Dogecoin HUGE INVESTOR UPDATE, Why 22B WHALE never sold, he’s holding to $1-$5ūüöÄSafemoon Update

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily update 
on the dogecoin and all of our crypto and all of   our stocks now if you like this hit that like 
button i really appreciate it and it helps the   channel a lot also let's cover my top five stock 
picks these are super undervalued and oversold   and this is the perfect buying opportunity some of 
them are down by 50 or 60 percent which means you   can more than double your money by the end of the 
year all right let's talk about DOGE going crash   so i don't know what people are expecting from 
saturday night live but i loved it and i thought   it was fantastic and i always see this dip 
and this actual bleeding that's happening   right now so is this a buying opportunity 
let's talk about that let's talk about the   pattern of what dogecoin has done it's really 
important to know how dogecoin went to ten cents   and then crashed down to four or five 
cents and then we actually went to the 60s   and then we pulled back to 32 cents so i was 
actually expecting us to go to about 75 cents   and then pull back to that 35 40 cent range 
because that's exactly what dogecoin does so once   we get to a dollar i expect us to go pull back 
to about 75 80 cents again so it's the pattern   of dogecoin and right now let's talk about should 
you buy this dip is this a really good buying   opportunity for you let's also talk about crypto 
taxes quite a few have asked me should i sell and   how much drive to pay in taxes so we'll discuss 
what you're paying for and how cryptocurrencies   are treated and it's really important to know that 
cryptos are treated like actual property so we'll   go over that a little bit later in the video and 
then let's also talk about the shiba inu coin is   this the next rise that we're gonna see where it 
skyrockets or rallies upwards and maybe there's   some other cryptos you should invest in like safe 
moon or moonshot so we'll talk about those as well   then let's also talk about importantly and this is 
really really important when dojo went to 72 cents   with that big whale that holds 22 billion dollars 
worth of dosh going why didn't he sell you have to   realize that somebody owns that much money in dos 
coin and they decide to keep it so they must think   it's going to go to a dollar or even higher long 
term so we'll discuss that as well and then let's   also talk about ethereum where ethereum is going 
and can ethereum overtake bitcoin long term and   i think the just endless and infinite number of 
applications you can use ethereum for can actually   give it that boost so we'll discuss that a little 
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over a half a thousand of us in there right now   we talk about stocks cryptos what to buy and what 
to sell and how to grow your investments and just   plan for your future all right let's get into 
the dogecoin and all of our cryptos and stocks   all right everybody let's take a look at 
my portfolio really quickly and just see   what stocks i have or at least the first four or 
five stocks so lemonade right now is at 79.11 and   we're sitting on 30 shares at 74.84 and let's take 
a look at the next one charge point we have 110   shares at 21.42 and it's really important 
to know when to get into a stock so even   though the whole market is crashed we're actually 
doing really well we're up five percent pfizer   we're up almost 10 percent and this is a dividend 
paying stock so a fantastic buying opportunity   even at that 39 range then we have tattooed chef 
that is at 16.68 and we are up almost six percent   so has some good returns now apple is my free 
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they're giving out anywhere between two to   three stocks valued up to eighteen hundred fifty 
dollars down link is in my description as well   and the NOK nokia was our fantastic buy here we 
have 200 shares at four dollars and two cents   and we're up almost 27 so really fantastic returns 
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patreon sign up for patreon and then you'll get   those free stocks and you also get exclusive 
access to my videos to my entire portfolio and   you'll get those live buys and sells for me all 
right so let's take a look at the price of dojo   in here all right so should you buy this dip and i 
think you actually should you see right here at 43   cents we're now up 10 or 9 in just the last hour 
or two so really really good buying opportunity   in the last 24 hours we are down by 34 but that's 
okay because remember you buy the rumor and then   you sell the news so i already told everybody 
in my patreon if you're actually part of the   patreon that we were gonna pull back to 40 to 45 
cents and that's exactly what happened because   you can see that if you go back just even a 
couple of months with dogecoin you can see   it went all the way up to about 10 cents 12 
cents then pulls back you know we skyrocketed   right here to that reddit run up actually this was 
over 10 cents and then it pulls back as well so   you kind of have to just look at the history 
of dogecoin and what it does so this is a good   buying opportunity because right now if it gets 
