Dogecoin (DOGE) – Análise de hoje, 31/05/2021! #DOGE #Dogecoin #bitcoin #ETH #ethereum #BNB #binance

Hello everyone, let's go from Doge Cohen and now on May 31st, 1952 here in Spain, the reaction was People slow here in Spain, she was still stuck in this triangle here, look at This big triangular shape and now slowly seems to be breaking free that she can Exploding up or down, I think it will explode and blast up because you see That here on the Tourist Rail, Buyer Capacity is already unlocked, Dual Buying Capacity on Mac For both short and slow potential lines that go to the upper range of the scale already with This double donation buyer is also here in MEC di chart That triple-digit number actually determined the throttled Dodge price since May 23 that the paper was Doing so has suffered from this strangulation that was practically without volatility.

Stuck to the last edge in the beak of this triangle shape and now it looks like a potion dad Those who seem to want freedom from Trixie also quickly migrate straight to the upper range For scale, I think the dog bursting from the bottom up now has the next resistance Enjoyed by the schmorl cloud with the upper line of the cloud at 0.32 three if it overcame it not Shimoku sells it will bring in zero 37 38 at the peak of the 200 anm200 period moving average If the anm200 breaks, go get it and here, the first one there, should be breaking straight there 200 1059 which is going to be The most relevant high after the 200- period moving average, then other people have commented with the company In this trio and they seem to be rehearsing a version, here's an identification Any opportunity in the world segment I will restrict it to whoever wants to propose an analysis Some assets just put them in the messages below I'll be back after a moment of big hug

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