Dogecoin Huge Investor update: El Salvador & IRA catalysts ūüöÄ

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily update 
on the dogecoin all of our cryptos and stocks now   if you like this hit that like button i really 
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fact we're going to talk about a couple of cryptos   to invest into as well so make sure you stay 
tuned all right let's talk about dogecoin price   predictions where it can go by the end of this 
year let's talk about san jose sharks yes where   the san jose sharks are now on board and they're 
accepting dogecoin and so we have the national   hockey league that's on board with the nba and 
the dallas mavericks they're accepting dogecoin   imagine what's going to happen when you have the 
biggest sport in the entire world like soccer that   gets onboard this cryptocurrency train and starts 
accepting it you can see ethereum going way past   ten thousand dollars dosh going going way past 
the dollar this is going to be huge soccer is   the biggest sport in the world and it's still 
not embracing crypto so when it starts this is   going to be huge news let's also talk about the 
top 10 companies that accept crypto currencies   one of those is going to be MSFT microsoft 
another one is paypal these are huge names so   let's talk about this just worldwide adoption of 
cryptocurrencies then let's discuss that pipeline   hack yes the fbi was managed to retrieve something 
like 95 of all of those bitcoins that were stolen   let's talk about how they actually did it how 
they use servers to do it and does this mean   that crypto is not secure so we'll discuss that 
as well a little bit later in the video then let's   talk about how crypto is finding its way back into 
india we knew that china and india were trying to   ban cryptocurrencies but right now people are 
working around finding a different way to get   cryptos back into those countries so let's discuss 
how that's going to help all cryptos rebound back   and then let's talk about why the crypto market is 
now turning bullish yes it's going up and bitcoin   even ethereum are recovering by a lot we've gone 
from 31 32 000 to 36 000 and going up steadily   for bitcoin and ethereum it went up from 2100 
now to 2600 so really good recovery so let's   talk about that as well now if you are brand new 
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right let's get into all of our cryptos and stocks   all right let's take a look at a couple of the 
stocks in our portfolio real quick skills is a   23 23.26 and we are up about 31 percent amazing 
games here moving on to x-bang at 38.73 we are   up almost 15 again fantastic returns here 
NIO is it 30 we got into 38 79 not whoop   12 pretty good returns here moving on to PLTR 
palantir at 24.56 we are up again almost 7 here   apple is at 127.15 and you can see it says 57 
800 returns that's because it was free if you   want to get three free stocks with robinhood that 
link is in my description or for free stocks with   webull that link is also in my description moving 
on to NOK nokia at 554 regarding at 402 we're up   almost 40 percent ridiculous returns now if you 
want to see these live buys and sells when i get   these stocks when i sell them you can do that 
via patreon very first link in my description   you'll get access to my entire portfolio discord 
and i can even review your portfolio if you're   losing money all right those coins at 35 cents 
pretty good holding steady like i said up 11.09   really really good returns already bitcoin 
amazing recovery look at that up almost 16   and i think bitcoin is going to get back to that 
60 65 000 really quickly and i mean in the next 30   days or less alright ethereum at 2618 my price 
prediction for theorem is four times what it   is right now yes ten to eleven thousand dollars 
by the end of the year easily quadrupling your   money i'm very very bullish on ethereum here 
all right moving on to XRP ripple at 87 cents   good purchase price already anything under 90 
cents getting XRP ripple is a good buy and it's   still delisted so it's a little bit harder for 
people to actually get it ADA cardano dollar 55.50   really good buying opportunity ADA cardano 
anything under 1.60 you should absolutely   start adding into your portfolio this is a direct 
competitor to ethereum ethereum is like a platform   it's basically an application store and ADA 
cardano is the proof-of-stake version of it   while ethereum is still running proof-of-work 
and proof-of-stake simultaneously so   cardano has some serious potential to get up to 
a hundred dollars in the next five to ten years   all right i know a lot of people say do 
you know cardano might not ever get there   well i did the math on it it needs just a little 
bit over two trillion dollar market cap which is   absolutely achievable to get to that 
hundred dollars all right stellar xlm is at   0.35 here so up three percent not doing too bad 
safemoon let's look uh so safe mode is doing a   slight recovery really good it's kept crashing and 
crashing the last week or two and now it's slowly   finding its way back up so a good six 
percent return there moonshot is down 30.63   in a continuous freefall not sure what's happening 
with moonshot but let me know down in the comments   section as well and if you want to get some free 
bitcoins leave a comment down there below next   week is that playstation 5 giveaway all you have 
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giveaway all right and make sure you actually   look at your messages on youtube i had two 
people that i that want playstation 5's they   never replied to their messages and i just gave 
it away to another person so i'll keep it for   about 10 days if you don't reply back to that 
message i'll give it to somebody else polygon   or matic is up five percent at a dollar 
fifty another buying opportunity this dip   presented so many crypto buying opportunities 
here let's refresh this and take a look at   bitcoins at 683 million still half off its 66 000 
all-time highs moving on nhl team san jose sharks   are to accept bitcoin dogecoin and 
many other cryptos as a form of payment   when soccer gets on board this is going to be 
amazing if you get soccer accepting bitcoin   dogecoin ethereum you're going to see bitcoin 
going to 180 000.

