Dogecoin HUGE News – Crypto MINING to get DOGE to $1 or $4 ūüöÄ & GRUMPY CAT?

hey everybody it's Alen what's their daily 
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right let's talk about dogecoin versus grumpy cat   coin yes grumpy cat coin is now up over a thousand 
percent so let's talk about the grumpy cat and if   you should actually invest into this token all 
right let's also talk about fox news yes fox   news just showed the dogecoin on it and said it 
was up over a thousand percent just this year so   let's talk about how that's actually going to help 
the dogecoin increase in value and help increase   its market gap also let's talk about amd graphics 
cards yes amd is not actually limiting how you can   use their graphics cards so you can buy an amd 
graphics card and use it to mine for dogecoin   or bitcoin or even ethereum also let's talk about 
some different alternatives to actually mining   for dogecoin and if it's actually worth 
it we'll go through the mining calculator   and i'm in chicago so for me i can actually 
get about 300 to 500 per month just off of   mining so let's talk about that and maybe 
it's a good idea for you to do as well   it all depends on your electricity costs now 
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all right let's get into the dogecoin all right everybody let's take a look 
at the price of dogecoin 5.8 cents   almost which is fantastic so the whole market is 
going down and dogecoin is holding up pretty well   now those of you that are new to my channel i 
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sure you're there for that giveaway and i don't   have any more playstation 5's but i'm bidding on 
two of them on ebay and once i win those auctions   i will also be giving away those playstation 
5's as well all right bitcoin is at 57 750   so this is the news from india they're 
going to be blocking all cryptocurrencies   and making it illegal so it crashed from 
basically all-time highs of almost 62 000   to 53 000 and now people are kind of just slowly 
buying back into it so that's good here's the   adult coin over here it's down by four percent 
not sure why but you think people will be uh at   home more buying uh this particular coin all 
right so grumpy cats ghost takes over crypto   as grumpy coins surges 1 000 in a single day so 
is it time to buy grumpy coin right now maybe   you can tell your friends you got 
the grumpy coin and the dogecoin   so the grumpy cat emerged as a top force 
in cryptocurrency on wednesday after a   coin dedicated to her saw its price surge 
by more than 1 000 in one day that is huge   just take one thousand percent multiply by a 
thousand dollars and those are some serious   profits so total investment in the grumpy cat 
coin jumped more than 50 million dollars as   of late wednesday afternoon after seeing after 
sitting at less than 5 million earlier this week   social media users ecstatic over the meteoric rise 
share pictures that included the cat going to mars   with spacex ceo elon musk and refusing to buy 
its most prominent rival dogecoin which musk has   routinely promoted in recent months in fact musk 
has said this is actually the people's coin and   the coin of mars the official cryptocurrency of 
mars so is it a good idea to maybe buy some grumpy   cat coin and some dojo and yeah why not honestly i 
think i want to throw maybe a hundred dollars into   grumpy cat coin i'm getting close to ten thousand 
dollars of dogecoin right now but a hundred   dollars into grumpy cat coin that's not gonna hurt 
anybody so i'll probably buy some grumpy cat coin   so Grumpy cat coin right now if you take a look it 
doesn't even show up in terms of just its actual   market cap so right now we're on 
and you know at a market cap of 50 million dollars   it's so so little that we have to see some 
serious investors to actually start seeing some   you know past one cent gains but honestly with 
the push with cryptocurrency and everything   money could be made with the grumpy cat coin 
so consider that ethereum is slowly covering   around seventeen eighteen hundred dollars 
and it will actually get back to two thousand   ripple is up half a percent so i've been stagnant 
pretty recently and cardano is down eight percent   what is this a buying opportunity i see 
cardano anything under 1.30 that's a buying   opportunity for me if we just go back the last 
24 hours we're almost as high as a dollar fifty   so pretty good discount right there so dogecoin is 
now at 128 billion in supply so if we can actually   get this bad boy maybe capped at 150 to 160 
billion or if the actual creators of dogecoin cut   they actually put five billion dolce going into 
circulation every year what would help us if   they actually don't cap it but they lowered 
the number of those coins that they put into   circulation so let's say a billion or less that 
would actually help us as well so they don't have   to necessarily cap it all right so what if elon 
musk sells his nft his non-fungible token for   dogecoin will the doge price hit one dollar well 
he'd have to sell you know something close to   at least half a billion dollars i would say so to 
get us there so if he continues doing it over and   over and he gets a lot of these nfds sold he could 
do it so dojo and price is well known to amaze the   entire crypto space with the eye-catching price 
movements a sudden 800 percent plus jump followed   by nearly 300 percent plunge then a later 200 
percent spike followed by an 80 decline which led   us to somewhere around 1 000 seven percent jump in 
the dosh going price upwards so i think dogecoin   is still a great buy and i'm slowly trying to 
average down my costs and edge doge coin and   elon musk purchasing and you know selling nfts for 
dogecoin is only going to help us so i saw this   article fantastic article from about six hours ago 
fox news just posted the top three cryptos bitcoin   is up 88 percent ethereum is up 130 percent and 
our beautiful dogecoin is up one hundred percent   and i think this is just the beginning some of 
us might have missed that bitcoin train where we   could have gotten bitcoin at two hundred dollars 
just four or five years ago and now the dose   going it's the dose going time and i'm gonna keep 
buying dogecoin as opportunities come so amd says   we will not limit cryptocurrency mining on your 
graphics card amd indicates there's no need to add   a mining limiter since the company's radeon cars 
were never optimized for cryptocurrency mining   and even though they don't optimize you can put a 
bunch of these together eight nine or even ten of   them create a mining rig and you can mine your 
