Dogecoin HUGE Investor News: Elon to bring Doge to NASA moonbase $1 Rally ūüöÄ

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily 
update on the dogecoin now if you like this   hit that like button i really appreciate it in the 
hospital channel a lot all right let's also talk   about my top five stock picks at dinner the video 
make sure you get a pen and paper we're gonna go   over them these are still fantastic picks that 
can double your money by the end of the year   also let's talk about scammers please be careful 
in the comment section there are fake profiles   with my picture and name claiming to be my 
advisors and those whatsapp phone numbers those   are all fake please don't fall for it all right 
let's talk about dogecoin going to seven cents   elon musk pushing it and saying there's 
going to be a literal dosh going on the moon   so i think they're going to build a 
moon base in the next five to 10 years   and he's probably going to take dogecoin flags or 
something like that to the moon and post it there   which is amazing that could actually get us way 
past one dollar in the future also let's talk   about paypal and the 29 million merchants let's go 
through my entire portfolio what stocks i bought   and sold today and how i actually went up by 8 
000 from last week yes our youtube portfolio is up   from 24 000 to 32 000 today also if you are new to 
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of the year all right let's get into dogecoin all right everybody let's take a look at the 
price of doge coin which is now beaten basically   most of the entire market up by 14.1 percent 
in fact that's not even right let's just   take a look how high dosh coin actually 
went right here we were somewhere around   let's take a look here five point three cents 
and we ended at seven cents over here so 5.3 over seven we were up 25 today and yesterday 
in that video i called it i said 36 we didn't get   to 36 but we got pretty close so during the second 
run up i was like oh my god i got to sell off some   of it because it's probably going to dip so i sold 
off half of it at 6.9 cents and then right here   somewhere around where we're at about actually 
i didn't get that low i sold off it i rebought   at 5.9 cents and i rebought even more so now 
i'm up to over ten thousand dollars of dogecoin   all right so bitcoin is up to 59 000 trying to 
get back to that all-time high of 62 000.

Ethereum   is at 1936 trying to break through that 2000 
barriers let's go back a little bit we were going   to go back a little bit more huh okay so we were 
slightly over 2 000 it's trying to get back there   okay now let's take a look at ripple ripple's also 
up i think all cryptocurrencies across the board   went up today but nobody really beat yeah bitcoin 
barely went up nobody beat dashcoin and dogecoin   went up by 25 when it hit that seven cent mark and 
that's why i said you got to hold on to your coins   don't panic when you see little dips all right 
cardano is up by zero point two hundred percent   still a great buying opportunity and i see 
cardano going to a hundred dollars someday   even if we don't get there this is going 
to be a 30 to 35 dollar coin someday   all right let's get into our first article here 
dogecoin prediction dojo which that 36 breakout   from consolidation this was from yesterday let's 
see the 31st and i told you guys buy dogecoin and   if you did you would have made 25 profit on it as 
of yesterday all right so doge jumps after tesla   tesla's musk promises literal moonshot so this was 
one of the huge reasons why it actually jumped up   the whole market went up but elon musk helped push 
it even more so we're now at eight billion dollars   market cap trying to get back to that for a very 
short period of time during that reddit run-up   we're somewhere around 10 billion but this is the 
actual true value now without any reddit run-ups   8 billion dollars so we're getting back into 
that 10th position of the most valuable coin   and this was that actual tweet spacex is going 
to put a literal dosh going on the literal moon   this is what he said almost 16 000 likes i'm not 
sure how many people actually viewed this but   there's 50 million followers and people started 
buying it up and it shut up all the way to seven   cents so what i think he's going to do because 
nasa is trying to build a moon base and they're   going to definitely use elon musk because he's 
farther than anybody when it comes to building   rockets and sending people to mars they're 
going to probably use him as the contractor and   contract him out to help build this base and 
he's probably gonna put a dogecoin flag or an   actual shiba inu uh who knows what he's going to 
do but that's amazing if we actually get a real   or if he builds a real dogecoin and then puts that 
coin somewhere on the moon that would be amazing   so paypal is pushing crypto further mainstream 
with planned checkout service for 29 million   merchants once dogecoin becomes a part of this 
that's going to help us push to that 10 cents 20   cents and then that 40 cent mark which is what 
i'm predicting somewhere around 40 to 45 cents   by the end of the year right now goldman sachs 
is offering bitcoin to wealth management clients   so once they get this entire infrastructure set 
up then we're gonna have an ethereum follow we're   gonna have dogecoin follow and this is what 
we need to get those going more mainstream   and increase that market cap so more people 
more organizations and mutual funds that end   up adopting it and holding onto it longer longer 
that's how we get closer and closer to that one   dollar and then higher mark all right hut 8 uses 
luxor software to manage ethereum miners this   is huge so theorem is migraine to proof of stake 
but miners still see profit in the proof of work   all right let's get into my top five stock picks 
for today all right before we get into these top   five stocks let's very quickly go over my 
portfolio we are up from 24 000 to 32 000   almost in just the last week or so from buying 
and selling and using those trailing stop losses   all right for today i'm giving out two 
bitcoins the t-shirts still have not come in   all you have to do is just write a comment down 
below write hashtag bitcoin and the winner of   the xbox series x still hasn't replied back 
so i'll mention their name in the next video   if i don't hear from them by the end of the day 
all right so let's take a look at our portfolio   so a lot of things just actually went off and 
got sold those stop losses are just life savers   so right now we're sitting on 100 shares 
of nio nio is at 39 and 90 cents right now   we have 100 shares at an average cost of 
42.09 all right we have xpeng xpev we're   sitting on 50 shares of x-bang at 30.97 all 
right our next stock is going to be palantir   we have 200 shares of palantir average cost of 
23.58 all right and bio nano genomics is at 7.93   we have 40 shares of bio nano bngo at 