back to that dollar you're doubling your money   all right so bitcoin is down by three 
percent another good buying opportunity   and ethereum is the really big winner here it's 
trying to get to that four thousand dollar mark   where i think it's actually going to end the year 
with is around ten to twelve thousand dollars   so some really good gains with ethereum 
all right ripple is down six percent   another amazing buying opportunity 
i'm gonna keep adding more ripple   ripple is the bridge between cryptocurrency so 
long term it's gonna play a very important role   and cardano why am i so bullish on ADA cardano 
because it's the direct competitor to ethereum   i think the two main key players long term in 
the crypto world will be cardano and ethereum   all right so let's take a look at safe mode 
it's up nine percent so some people have seen   some really serious gains i told everybody 
on patreon here we're consolidating there's   a just the right number of people buying ads 
and selling which means it's stabilizing now   is the time to actually buy this dip so if you 
bought in here you'll be up about 200 percent   all right so let's take a look at moonshot here 
we're up about one percent nothing serious and   then let's take a look at polygon here so matic 
is up 14 so really really good gains and i   think this is just the beginning i see it easily 
getting another 50 60 percent in the next 30 days   all right so mega cryptopolis here so mega is up 
8.46 a couple of the people on patreon and discord   told me about it and i think this can actually do 
very very well long term so do some research into   it and let me know in the comments section down 
below what you think about mega crryptopoulos   so how to file your crypto taxes and not 
get you know what so here's seven things you   need to know about your crypto taxes and i'm 
gonna go through these just so you guys know   if you're interested in selling off some crypto 
and collecting those profits so most crypto   activities is taxed as property this is really 
important to know i need to report more than just   cashing out so crypto earned as income also 
needs to report on your tax return and now if   you're using turbo tax or something actually asks 
you and guides you through how to handle it so   turbo tax has made it very easy now if you don't 
report your crypto taxes you run the risk of being   audited by the irs and they're trying to pull the 
records of people from different brokerages and   platforms like COIN coinbase so if you didn't file 
it you really should so not all crypto activity   is taxable so just make sure you know which 
crypto activity is taxable and which is not   and if you need help with this 
just send me a message on patreon   and i'll guide you through how to 
actually do your taxes for crypto   and i know some people said 40 crypto 
tax it actually depends on where you are   so if you send me a message on discord i'll let 
you know what your percentage is if you sell off   all right crypto tax rates depend on your holding 
period so if you hold more than a year you could   be somewhere between zero to ten percent if you 
sell off in under a year you could be anywhere   between 10 to 40 percent and capital losses can 
be used to minimize your tax liability yeah so   in the united states if you lose money on tax on 
cryptos on any kind of a stock you could claim up   to three thousand dollars every single year so 
if you lost let's say six thousand dollars you   can split that in half claim three thousand this 
year and then claim another three thousand dollars   next year so you know if you lose thirty thousand 
dollars that means you can claim that thirty   thousand dollars and spread out across a whole ten 
years and deduct three thousand dollars per year   all right so let's move on to is the shiba inu 
coin a good investment in 2021 and what's the   price prediction for this coin so there's a lot of 
people believe that this could be that next rally   that replaces dogecoin so consider shiba inu 
coin maybe put a little bit of money in it   it could be the next one to make you pretty 
rich so those coin chances of hitting five   dollars around 20 which means even right now with 
this pullback in the 40 cent range you could very   easily you know 10x your money 5x your money at 
the very minimum so consider adding a little bit   more so saturday night live with elon musk will 
be streamed internationally and this is part of   that hype that kind of died down after said that 
night live i'm not sure what people were expecting   but i think it was a fantastic show and i still 
see dogecoin and getting to way past a dollar   all right so what are the chances btc 
actually over being taken by another crypto   i don't think that's going to happen i think 
bitcoin is going to stay the number one spot   i see ethereum staying in the number two 
spot and those coin could potentially   just kind of permanently hold on to number three 
if we get wide adaption of it so ethereum the   lowdown on what it is and why it's surging just 
think of ethereum as like an application store   that you can build an infinite number of 
