Dogecoin: Explained, 4/20 Update, Pump or Dump, and Price Prediction 2021

Hope everyone is doing well, my name is eq and welcome to another episode of Stonkaholics, So in this episode we'll talk about the old Doge zilla, we'll show you What's going on with some of the basic tokens where it's coming from is why it's stopped For predictions, we will go through an entire period of time from the start of these impulsive movements Where we are in the waves as we can look to go if there is more rally left If you don't have a chance, please subscribe to the channel and sign up Like the video, do any of those fun things that are much appreciated, and let's get started, So we're going to take a quick peek at Doogee for now, we're ranked 6th and it's Something crazy finally in the top ten, we're sitting at roughly 31 cents paying down to 32 cents With a market cap of 41 billion at present, Doug currently has a circulating supply of 129 billion Coins, remember that 67 of these coins are about 91 wallets before you even really dive into the doggy's let Watch this little video because their website is so basic, that's all there is to it, really, no There is something very special about it, but we'll dive deeper into what makes Doug so unique And sort of a reason why he's still on the map but before that It can be easily sent over the Internet from person to person, completely securely through Online transactions, you can send coins from Melbourne to Mumbai from Madrid to Minneapolis in seconds, it is Easy to use, safe and already accepted by online retailers where you can buy gifts What makes dogecoin really unique from other currencies is, grocery services and much more How its ease of use makes it the perfect way to instantly send past gifts to people in Worldwide, you can send 10 cents to your favorite Twitter comment or 10 cents to your band Favorite to buy her latest album, you can even send 100 to a charity that supports her, and none Broker to discount it and transactions will be completely anonymous if you are a builder Content that you will find that your fans can financially empower you for the first time.

You can receive money directly from them Instead of like or useless retweeting, you now have the opportunity to spend more time creating Content and less time counting the feeling of being a part of something something big And a pioneer during the first few months of creating the dogecoin community has already achieved great things From financing Olympic athletes to providing clean drinking water to those who need it, the community He welcomes you and surprisingly generosity to suit you, so how can I join to start visiting And download your own digital wallet, then join the community on reddit where thousands of people will answer Happily collaborators on any of your questions and where you will also receive some free coins dogecoin is the internet currency that we will see you on this step so that dogecoin is based on the famous internet meme Doge and features shiba inu on its logo, which is where the open source digital currency was created By Billy M.

Arcos from Portland Oregon and Jackson Palmer from Sydney, Australia It forked into Litecoin in December 2013, as many people forgot about Dogecoin creators and additions it's a fun and lightweight cryptocurrency that will command With more traction outside the primary Bitcoin audience since based on the meme Tesla, CEO Elon Musk has posted several tweets on social media that dogecoin is his favorite currency , The dogecoin blockchain is historically popular as a community driven fundraising platform. There is a wide variety of online merchants and sellers who accept Doge Payments and the Dogecoin community is known for its frequent collective charitable initiatives Including raising fifty thousand dollars to help the Jamaican team on a journey To the Sochi Winter Olympics, uh, thirty thousand dollars for World Water Day 2014 and fifty A thousand dollars sponsor NASCAR driver Josh Wise Doge may not have the same store value in the long run Like some other tokens the en is blocked, but the blockchain works efficiently within Its predetermined limitations, the doge's original intention was to become an online payment method To leave small appreciation gifts for reddit comments, youtube videos and charitable initiatives, So the small token categories support this tool, as you can get a dogecoin bartus tip by sharing In a community that uses digital currency or you can get your dogecoin from the tap of the dogecoin, The dogecoin faucet is a website that gives you a small amount of dogecoin for free As an introduction to the coin so that you can start interacting with it dogecoin communities have been created In the form of a fork of a lucky coin which is itself a fork of a doji Litecoin uses the same A script algorithm like Litecoin which was initially designed to be a resistant alternative to the Bitcoin Blockchain But in 2014 the algorithm became mineable and punchy.

It may have started As a joke but the ability of the network to maintain a steady flow of transactions at a low level has ensured High-speed fees place them in the top 10 of the cryptocurrency market, so a big part of trading is Find Coins With Huge Potential For Prosperity aka you want to find coins that people will cause in Hysteria and using that to make money. One of those currencies that was the hype Present since the 2017 bulldog, Elon Musk II and Mark Cuban have recently appeared and things are getting started Radically changing there are definitely no symbols or real value compared to the projects The other but this is the power of the decentralized market. The market can only be manipulated until now And the average person can get together with millions of others to make a big chunk of change. And I think that's why people love it so much because it's people's currency, so the The real big question is will it be the dog? The climb continues, we'll jump to that in the charts next but who The meme coin to the highest ranking of all the currencies that are ranked sixth in terms of the Doji market price rise cannot be stopped Currently even though p rice has decreased in the past 24 hours it is still 340 percent higher From the current week sentiment is bearish on the chain and trade volume has decreased more than 50 percent but considering the fact that the price continues to stay around the 30 level It's clear that there are huge huddlers resisting selling pressure on the Doji Although the volume of trade decline alone may not be sufficient to lead to a further drop in doji prices The trades supported spot across the top markets of the Doge is the binance and waft Global kucoin will also have dawg don't let them leave you out of kuku and you got the trader's trust You have a high in the major markets and after an extended price hike, the focus was Big holders at 66 per cent since reaching a new all-time high made headlines drove the pumping higher From most coins in this to fears that the dog is a bubble, but the focus is from Ahead of Big Possesses is a measure that addresses these concerns with the fact that 67 percent of DOG is Concentrated at 91 portfolio headings remind traders that there are carriers willing to rally with Doji in the long run, and another thing to keep in mind is that coinbase did not include doji, but they They just went into underwriting, so if they really wanted to raise the value of their company, I think it would have been Be a reason not to add it yet, but I wouldn't be shocked to see a coin add Doug get into their system sometime during the next month or two just because The Hype Train It's Currently On Let's get into the fun part: the blueprints That we're going to start daily now and I kind of want to go where I noticed That Doge will come out of what I saw and how I saw this we will keep moving Knowing where the second move was heading and what I think will happen in this one The third wave considering or technically the fifth wave if you think of Elliott waves but Something is missing here.