little heart away if you want so unlike nvidia   amd will not restrict the cryptocurrency 
mining capabilities on its graphics cards   and you know what sometimes you may even be better 
off just buying a mining rig instead of using a   gaming pc to mine but if your actual electricity 
costs are really low then using a gaming pc could   also be very profitable all right so bitcoin 
mining hardware i wanted to kind of show you   guys some options if you're interested i think one 
of the top miners is always going to be ant miner   so the s19 is a very good actual uh choice 
the hash power is 95 on it and miner s19 pro   is also another very good choice these are 
actually the top five picks ranging over   between six thousand dollars to basically ten 
thousand dollars you can go for a cheaper choice   with what's minor for about two thousand five 
hundred in fact those of you that don't care   you can buy a pretty decent crypto miner off of 
ebay used for around eight to nine hundred dollars   now let's just get into actually what you 
could actually make so if your hashing power   is somewhere around 68 and you have 
a power consumption about 1500 watts   and so your cost per kilowatt hour here is going 
to differ from state to state even from city to   city but let's say it's around 11 cents what are 
you going to be actually making so your power   cost is going to be around four dollars then your 
power consumption is going to be around 30 bucks   and then your power cost total for the month is 
about 125 dollars and then you're gonna actually   be somewhere around 1500 bucks for the entire 
year so what are you looking at your profit   could be somewhere close to 600 a month so yes 
there's the initial investment you have to put in   but if you guys don't mind buying a used 
miner you know you can basically within 40   maybe 45 days you can pay off the entire miner 
and then collect somewhere around 600 a month   in profit and you can actually set up this mine 
in your garage and literally you could just do   all the work for you while you're at work so 
pretty good choice if you actually don't mind   the noise it's pretty loud that's why i 
would suggest you set it up in your garage   now teledoc from about three hundred dollars 
is down to 185 dollars arkan vest and kathy   would keep buying it up there was some news 
on amazon basically getting into you know   this field and this teledoc kind of type of 
actually investing and honestly i don't think   there's any problems with what amazon is doing 
people panic sold and this is actually a great   buying opportunity what has Ark Invest done 
the last two weeks every single time there   was a dip they bought more and more teledoc and 
those of you that actually like this company and   i personally love this company in fact i finished 
off today by buying 20 more shares of teledoc so a   fantastic buy our second stock of this is going 
to be zillow our 52 week high was 212 dollars   so you're getting this somewhere around 40 off and 
zillow's going to do very very well long term so   i added another 10 shares of 
zillow to my portfolio today   square i also purchased square we're 
down from a 52 we kind of 283 dollars   we're about 64 down from our all-time highs a 
fantastic choice and a great addition to your   portfolio and i just love square as a company in 
fact those of you that have been on my channel for   a while you know i sold off all of my tattooed 
chef and i used that money to actually buy   palantir and square so that's how much i actually 
like them tesla at 653 dollars is a buy all   day every day in fact we just went from about 
705 dollars to 653 our 52 week highs over 900   so you're getting this somewhere 
around 250 off from the all-time high   and tesla is going to be somewhere around hundred 
dollars next year so you can actually buy in   and get about sixty percent off from next year's 
prices in fact i did the price projections for the   next five years and my very bearish view on tesla 
is a minimum of 23 percent profits year over year   and my bullish predicament is easily 50 percent 
profits year over year in fact there's a lot of   analysts there saying that tesla can go somewhere 
between 8 000 to 18 000 in the next 10 years   because a lot of people don't realize if you look 
at NIO if you look at xbang if you look a lot of   these ev companies they are just that ev companies 
tesla is not that my friends tesla is about 13   14 companies in one they're gonna be dealing 
with batteries they're gonna be selling solar   they're i mean every single thing from car 
insurances from robo taxis just look at all   the different companies that are inside of 
tesla you're honestly buying a small actual   etf or mutual fund when you buy tesla that's how 
many different actual companies are within tesla   so this is why tesla is not just an EV stock it's 
many many companies that deal with energy solar   insurance and everything else so 
when i buy to tesla i'm very bullish   and honestly this is a company i'm 
going to keep buying into and not   sell for at least the next 10 years i don't care 
if tesla goes to 400 tomorrow what am i going to   do i'm going to keep every share i have and 
i'm going to keep buying more all right our   last stock of the days NIO NIO is down to 41 
this is almost criminally low 52 week high 67   so almost 70 bucks and actually i think we're 
actually slightly above 70 bucks yahoo is   slightly off from our all-time highs but 40 
percent somewhere around the 30-40 percent off   and you can bet your bottom dollar that NIO is 
going to be up to 50 dollars in the next month   or so bearish 75 by the end of the year bullish 
90 to 100 150 by next year it is a company that is   backed by china they're going to make sure daniel 
succeeds and i'm gonna put my money into my two   chinese stocks that i'm very bullish on are going 
to be NIO and alibaba as money comes from my job   you can bet i'm gonna buy more NIO and i'm gonna 
buy more alibaba now those of you that need help   with your portfolios if your stocks are down if 
you're losing money go to my description click on   patreon it will link you to discord download that 
discord application to your cell phone we can chat   i can help you build a great portfolio then 
we can figure out what stocks we can sell off   and then where we can take that money put 
into more successful companies and stocks   so we can double even triple your portfolio 
year over year all alright i will see you guys   in the next video or i will talk to you on 
discord take care and thank you for watching you

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