cryptocurrencies on you can use it for dapps   which are decentralized applications and basically 
saves something like spreadsheets which is what   blockchains are so long term i think ethereum 
can get somewhere between forty thousand to a   hundred thousand dollars so that's some serious 
serious profit taking there that you can take   so mysterious DOGE whale holds about 22 
billion of the meme inspired cryptocurrency   and what's really important to take away here 
is when the coin hits 72 cents this big whale   could have sold off they did not sell off at all 
they kept every single penny of their money in it   there was no huge movement just small people 
selling off taking profits or panic selling   so whatever this big whale knows or is trying to 
do with dogecoin he's kept all of his dosh going   and this is who you want to look at you want to 
look at billionaires and why they're keeping it   not small people they're not selling 
off and trying to take profits   all right so dogecoin neared 75 cents it went 
to about 72.4 cents then slipped as crypto   pioneer silbert's seeking bet you know he was 
betting against it basically and just remember   saturday night live was a cryptid show elon 
musk warned everybody about cryptocurrency   so you shouldn't have expected too much from 
it he can't really say a whole lot to pump   it up because then he's making himself 
susceptible to all kinds of lawsuits so   what he really did do on saturday night live was 
pretty amazing i loved the entire show and i think   he went above and beyond when he really had to so 
i think dogecoin still has some really good growth   that you know some growth coming in the next 
couple of months especially by the end of the year   so some under really valued stocks that have 
been undersold this is going to be etsy this is   a fantastic buying opportunity right now year to 
year today it hasn't really gone down a whole lot   we're looking at about a hundred and ten 
dollars from this 52-week high but still   an amazing buying opportunity and just keep in 
mind just getting back to those 52-week highs   you're still saving 110 dollars per share all 
right amd is down from a hundred dollars to 78   so you're getting about 22 off and i think amd is 
going to be somewhere around 200 in the next 12 to   24 months so you're gonna more than double your 
money real really in about a year or so so good   buying opportunity ENPAHSE ENPH again the next 
four years are gonna be huge for end phase   down from 229 dollars so that means you're 
taking a hundred dollars off its 52-week   highs and end phase is easily going to be a 500 
per share stock in the next four to six years   so this is a good buying opportunity right now 
it's just been oversold people panic panicked   let's just take a look from january 7 to right 
now we are down 43 that is an absolute must buy   and now let's take a look at SHOP shopify 
it's down from 1500 to 1100 again shopify   also oversold people just taking profits or 
panic selling but let's take a look here we're   down 25 with shopify which is unbelievable all 
right let's move on to facebook and facebook is   just from the year to date you can see it's just 
a steady rise up in the last year and in the last   five years it's never gone down so even right now 
super undervalued a p ratio of 27 this should be   really 50 which means that facebook in my opinion 
should be a six to seven hundred dollar stock   really really good buying opportunity right 
now it's extremely undervalued at 319 dollars   all right so how to avoid some some federal 
capital gains that a couple of people ask me   super easy invest for the long term if you spend 
you know some money purchase stocks or cryptos   and you keep them for more than one year you're 
gonna avoid a lot you're gonna basically save   over 30 percent in taxes take advantage of tax 
deferred retirement plans those are always amazing   also if you're buying stocks things like that you 
can also just use your roth ira and then you can   avoid all taxes and keep all of those gains and 
they use the capital losses to offset them if   you lose any of your money from buying stocks you 
can use those losses to offset whatever you made   and then watch your holding periods the longer you 
hold the less you're going to be taxed and that's   extremely important to know that's why all of my 
stocks in my all my portfolios these are long term   10 plus year out holds and then pick your cost 
basis also another very important point all right   thank you for watching if your portfolio is done 
you need help with it make sure you go to my link   link in the description for patreon sign up for 
any of those tiers talk to me about portfolio i   can help you get out that negative back in the 
green to double or even triple that portfolio   also you'll get free access to my private discord 
half a thousand people we talk about crypto stocks   investing in real estate so join the family 
and let's get you in the green making money   and hopefully getting those ten thousand even 
hundred thousand dollar returns like we got this   year with dosh going all right i'll talk to you 
on discord patreon or in the next video take care thank you

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