We'll go over a little later in this video in the original at the end. What I noticed from the top, you can see it even if I were to extend this line price not broken here Really in terms of the complete history of the Doge who has been a major doge resistance, So this became a major flop for the 200 ema which is the orange line so you can see the price Sitting up I finally got a break of this resistance, and this resistance has become support And it's kept because you know two weeks, and you finally touch that line and go off first Impulsive move so you'll want to keep an eye on these major SR fluctuations especially on the longer term charts Which will be the first sign that something big is going on, so we move on to the first movement of During the Fibonacci retracement there is to see to what extent the price has actually fallen to Stay near the 786 as this is the natural boom, so the price hit a candle on the proper 78 60 retracement Which is typical for a massive dash and given how Doug moved before she was this one Tremendous movement for sure you can see the volume went to the top and this is the highest it was at Its most likely date or a long time ago and even so, the rsi stock has not yet reached the overbought zone And it's interesting, so it only took five days for it to start Recovery which is often quick if you've seen some of my other videos that I've talked about Fibonacci retracements If you are seeing it on the daily chart, it could take a few weeks or even months in Sometimes to achieve a full correction is the fact that Doge is able to perform this correction perfectly Essential in two weeks is just so huge when you get that bounce, You had a lot of resistance at that high of eight cents At that point basically nine cents which was going to be a major psychological resistance From this point the price goes down.

If I look at it from here I will add a rectangle of these The point is because this looks like a common area for the price to continue its movement, and we have to support A little bit above 6180 if I have more lines of feat, I think it's around line 38 But we do not need any of those lines 61 and 78 which are the most important, So you see that we stayed on the support got a fake pair or the lower wicks outside the rectangle It had a resistance point in the middle of the channel Which was eventually able to fall apart even though it was fake, we got a price break and a stop Support This support is strong because it matches this support. Wait in this aspect That created the impulsive movement outside the channel if we were looking for confirmation on That this was a big movement that I dropped to see if you could see it in four hours, So here will be my confirmation On lunge support you can even drop this a little to hold the rest of those bodies Here, this could have been an impulse support Because we got good support if you really want to search In this, you can say that this was with a fake outside but the rise of the Ding Triangle, So it was inevitable that I would have somehow broken down based on the first step if I had been I still retain my capabilities here, let's go back to each day now that we know where that movement was, So you can see based on the first step the price was expected to go up to 16.

Only you can see that it is gold Up farther and then into nobody's area all the way up to 44 cents Your move got tremendous motivation if we were to make a correction So any time you see a skyscraper it's what I call it, it's a huge impulsion It looks like a big old skyscraper and then has an antenna on top which is usually A good sign that the price is looking to go down and that is something more evident on the long-term chart, So if you are looking at the hourly chart you might be faking it but on the daily chart, It's kind of obvious when the price wants to start going down, you have a lot of sellers pushing down, So keep in mind the full scale of this impulse you can see we haven't got there To 6180 so the price will probably go down, we have room for it to come down here, But as you can see on the g7r rsi, we hold on to support which is a great sign for the Doge cynical part About all of this that I wanted to bring up is that even with this massive thrust Traffic volume wasn't very high and even with this low the volume of the big drop wasn't that high again, So I wanted to call this first wave and I wanted to call this third wave But I want to kind of call this first wave just because the volume you see in this It was almost twice the volume from this latest impulsive move and the price from there went from .005 To just under 10 cents which is a huge move but nothing compared to going from 7 cents to 45 cents in one pulse, so we're down to four hours again From here we can move the Fibonacci retracement up a bit If I move it up here and it's the start of the impulse moving out of this small area that was acting Our ascending triangle to the right n What are we looking to do as it bounced back on 6180 And that's kind of an indication that this wasn't too often a big move on The big impulse you will see is dropping to 78 which is not doing any indication that there is more of that Doug is hiding from us I've been talking about this in the spat for the past two weeks just because This thing a week is ready to go and can keep doing mega mega moves .

We get back to the dips here and there but those bounces are going fast with that in mind How bad was the market downturn yesterday in Doji now sits at plus 13. The market is about to close in five minutes and we will have a new day So we'll see what happens but in the long run I think Doug isn't over, I think if we just get our first little taste of what a doji will do And everyone was surprised and kinda shook the world but bear in mind that This thing probably goes down really hard once the dawn comes in particularly Consider how fast it has moved in the past two months if it has kept moving the way it did You mean it, I mean you might be able to see over 200 corrections from a total move But at the moment we are still heading bullish move Based on this prior drive, what everyone wants to know is where the price can go Now notice from the last step that something was against this step But based on this push move we could see a price push potentially as low as 77 cents in it or higher Lots of people would say the sounds are crazy but from Ta's point of view, it makes sense We have a lot of space on the 4 hour chart, as the daily chart is finally starting to pull out From the overbought zone and then you have a weekly chart that He's got too much room to grow and that's about the conclusion of this episode, Thank you guys so much for watching this episode, and I hope you found some Helpful content If you have, please be sure to like and subscribe if you haven't Chance t check out any of our dispute information, check them out below, we have Fewer than 15 locations in the group for the remaining 5 months, Thank you guys so much for the next episode

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