dogecoin and the entire crypto market just got the most bullish announcement from joe biden's government so let's talk about what happened hello guys and welcome back to crypto fire where we talk about dogecoin cryptocurrency and investing before we go any further please keep in mind that we're giving away a hundred dollars to a random subscriber all you have to do is like the video subscribe and leave a comment on your favorite cryptocurrency read our description for more info about it the winner will be announced on 18th august now let's get started with today's video the most incredible news for doge is that the irs won't go after miners regardless of the broker definition this just means that a huge amount of funds are going to come into the market very soon this is because this new update from biden's government will alleviate a lot of fear that was in the market if you don't know a lot of doge holders were worried about the infrastructure bill including miners validators and developers that would have meant that these people would have been reluctant to work towards the development of crypto because they would have had to pay huge taxes to the government but after this they simply won't have to and i couldn't be more excited about this if you look at the fear and greed index it went to 76 yesterday and this was the highest level recorded in over two months the point is that this might just be the best time to accumulate because the entire market is perhaps going to blow up now before we move on to some other interesting news i'd like to remind you that i'm not a financial advisor and this isn't financial advice so you should definitely do proper research before investing anything into crypto moving forward yesterday we talked about how mark cuban said that doge is the best currency for payments and i also mentioned how elon has said this before as well and now elon has himself taken the stage to back cuban statements by saying that i've been saying this for a while so i think this is pretty incredible that elon is supporting doge whenever he could he literally never misses a chance to show that he loves it the point is that there's a lot of good news coming for bitcoin too but we don't always hear him say nice things about bitcoin at every opportunity this just proves that doge is elon's favorite crypto and as he said he perhaps is never going to dump it now coming back to mark cuban he made some more interesting statements about doge today earlier today he said that the point about doge that people miss is that doge imperfections and simplicity are its greatest strengths you can only use it to do two things spend it or hold it both are easy to understand and it's cheap to buy which makes it a community anyone can join and enjoy just before this he also replied to a comment that basically was taking a jab at him for supporting doge he replied to it by saying that item she'll doge i show the products and services of my companies where we allow people to pay in any crypto 95 percent of the sales are in doge customers choose to use doge we can argue everything and anything but right now doge is the people's way to pay i absolutely love this tweet from our cuban he's basically telling everyone that people are choosing doge over btc and eat to buy things and i think this is perhaps his biggest gift for doge yet now he also said something truly fascinating while comparing doge to bitcoin by saying that supply and demand is undefeated but with doge you can spend 100 to own 333 doge and have fun as part of a fun community the btc maxis experience and do the same thing they just have a different kind of fun they like to yell at people and then he tweeted my favorite tweet of them all it basically said that i don't pump anything other than mas merch but the doge fair is fun their memes are great they have fun they make fun of themselves it's fun to be part of and yesterday he was incentivizing people to pay with doge to buy mass merchandise by saying that coming soon to mavs a summer merch sale with special pricing for those who pay with dogecoin now the point i'm trying to make is that dogecoin has not won but two massive catalysts that just won't stop until doge reaches that one dollar level so as a doge holder i believe this is the time to be really happy about your decision to buy dogecoin before we talk about some predictions for doge let's look at something really unexpected that happened recently we know that lionel messi was recently transferred to psg and it says here that psg is going to pay him part of his salary and fan tokens basically these fan tokens are somewhat similar to cryptocurrencies the psg token which has a market cap of around 52 million dollars has risen more than 130 percent in five days after this news from messi it reached an all-time high of more than 60 dollars on tuesday the bottom line is that this news has compelled thousands of people to enter the crypto market while it isn't directly related to dogecoin this is still huge because more and more people now understand the basic idea of purchasing and selling kryptos and because of this some of them are definitely going to spill over to doge and bitcoin moving forward the most incredible news from institutional investors was that they have been investing huge amounts in crypto and blockchain companies according to a recent research from kpmg crypto and blockchain investments are continuing to increase as investor interest grows this research includes more than 2 400 investment transactions totaling 98 billion dollars completed between january and june the entire amount of investments made in the first half of 2021 is 8.7 billion dollars and the incredible part is that it is already double the total value of the investment transactions completed in 2020 basically this implies that more and more institutions are becoming bullish on the future of crypto and we have to pay attention to their moves because they have large teams that spend hundreds of hours analyzing important data about the crypto and financial sector now let's move on to some predictions for doge and the entire crypto market we'll start with bitcoin because doge is obviously following its trajectory right now so today bitcoin jumped over 47k and this implies that we could see it jump straight to 50k from here i think it's highly probable because we now have more clarity over the infrastructure bill now another prediction comes from plan b we absolutely have to talk about it because their prediction for august just came true now the incredible part about it is that they didn't budge even when bitcoin went below 34k last month in a tweet they said that bitcoin is going to end above 47k in august 43k in september 63k in october 98k in november and an incredible 135k in december and that is something to be really happy about because it looks like doge is going to follow bitcoin wherever it goes now let's take a look at dogecoin's price for a minute it is up by a massive 11 percent in the last 24 hours and is now trading at almost 32 cents that is really great because we finally gone past the resistance level of 30 cents today and as i said this happened when bitcoin went past its own resistance level of 47k this just proves that doge might just explode in december when bitcoin does but still as plan b suggests we're going to see a dip in september the point is that it might just be better to hold on to your doge and not buy into the fud in september this is because it looks like huge gains are coming in any case let me know where you think we're headed in the comment section below and with that we've come to the end of this video thanks for watching till the end if you enjoyed it please consider liking and sharing it with your friends also please subscribe to the channel and turn on post notifications for daily videos on dojoin and cryptocurrency if you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments section below goodbye take care

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