All right chargepoint is at 28.54   and we have 30 shares of chargepoint at 20.62 
cents all right nokia is our last one we have   25 shares of nokia we got it we got in at three 
dollars and 98 cents and nokia is at four dollars   and two cents right now all of the other stocks 
hit either a trailing stop loss or a stop loss   we took huge profits on it right now we are 
sitting at almost 32 000 so we're absolutely   on track to hit that 100k with this 
portfolio by the end of the year   all right let's get into our very first stock 
here and that's going to be shortener incorporated   the ticker's sdgr now i want to mention this stock 
because bill gates bought 500 million dollars   of it and cathie wood is also buying it up now i 
haven't done a analysis on it yet and if i just go   back the last five years they've kind of gone up 
and down and there's nothing really too impressive   the 52-week high was 117 dollars 
so we are absolutely getting   this stock and this company at a discount but the 
fact that he bought half a billion dollars of it   not sure why bill gates bought it because there's 
something more to it so make sure you guys   do research in it but cathie what is also 
buying it so this might be a fantastic buy   they certainly know something i do not so i'll do 
more research on it and follow up but this might   be a good addition to your portfolio all right 
palantir pltr is now down from 45 dollars to 22.93   i mentioned them in the last couple of videos 
but this again is a fantastic buy-in opportunity   at 2298 i think palantir anything under 25 is a 
good buy all right b n g o here bio nano genomics   down from almost 16 dollars to 7.92 so 50 plus and 
a lot of stocks have recovered today bngo has not   so this is still a good buying opportunity also if 
you want to average down your cost 794 is a good   buying price all right arc invest went all the 
way up to over 124 today let's take a look their   high was 124.62 and then they went down almost 
three dollars and 10 11 cents so still a good   buying opportunity considering that this is an 
etf not a stock it's an exchange traded fund   which means it's just like a mutual fund but you 
can actually day trade with it and there's almost   60 different stocks in here so it's very safe in 
terms of the volatility of just regular stocks   all right let's take a look at our last one 
and it's nio nio right now under 40 dollars   an absolute buy in fact i think nio under 
45 dollars is a buy all right thank you for   watching if you want to join the family see me 
on patreon click on that link in the description   and once you go on patreon pick any of the tiers i 
can help you rebuild your portfolio we can figure   out what stocks to sell off in it and how we can 
make that portfolio double or even triple by the   end of the year also if you don't just talk 
on discord patreon all the tiers of patreon   will give you access to discord you can chat 
with me and now over a hundred other people   all right i'll see you guys on the 
next video or on discord and thanks for watching you

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