Dogecoin HUGE News – Can NBA Mavericks get make DOGE to $4 !!! YES THEY CAN !!!!

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily update 
on the dogecoin now if you like this hit that like   button i really appreciate it helps the channel 
out a lot all right let's discuss scammers first   i don't have whatsapp and i don't have financial 
advisors and i'm not a financial advisor myself   so if you see anything like that in the comments 
down below that's not me please ignore it those   are fake profiles if you ever want to reach out to 
me you can go into my description and contact me   via patreon that is it everything else is fake all 
right let's talk about the mba yes mark cuban is   finally on board with the mavericks nba team and 
they now accept the dogecoin for merchandise and   ticket purchasing this is huge because when one 
team gets on board then the other 29 teams will   follow which means we'll get all 30 nba teams 
to actually accept the dogecoin which will add   another 50 to 60 billion dollars into the dogecoin 
and this is gonna be huge and can actually get us   to 60 cents a dollar and i'm even going to discuss 
the potential of getting up to four dollars   just from the nba alone also let's talk about 
the non-believers and why people are so skeptical   about cryptocurrency and then we can actually talk 
about price predictions for just the next one or   two weeks out of getting up to eight cents 
very very easily and then let's talk about   neon doge coin the nft that actually sold for 69 
000 which is huge so nfts are actually becoming   more mainstream and dogecoin is now being used 
in purchases for goods also i'm going to discuss   my five top stocks for today that way if you study 
to the end of the video you can actually see those   five stocks which will be great purchases at up 
to 60 percent off because the stock market is   just collapsing and now is the time to buy also 
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community post will let you know it's time to sell   off certain stocks or to actually buy into certain 
companies all right let's get into the dose coin all right let's take a look at the price of 
deutsche we're at 4.9 cents which is pretty   amazing considering the fact the entire stock 
market is down some of my stocks like lemonade   they're down 60 percent tesla over 30 percent 
so the fact that dogecoin is holding strong   very good news same thing for bitcoin 
holding steady actually climbing up slightly   even in this i would consider it's actually 
a real crash let's take a look at ripple and   ripple is not doing well it's pretty stable 1.74 
a whole lot better than the entire stock market   and cardano is just heading to the moon i said 
this thing is going to two dollars and then has   the potential to go to 30 if you take a look at 
this market cap of 37 billion dollars if this   goes up by 10 times just to 370 million dollars 
they'll make it just a third of bitcoins market   cap but with send but would send it let's see 
here to easily 11 or 12 that's just amazing upside   potential with cardano now those of you that don't 
know i'm giving out a xbox siriusx march 10th as   long as you actually subscribe to the channel and 
you leave any kind of a comment down below i will   send out that xbox csx to somebody also today i'm 
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together there's a community of us we all share   our knowledge we discuss what stocks to buy what 
stocks to actually sell out of and it's just a   very nice community that you can actually help 
talk to and they can actually help you build a   very successful portfolio and you can even talk to 
me one-on-one basically 24 hours a day on patreon   and on discord and discord is linked to patreon so 
it's basically all together in one thing all right   let's talk about mark cuban's dallas mavericks 
accepting the dogecoin for tickets and merchandise   now this is going to be huge and i want to kind 
of go into the fundamentals of this a little bit   so so right here uh it says that this average 
worth of 1.87 billion dollars per team   so total for the 30 nba teams would be 30 times 
down 1.87 billion average per nba team which means   the nba right now could be potentially worth 
somewhere around 60 billion dollars right and   we're not even talking about like all the sales of 
merchandise and tickets and everything else right   so if you take this 60 billion dollar potential 
and you actually consider if all 30 teams start   basically using dogecoin to buy merchandise 
to buy tickets to buy everything right shoes   we actually have a chance of getting very very 
easily to 60 cents so we can spike up from the   current price of let's take a look at five cents 
to about 60 cents just off of the nba alone   if nothing else changed we could shoot up to 60 
cents if majority of these teams end up actually   allowing dogecoin to be traded and used to buy 
merchandise tickets and everything else right   even at the concession stands for example 
now if we actually end up capping the dosh   going at around 160 or 170 billion coins so 
the creator of doscoin could very easily cap   it that could easily send us to about four 
dollars per dogecoin just off of the nba loan   now just keep this in mind the football teams 
will get in the baseball teams will get in we   already see car dealerships getting in so we're 
just in those early phases we're basically right   now where bitcoin was when it was somewhere 
between two dollars and two hundred dollars   so now bitcoins at fifty thousand dollars and 
could easily go to two hundred fifty thousand   dollars so we're basically in the early stages 
