoin ethereum markets could deteriorate if 
the identity of the bitcoin's anonymous inventor   satoshi nakamoto is revealed recently 
the price of bitcoin had all-time highs   speculations according to reports by wk nakamoto is unlikely   to be japanese and is believed to hold around 1.1 
million of the 21 million bitcoin that could exist   in the world honestly i don't think the actual 
creator's name or who he is or where he's from   matters at all what really truly matters is if 
he actually someday decides to uncap a bitcoin   and then it becomes uncapped just like dogecoin 
and that will actually cause it to devalue   to easily somewhere around 200 or less 
all right let's get into our stock picks   for monday and actually all of march these are 
fantastic stocks even if you want to just flip   them or hold on to them long term i love all of 
these companies and i've done research on them   and i see a great future for them so square for 
my all-time high of 276 here down by 17.88 so 18   upside just to get back where it was actually 
at which is fantastic even if you want to just   buy it now and then sell it once it actually just 
levels off at its high that's a pretty good profit   of eighteen percent all right tattooed chef i 
will probably hold down to tattooed chef for   at least the next five to ten years i love this 
company a fantastic future and from 24.60 down   19 another fantastic buy flash crashes like this 
are opportunities to buy and make a lot of money   now imagine right now even if you buy on margin 
you'll actually more than double your money in   terms of just the actual percentage you're 
going from let's say you buy a margin from   robinhood at two percent you'll still be up at 
least another six fifteen sixteen percent even   if it just gets back in the next year but this 
is a forty dollar stock at the end of this year   all right tesla also unbelievable over here 
actually we're at over nine hundred dollars   so this is now seeing twenty two point six percent 
actually we're somewhere between a twenty five   twenty seven percent down and actually it's 
around six sixty nine in the after hours so a   great buy and this company is going to more than 
triple in price in just the next couple of years all right switch back energy if we take a look 
right here we are at 4133 so we are down 25.41   another fantastic stock to hold and buy and i 
love this company they have a very good future   okay zom and i'm doing this from actually the 
lowest crash flash crash to the highest so all   these you'll see a greater returns when 
it comes to it so zometica from uh 2.70   to 187 right now that's a 31 percent decrease in 
share price and i as soon as the market opens up   tomorrow i'm getting more shares of this ticker 
zom okay and let's take a look at our last one   here hit the hardest unbelievable actually 
it's down more than 60 percent so it's it's   unbelievable this doesn't even show it's actually 
gone down even more into after hours palantir a   great buy even just for a quick flip all right 
thank you for watching i'll keep you guys posted   with all the cryptos and stocks if you need help 
building your portfolio go to my description   go to patreon and we can talk together and build 
you a fantastic portfolio figure out what stocks   to buy how to actually balance it out and you 
can talk to me 24 hours a day seven days a week   if i'm not sleeping i will always respond to you 
on discord alright see you guys in the next video so i'm

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