Dogecoin HUGE News – Can NFTs get DOGE to $1 or to $4 ūüöÄ or even HIGHER !! BUY INDIA DIP ?

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily update 
on the dogecoin and if you like this hit that like   button i really appreciate it and it helps the 
channel a lot also make sure you grab a pen and   paper we're going to go over my top five stock 
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watch list so you can keep an eye on them all   right let's talk about pay later pay later now 
accepts dosh going so let's cover why this is   great news and how it's going to help the dogecoin 
get closer and closer to that one dollar mark also   let's talk about scammers yes there are dozens of 
fake profiles in my actual comment section down   below with my name and my actual picture they're 
actually trying to get money out of you i don't   have whatsapp i do not actually have any financial 
advisors and i will never ask you for money so   please be careful with them all right let's talk 
about elon musk who made an nft and he actually   wants 69 million dollars from people who actually 
wants to pay him in dollars but he actually wants   dogecoin yes which means if they actually 
pay him in dogecoin that's going to help us   increase publicity for dogecoin and increase 
its market cap which is fantastic so let's do   another comparison of bitcoin versus dogecoin and 
if dogecoin is actually the right currency to get   into or if you should actually buy some bitcoin 
or some ethereum so we'll talk about all three   of those and we may even cover some cardano as 
well also let's do some price predictions for   2021 2022 and 2023 and let's kind of guess where 
dogecoin could actually be in a couple of years   now those of you that are not subscribed to 
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actually help you pick out stocks and let you know   what stocks that you sell off and what great picks 
you can actually get into all right let's get into dogecoin all right everybody let's take a look at the 
price of dogecoin we're up two percent which is   fantastic considering the entire stock market 
did a small correction or a mini crash today   bitcoin is not trying to recover back 
to over 60 000 from that news from india   and we'll see how that plays out long term but 
i'm kind of curious what it will actually happen   if india bans cryptocurrency all right ethereum 
is at eighteen hundred dollars so about a half   a percent down nothing major ripple is up four 
percent this is why i was telling you guys hold   on once this whole deal listing fiasco is over 
this bad boy is going to one dollar or more   and cardano what did i say yesterday buy the 
dip i'm gonna make a song that says buy the dip   and 18 this is huge just think of it this way if 
you threw a hundred thousand dollars into cardano   you would have made eighteen thousand one hundred 
and ten dollars today that's pretty amazing all   right now tire and wheel retailer pay later tires 
begins accepting dogecoin and cryptocurrency   and we're seeing this trend when more and 
more businesses keep accepting dogecoin   and going long term it's just huge news for 
us alright so let's read into it pay later   tires one of the fastest growing wheel and tire 
merchants online for alternative payment solutions   announced that has joined a rapidly growing 
list of companies that now accept the dose coin   and more and more of these companies realize 
they're getting free publicity by actually   accepting the doge coin and then letting the 
public know that they accept it and now doge   is actually going to benefit from that they're 
actually benefiting and so are we everybody that   now holds dogecoin is going to actually get a 
benefit because the dogecoin is going to rise   in value making it easier for customers to buy 
new tires and wheels on their way to the moon   all right good let's go on only those accepted 
here people's offer of 69 million dollars nft   not good enough for elon musk let's read into 
it elon musk's song about nfts which she put up   on sale as a non-fungible token or nft on monday 
has found a taker in the artist mike winkelmann   popularly known as people what happened well 
people offered musk 69 million dollars for the   catchy song but musk wanted to be paid 420 million 
dogecoin instead so we now actually see that elon   musk probably put a couple hundred million dollars 
into dogecoin when he bought it for his son   especially considering that he's actually now 
only wanting to be paid in dogecoin so we're one   of the richest people in the world that now only 
wants payments as dogecoin so that's just amazing   so it is notable that musk's asking prices of 420 
million doge equals about 24 million dollars which   is significantly less than people's offers so 
he doesn't care all he cares is about the dosh   coin going to the moon all right so we covered 
this yesterday i wanted to bring it back again   for those of you that didn't see my video india 
set to ban bitcoin dogecoin another crypto money   with the move that targets miners and traders so 
if you're curious why the actual crypto market   kind of went down why bitcoin crashed from like 
sixty some thousand dollars to about fifty four   thousand dollars was on this news that india was 
going to ban bitcoin doge coin and other cryptos   so then the uncertainty around cryptocurrencies 
in india continues as the government is now   planning to propose a new law which will not only 
bend digital money but also find anyone trading in   the country or even holding such digital assets so 
what really happened was panic selling and if we   go back and we take a look at bitcoin over here 
and let's just take a look at the last week you   know we're going from all-time record-breaking 
highs of sixty two thousand dollars almost   and then this news comes out then it 
crashes by about eight to nine thousand   now let's take a look at dojo in the last week and 
you can see that we were actually all-time highs   at least for the last three four weeks of 6.3 
cents and then the news came out and the same   thing happened so people basically just panic 
sold off and i'm a long-term holder i don't really   care what india does i'm waiting till dogecoin 
gets to a dollar and then even higher than that   all right let's move on so better buy bitcoin 
