Dogecoin HUGE News | Can ATM’s push DOGE to $1 | French La-Resistance for Doge?

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily update 
on the dogecoin now if you like this hit that like   button i really appreciate it it helps the channel 
out a lot all right let's talk about the dogecoin   the new bull run that just happened and how we 
can actually get to six or seven cents pretty soon   also let's talk about eighteen hundred 
atms did not accept the dogecoin   and what that means for the future of it and how 
that's going to help it become more mainstream   also let's talk about france yes the french 
love the deutsche and so we'll discuss why   and where do you think the doge coin is actually 
going also we'll discuss the elon musk meme shield   and what it means and then we're going to go over 
five great stock picks i chose for you guys that   if you want to diversify your portfolio and not 
just dump every single penny you have into those   coin we can actually put some money into these 
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and you can do those pumps and dumps or you can   just buy those stocks and ride them all the way up 
to the moon all right let's get into the dose coin all right everybody let's take a look at price of 
doge we are at 4.9 cents heading to five that's   fantastic and every time the dose coin goes down i 
see this as a buying opportunity i actually don't   honestly want it to go up really fast because then 
i won't get these opportunities to average down my   cost and then on the other side i also wanted to 
go up so i can see it growing and me making money   but there's a positive to both sides bitcoins 
at forty seven thousand down eleven thousand   from its all-time highs if the ethereum is down 
about five hundred bucks but slowly trying to   make its way back up now ripple's gonna shoot to 
the moon once all this delisting and suing fiasco   is over so you may not wanna necessarily you know 
exchange it if you're being blocked from actually   buying or selling it you may just want to leave 
it alone it's up to you guys now cardano is up 11   already so it's at a dollar 22 and i see 
cardano heading to two dollars in the next   couple of months so it's actually outpacing 
the dose coin right now believe it or not   so dose coin price analysis the doge balls light 
up the chamber for a 35 move which is huge it says   the dose coin recovery is a gradual but consistent 
as both stream back into the market so that's good   with people not slowly coming back and buying more 
and more of it raising the market cap which is   raising its value a symmetrical triangle pattern 
on the 4-hour chart hints at a 30 percent upswing   to 7 cents so we might be going up to seven cents 
pretty soon guys it's awesome so this is the   really big piece of news dogecoin bounds onto 1800 
atms in the united states coin flip told coindesk   doge has become a symbol of the small retail 
investor and that's exactly what we want to hear   so coinflip lists does going across 1800 atms 
nationwide leading bitcoin atm operator continues   to pioneer decentralized finance market making 
dogecoin available to the masses and that is what   we want leading bitcoin atm provider in the united 
states announces today that the dogecoin is not   listed on 1800 terminal networks and it was first 
started as a meme internet meme and in recent   months has propelled it to near 10 billion dollar 
market cap due to the support from celebrities   such as elon musk snoop dogg gene simmons and 
basically everybody's getting aboard the dash   coin train so let's read this french article now 
i don't speak french i barely even speak english   but let's try and decipher this article here so 
it says la course doge pratt something something i   think this says dashcoin is going to the moon over 
here says decollage potential of 30 percent upside   to probably says seven dollars not seven cents so 
it says la dash coin over here that it's constant   something something gosh going going to 
the moon going up to four dollars i think   letter rebound probably means that it's rebounding 
and that it's going to be to be sold to the masses the review then over here which says la resistance 
so there's a french resistance forming to actually   help the dogecoin get up to six cents and then 
probably six dollars and then he just keeps   talking about the dogecoin going to the moon so 
the french love the dogecoin i love the dogecoin   let's get to that one dollar mark so dash coin 
has a meme shield against price drop says elon   musk and i actually love this picture here that he 
posted says dodge meme shield the legendary item   dashcore value dropping and dashcoin is just 
soundly sleeping not worried because those of   you that have dashcoin you know it's going to the 
moon and we don't have to worry about it long term   we're long-term investors here we don't care 
about what happens in the market short term   so dogecoin elon musk tesla fsd this is their 
this is a full self driving software that's   what that means quarter to release for sure says 
buying is better than subscription service so he   actually has two different options you can 
actually buy it or do a subscription service   but what i really like about this article is that 
because he's such a huge proponent of dogecoin   imagine actually buying subscription services 
and other things like insurance tesla insurance   with dogecoin when all of these cars become robo 
taxis that's also going to be huge and another   thing to actually look forward to so dogecoin 
mining rig manufacturers diversify as market heats   up so mining rig manufacturers are expanding their 
business into new areas including exchanges and   mining with their own and sometimes borrowed gear 
so mining is now becoming very profitable because   of the huge prices of most cryptocurrencies 
as they keep going up and up in value   so ebang i discussed this in another video is 
the is the third largest mining rig builder   and it's getting into the mining business as of 
february 25th he actually announced it plans to   initiate mining for litecoin and dogecoin which 
is going to be huge all right so let's get into   these stocks i was talking about now neo is a 
hundred fifty dollar stock all day every day   the fact that you can get it right now around 
forty four dollars because people weren't happy   with their actual earnings report it just came 
out is unbelievable get in on neo i have about   two thousand dollars i put into it just today 
and i'm gonna slowly keep adding more and more   all right let's get into amd this is my second 
stock pick this is a company that i see going   to a hundred to 150 dollars in the next at least 
12 months especially because now the demand for   mining is going up more people want to buy 
graphics card to build these mining rigs   and that's also going to help push the 
share price and it's just an amazing company   if we just look at their growth from 2019 this 
is pre-pandemic right just a straight-up shot to   the moon basically like what tesla did in march 
and this is just the beginning of their growth   all right let's take a look at brookfield 
renewable partners this is a company i   want to get to about five percent of my 
entire portfolio because they're almost   at 4.6 so that's almost 5 dividend yield and the 
actual push towards renewable energy that's what's   gonna happen for next entire four years at least 
while biden is the president so i'm gonna keep   adding shares and i will not sell off anything 
until at least the next president comes in   all right walgreens is going to be huge 
this vaccine rollout is going to happen   for at least another two years and if you take a 
look the last time you could get walgreens at 47   was around may of 2013 eight years ago almost and 
you're gonna collect those beautiful four percent   dividend yields on top of it another great 
stock pick at least for the next two years   and lockheed martin they were actually at 
440 dollars so 104 discount on one of the   best companies you can ever invest in at least 
the safest companies that also gives you a three   percent dividend yield i don't know if you guys 
notice but i'm a huge huge lover of any company   that gives me dividends because i get to collect 
money on the actual stock and i get to be just   paid dividends so they're paying me interest 
on top of the actual company's stock shares   rising which is beautiful all right thank you for 
watching i'll do daily updates on all the other   stocks i have on kryptos and dogecoin if you guys 
want to join me on patreon that link is down there   in description also as soon as you get linked 
up with patreon it should connect you to discord   if you're not automatically connected to discord 
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we can all talk discuss stocks and figure out   how we can actually get everybody's portfolio 
even better so we can get those better gains   year over year all right see you guys in 
the next video and thanks for watching foreign

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