Dogecoin [DOGE] Price Analysis Prediction Feb. 9

hello everyone. before moving on to the video we ask you to
support us and subscribe to our channel please. The best performing ‘meme’ cryptocurrency,
Dogecoin, has surged again in the past 24 hours touching $0.084 and potentially forming
a double top in the short-term. It seems that the digital asset is poised
for a short-term correction before another potential leg up. On the 1-hour and 4-hour charts, the TD Sequential
indicator has just presented two sell signals which add a lot of credence to the bears. Additionally, Dogecoin price has topped out
at around $0.084 again which is a critical resistance barrier. On the 4-hour chart, DOGE got rejected several
times in the past 24 hours from the resistance level at $0.084 and can easily dive towards
$0.06 which is the 26-EMA support level. The social volume of Dogecoin is spiking again
which is usually a good indicator of upcoming corrections.

This adds even more credence to the bearish
outlook. However, since Tesla announced the purchase
of $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin and potentially other digital assets in the future, DOGE bulls
have a lot of momentum. Climbing above the resistance level at $0.084
would be a massive breakout from an ascending triangle on the 4-hour chart with a price
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