Dogecoin HUGE News – Can AMAZON make DOGE the NEW BITCOIN?

hey everybody it's alen let's do our daily 
update on the dojo now if you like this   hit that like button i really appreciate it it 
helps the channel out a lot all right big news   here amazon might actually accept the dogecoin 
as a form of payment now we have a petition with   over 100 000 people that have signed it and if 
that petition passes through and amazon accepts   dojo as a form of payment we might go to 20 
cents 30 cents maybe even 40 cents from the   current price of five cents in just the next 
couple of weeks also let's talk about media   bots and how they're helping out the dogecoin and 
all other cryptocurrencies now getting back to   amazon i just want you guys to keep this in mind 
amazon has a market cap of 1.6 trillion dollars   which is double that of bitcoin so just imagine 
how that can actually help the dogecoin if amazon   accepts it as a form of payment also there's a new 
update for dogecoin made by its creators it's not   more efficient than faster so we'll discuss 
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of years all right let's get into dosh going all right everybody let's take a look at the 
price of dogecoin we're at almost 5 cents which   is fantastic we found that support line and it 
keeps coming back to five cents which means once   we break through the support line we're heading 
somewhere to 10 or 15 cents and if that amazon   deal comes through and it becomes a payment 
that's actually accepted 20 to 40 cents easily   fantastic bitcoin is recovering very well 
too at 49 000 from let's go back a little bit   yeah we were 33 000 a month ago and 
just this week we dropped as low as   43 000 so very good recovery ripple is also on its 
way up which is fantastic eleven percent almost up   in ethereum two it was down 1292 here and 
we're up to 1540 so a very good recovery   last week was very shaky because of all the 
bond yields and everything that was going on but   the banks are rebuying those yields those bonds 
and were now slowly getting back to normality   cardano you know i should have somebody told 
me i should have bought it and i i missed out   i might actually just buy it now because i feel 
like the next stop is going to be two dollars   so let's read this article here this petition 
asking amazon to accept doge coin signed   by almost 100 000 people so this actually 
got started somewhere around 2018 but now   we have a new goal to get a 150 000 people to 
sign it so let's read a little bit on it a year's   old petition urging amazon to let customers spin 
the cryptocurrency dashcoin has attracted fresh   attention in recent days as members of a popular 
reddit community resurfaced the campaign and urged   others to sign it the petition titled dash for 
amazon was launched on in 2018 by mark   with a goal of attracting 25 000 signatures 
as of february 1st we had 45 000 signatures   over the past week the petition has been 
repeatedly shared on reddit's dashcoin thread   a community of fans and users that currently 
have about 1.2 million members as of march   1st more than 99 800 people had pledged support 
so we basically hit that 100 000 mark already   and now we're heading to actually 150 000 this 
is our new goal and i'm assuming if we get enough   attention we're absolutely going to be accepted 
as a formal payment by amazon which is fantastic   now here's amazon stock we're as high as 3 300 
then we drop down to about 3092 which is also   a great buying price for amazon but this is what i 
wanted to show you 1.6 trillion dollar market cap   imagine if a company like that accepts dodge coin 
as a form of payment we are going to actually   make a lot of money easily 10xing from the current 
price of five cents 40 to 50 cent range absolutely   possible so gamestop dogecoin rallies fueled by 
social media bots cybersecurity firm is basically   claiming and if this is the case i'm all for it 
whatever helps our little dashcoin get up in price   let's do it so gamestop and other so-called 
meme stocks may have been given the boost on   major social media platforms by pots according 
to peak media a massachusetts-based crypto   security company reuters reported on tuesday 
so what happened while reuters noted based on   the bot revelation that reddit's fuel frenzy 
in such stocks may have been the handiwork of   organized economic or foreign actors and they're 
actually blaming these bots which is possible   and they even use bots to buy the 
graphics cards as well not too long ago   and i ended up paying double the price for my 
3800 graphics card so i mean my 30 80.

All right   dogecoin core 1.14.3 released which is huge it's 
now more efficient it works better and i'm glad   that dogecoin is now worth it enough to actually 
keep it up to date and keep upgrading it so let's   read here this update significantly improves the 
speed at which the node upload blocks by removing   expensive integrity checks that were performed 
each time a block is sent to another node   when a block is received and during rescans of 
the locally stored blockchains the checks are   still performed the new version also reduces 
the default time that transactions are cashed   in the mempool from 336 hours to 24 hours that's 
a huge improvement that's monumental this default   setting can be overwritten with the actual 
primers by the individual node so that's great   so a better breed of doge developers released this 
new core with faster sync speeds so i'm glad that   developers actually realized that the dogecoin 
is mainstream it's huge and it's going to be a   big thing and it's worth updating and taking care 
of and here's another article talking about it   getting new wings with the developer upgrades and 
some things you need to know so why it matters   so the significant improvement to the 
speed at which the node can upload   blocks will be made by removing expensive 
integrity checks which were previously   carried on each time block that was sent 
to another node after the update is applied   all right everybody let's take a look at 
facebook i know it's a little expensive per share   but this is actually a forever stock 
you buy shares of facebook and you never   sell those shares now our very next stock is 
going to be brookfield renewable this is a 4.58   dividend yield stock another amazing company that 
you add to your dividend portfolio you always have   to slowly shift some stocks to dividend stocks 
that way you can have a nice retirement portfolio   that pays you not just for the increase of the 
share price but actually that dividend payout   so baba if we go back we were over 320 dollars 
we're not 240 amazing buy and this is one of   those opportunities that i don't think will 
come ever again to actually get alibaba stock   at 240 dollars per share a great company and i'm 
going to probably get my entire portfolio to have   about five percent of alibaba in it alibaba is the 
amazon of the entire world now we know that amazon   is just a huge monster and they primarily serve 
america and they're around 3 000 a share alibaba   is 240 a share that's how undervalued this company 
is and they actually ship to the entire planet   all right amd is huge they have overtaken 
everybody dropped from 93.77 to 85.   i added more shares today i added more shares last 
week and i'm gonna keep adding more shares of md   amazing company and they're gonna do very very 
well especially with their new graphics cards   and motherboards and chips releasing cvs is down 
a 2.89 percent dividend paying stock and they're   gonna be huge for next couple of years especially 
with the vaccine robots and everything happening   my two really good companies to actually buy 
in terms of the vaccinations and everything   is going to be walgreens and it's going to be cvs 
i have five percent of my portfolio in walgreens   and i want to add another two percent of my 
portfolio to a cvs and i absolutely love when   i see a dividend paying stock i'm already in love 
with it i like making money on top of making money   and lockheed martin three percent of dividend 
paying stock if we go back let's see here   hiso4 111 no let's take a look 440 dollars so we 
are now at 100 discount on a dividend paying stock   that has a 75-year military contract with the 
united states so when it comes to security of   a stock that you'll never ever have to worry 
about losing money that pays you a dividend   it doesn't really get much better than lockheed 
martin all right thank you guys for watching i   will see in the next video make sure you go 
to my description and join me on patreon if   you haven't i can help you build a successful 
portfolio we can pick out some great stocks   you can join my discord community and chat with 
everybody in there get to know everybody and we   can figure out how to actually make as much 
money as possible see you in the next video bye

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