versus dogecoin and i kind of wanted to talk   about this because the three big players right now 
in my opinion are going to be bitcoin ethereum and   dogecoin and we also have cardano in there 
and then we'll see what happens with ripple   long term but honestly i think a lot of us missed 
that bitcoin boat where we could have bought   bitcoin for a couple of dollars it actually 
could have been bought somewhere around 200   and there were even 3 000 dollar opportunities 
long term you know if we go back over here just   2013 2014 you could have gotten bitcoin at 100 
bucks and you know going back to you know as far   as basically four years ago you know you're still 
at the 700 800 mark for bitcoin and before this   run-up happened right here you know where are 
we here uh 2019 5800 even actually last summer   nine thousand dollars we could have gotten in 
so we might have missed the vote on bitcoin but   dogecoin is just starting and ethereum will out 
i absolutely hit that ten thousand dollar mark   in the future so i'm going to try and load 
up more on ethereum and more on dogecoin   as money comes my way all right so exclusive 
dogecoin creator says that what sets meme crypto   apart from thousands of failed coins is it being a 
meme i think we actually got so much attention and   so much publicity and so much love for the dojo 
and that's why people wanted to invest into it   and i'm happy to actually know that 
so does going price predictions   and i read through this article and they're 
very bearish on it going to about eight cents   and i actually think we can easily get somewhere 
in that 15 to 20 cent mark in just the next couple   of months and if we get more businesses around the 
world accepting the dogecoin and we're actually   you know if you're following my channel we're 
getting more and more businesses on a daily basis   i make videos every single day and there's at 
least a couple of new places they're accepting it   so that push to one dollar is real and we're 
actually gonna get there so doris king i actually   covered this also but i just want to kind of bring 
it up there's a person that holds over two billion   dollars or 36 billion dogecoin and i don't think 
even though i'll see a lot of channels talking   about it i don't think this is a big deal i don't 
mind even more bulls actually and more whales   putting money into it if another person holds 
another two billion dollars of dojo that's fine   with me it's just going to help the market cap 
get larger and the doge could increase in value   all right so i have to keep bringing lemonade 
up because it's just kind of criminally low   let's go back to our all-time highs here and 
let's take a look at our 52-week i have 188   we're now basically 81 down from our all-time high   and it's actually done even a little bit more 
in the aftermarket hours this is a must buy   if you don't have money right now add this to 
your watch list because this is just a really easy   50 percent gain on your money by the end of the 
year you throw your money in the s p 500 into any   mutual fund you're going to get about 10 percent 
you can easily make 50 by the end of this year off   of lemonade and this is a gift so please consider 
buying or at least adding it to your watch list   palantir is going to change the world we're 
actually 52 week high or 45 so actually we're   on our way to 50 so right now at 25 bucks half 
off and this company is changing the world but   it's artificial intelligence program palantir 
technologies is a public american software company   that specializes in big data analytics what they 
do is they make a virtual copy of your business   they try to figure out every single possibility 
that your business can actually take and then   they let you know the best course of action and 
the best way to run your business you can use   palantir for any business the military is using 
it and you're getting it somewhere around 45 off   right now basically another half off company an 
absolute buy or at least an ad to your watch list   alibaba is basically the amazon of the world if 
we take a look at our 52-week high of 320 dollars   we're now 100 almost off per share and this 
company is also criminally undervalued again   because i think all the actual hype goes into 
amazon at over 3 000 and baba is basically   doing what amazon is doing but it's delivering to 
the entire world and this is going to someday be   a two or three thousand dollar stock and i would 
absolutely consider adding this to your portfolio   tesla again this is going to double by next 
year i'm betting on this company hitting   fifteen hundred dollars so more than doubling by 
the end of next year you throw your money into a   mutual fund nine or ten percent then you're all 
happy and smiley imagine doubling your money and   is tesla gonna hit six or seven thousand dollars 
in the next five to ten years absolutely i don't   many people just don't realize the growth 
potential for tesla and i'm extremely bullish   on them and they're going to actually be easily 
20 of my portfolio eventually right now we're   sitting around 11 or 12 percent of my portfolio 
in tesla i'm going to get that up to 20 to 25   that's how much i love elon musk and tesla 
all right sony corporation well we have a huge   shortage in chips this is why you can't find a 
playstation 5 anywhere when people start buying   playstation 5's when they can actually find them 
to purchase them they're going to buy controllers   they're going to buy games they're going to get 
on the playstation network and we're going to   see sony getting to 200 and that's in the next 12 
months another double your money play here every   single stock i'm showing you here i think they can 
more than double in the next 12 months absolutely   again i'm going to reiterate this add these bad 
boys to your watch list and if once you have money   start putting money into it all right thank you 
for watching if you're actually not in my patreon   consider joining one of the tiers you can actually 
then download the discord app to your iphone or   your android phone and you can chat with me i can 
help you build a successful portfolio with we can   talk about cryptocurrencies what to buy what to 
sell and how to actually double your money year   over year all right i'll see you guys in the 
next video i will see you on discord take care the

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