Dogecoin going to one to   two dollars very easily ethereum to four to ten 
thousand dollars some serious serious money to be   made here if you're a long-term investor into 
cryptocurrencies let's take a look at the ten   major companies that accept bitcoin and they're 
gonna you know if you have the infrastructure   set up to accept bitcoin it's very easy to 
accept any other cryptocurrencies like dogecoin   so let's just go through some of these names here 
microsoft yes one of the biggest richest companies   in the world who's next on this list we have 
paypal paypal who runs basically all of ebay is   on board as well now you can purchase cryptos with 
paypal we have overstock we have whole foods etsy   with starbucks yes starbucks and new egg those you 
didn't know you want to build your gaming pc go to   newegg and pay for it with dogecoin if you want 
home depot is on board we're rackituken we have   twitch yes every single major company is 
eventually going to accept cryptocurrencies and   this is the time to buy into these cryptos because 
the just worldwide adoption is still not here   all right so bitcoin price falls after united 
states of america reclaims the colonial pipeline   crypto ransom what they basically did is they 
went and they seized the servers then they used   those servers to trace back to those wallets and 
that's how they retrieved that cryptocurrency so   the actual hackers did not think about that 
so next time maybe they'll be a little bit   more careful if they decide to do another hack so 
it's buying cryptocurrency investing or gambling   depends it's actually both so if you're buying 
into something like ethereum or bitcoin these   actually have real world cases bitcoin is most 
you know seen by most people like digital gold   that's what it is ethereum can build you can use 
the theorem to build an infinite number of other   cryptocurrencies and dapps which are decentralized 
applications so ethereum and bitcoin have some   serious staying powers and i consider these 
serious investments now there's a lot of these   meme coins that are spurring from just the fame of 
dogecoin and those could potentially be considered   serious gambling so be very careful when you see 
some breakout crypto and then other meme coins   come off of it to capitalize on its gains that 
could be a gamble and if you want to get into   those make sure you only put enough money that you 
can afford to lose so if you put in 50 or 100 and   you don't care about that that's okay but never 
put some huge amount of money into a very risky   risky cryptocurrency and i let everybody know on 
my patreon which cryptos to invest in and which   cryptos to stay out of and i do long long just 
valuations and i try to figure out what is safe   me and my channel and everything i do is about 
making money long term and never being in the   negative and losing so cryptocurrency exchanges 
explore ways to enter india this is huge we're   gonna see this happening in china and india 
as companies figure out a way to actually work   around what the government is doing this is why 
you're seeing this really incredible rebound back   some of the even right now bitcoin's up 16 
because there's some serious thing power as major   companies get into cryptocurrencies so bitcoin 
and a cryptocurrency market is on a bullish streak   and here's why well because companies are not 
seriously adopting it and getting into it so   you have green signals from institutions which 
is huge as more and more of these companies buy   bitcoin and just give it that real staying power 
paypal crypto exchanges that's a huge catalyst   right there the scarcity factor exists and is a 
real thing for there's easy accessibility it's   not much easier to buy cryptocurrencies even defy 
tokens like moonshot it's much easier to buy it   and do you have acceptance from countries yes 
we'll talk about this a little bit later in   the video but there's entire countries that are 
not accepting cryptos so moving on bitcoin and   ethereum dojo remain muted as data fuel extends 
major gains second day in a row those of you that   know about theta fuel let me know in the comment 
section what do you think about it should we   invest in it and this is what i was talking about 
here right here ethereum and dogecoin crypto   bounce back after el salvador adopts bitcoin as a 
currency yes there's entire countries they're now   accepting it adopting it and believing in it and 
supporting it this is huge news this is gonna   give all cryptocurrencies some serious staying 
power all right our very first stock here is   going to be DKNG draftkings a really good buying 
opportunity down from 52 week highs of 74.88   this is a good pickup opportunity right now you 
can see some good gains here let's just do some   math here so if you take 55 right now and divide 
it by the 75 it almost hit you can see about   27 return your money just getting back to those 
52-week highs moving on CRSP crispr therapeutics   i added even more shares of this and i let 
everybody on patreon discord know i'm a huge   bull and believer that crispr therapeutics 
is going to do very very well long term   moving on to our third stock it's going to 
be TDOC teladoc telemedicine is here to stay   and teladoc is going to benefit from it right 
now take a look at this 52 we have 308 dollars   at 154 dollars that gives you 
an opportunity to buy tel doc   literally at half off from its 52 week highs and 
i've added even more shares of it to my portfolio   all right moving on to our fourth stock of the 
day that's going to be a cryptocurrency ethereum   i think ethereum can easily hit 10 to 11 
000 by the end of this year giving you an   opportunity more than quadruple your money here 
absolute good buying opportunity and then an amd   is inside of your playstation 5 your xbox series 
x xbox sirius s and everything else if you're   building a game a gaming pc you're probably going 
to be buying amd components from the chips to   everything including that gaming card if you want 
to mine cryptocurrencies you can get some really   fantastic amd graphics cards to mine cryptos so 
some serious staying power my price predictions   around 110 dollars by the end of the year easily 
150 dollars in the next 12 to 18 months fantastic   pickup and this company is just innovating and 
doing really really well all right thank you for   watching if you want to talk to me via patreon you 
can that's the very first link in my description   you'll get access to my entire portfolio every 
single stock i have how many shares i have   you mimic you can mimic my portfolio you'll get 
those live alerts the second i buy or sell a stock   and you can go on discord you get access to my 
private discord over half a thousand people talk   about stocks cryptos even long-term investing 
and real estate also i do portfolio reviews   on discourse so i can take a look at your 
portfolio hopefully get you rebalanced   back on track to double or even triple that money 
year over year alright talk to you later take care thank   you

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