of the dogecoin development where it has the true   potential to go to one dollar four dollars and 
i already discussed in another video we actually   could get to seven or eight dollars that's our 
potential really high mark so this is another   actual article talking about it so it 
says cryptocurrency dashcoin is not   only posting strong price gains but its 
adoption has increased in recent months as well   bitpay a us based crypto payments company 
announced the rollout of dogecoin payments   for merchants and consumers so we now have 
those 1800 atms also so an american professional   basketball team will be the first team to accept 
dogecoin and we already know this elon musk bought   bitcoin so we're going to have mutual funds buying 
it eventually what's going to happen after the   mavericks now except dogecoin other basketball 
teams are going to accept it other soccer teams   other baseball teams right it's becoming 
more and more mainstream which is key here   so according to the official announcement the 
nba team will accept dogecoin for tickets and   merchandise members became the first nba team in 
2019 to accept bitcoin as a meta for payment for   match tickets and merchandise mark cuban an 
american billionaire and the owner of the   dallas mavericks remained a vocal about bitcoin 
and other cryptocurrency assets in the past   so we are absolutely heading towards that 60 cent 
mark and we can get most of the nba to actually   accept the dogecoin we're heading for that 
four dollar mark absolutely in the near future   so novogratz rips cuban on dosko while readering 
the hundred thousand dollar bitcoin which   is basically very ridiculous so you're saying 
that the bitcoin is going to double in price   but you're talking about dogecoin when we know 
that all cryptocurrencies follow bitcoin when   bitcoin goes up ethereum goes up ripple goes 
up cardano goes up and so does the dose coin   so a lot of these people that don't believe in 
crypto i just tried to ignore them but i wanted   to actually mention it all right so those current 
adoption rises bitpay lets those 1800 atms now   list the crypto so i'm moving the right direction 
and this summer when more and more people hear   about the doshcoin when they watch those nascar 
races and see that car with the shiba inu   just going in circles round and round we're gonna 
get the dose going to get up to easily 20 cents   all right so price predictions here those bulls 
embraced for a long trip towards eight cents   says doshun picks up bids inside a two-week old 
symmetrical triangle a hundred bar a two hundred   bar smas add to the upside efforts and the normal 
assad repeated bounced off weekly low to favor   bulls so it says also acting as an upside are 
the 100 bar and 200 bar smas respectively around   the 5.2 and 5.4 marks in a case where the quote 
successfully crosses the 5.4 barrier february 18   top near a 6.5 cents can offer an intermediate 
halt to rally targeting the record of up to   basically almost 9 cents so fantastic news we're 
heading in the right direction slowly up and up   so right now every time there's a dip i'm trying 
to get more and average my costs down so nyan   doesn't ft fetches sixty nine thousand dollars in 
ethereum a jif kept with a doge body sold thursday   for 45 eth so this is another thing that's going 
to help people learn about the dogecoin buy into   the dogecoin help its market grow once the market 
cap starts going up and up let's take a look   at dogecoin actually let's go back a little 
bit when this market cap was at about 10   billion dollars we were at almost 10 cents so 
we can kind of almost say that if it goes to   a market cap of 15 billion could we be at 15 cents 
yeah absolutely okay so our very first stock is   lemonade down about 60 percent from its all-time 
high over here let's take a look at almost 200   this is unbelievable so we're actually right now 
i can't believe i'm saying is but we're half off   you can get lemonade at half off or more 
neo is also down from an all-time high of   63 dollars i think we're actually higher 
than that let me go back a little bit   62 63 dollars now down to 36 almost 
another half off stock unbelievable   absolutely lemonade and neo if you have any 
money dump it into these stocks because you   won't get these chances again i guarantee 
you this is a hundred fifty dollar stock   all day every day tesla from nine hundred dollars 
to six hundred dollars over thirty percent   a company that's going to be somewhere around two 
thousand per or five thousand dollars per share   you're getting this at 598 right now i'm just 
shocked i wish i had more money to buy more tesla   amd is moving into five nanometer then four 
nanometer then three nanometer direction   where it's seventy eight dollars right now from 
highs of almost a hundred dollars and amd is a   two hundred dollar stock in the next two to three 
years so my next paycheck i'm adding amd as well   and a dividend paint stock that was at fifty 
dollars now at thirty eight dollars with a five   percent dividend yield absolutely add shares 
of brookfield renewables if you have any money   left over these are five fantastic buys for 
today and you may never see these chances again   all right thank you for watching go into 
my description and join me on patreon so   we can talk together i'm on discord every 
day and the community is growing we can all   chat together discuss what stocks to buy 
and we can actually grow our portfolios   together alright see you on patreon and 
i will see you on the next video as well so you

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