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It's very personal, let's go to Dogecoin, the most successful Trollcoin on the planet now May 22 And here in Spain ume 14 pm my personal comic, I have now made it clear that the channel Kelp directly into the shimoku cloud was training the reaction of one migrated to The top band here is from kells channel straight from 20, right, but Bitcoin decided to make Double hole, Bitcoin is forming a w, and now it is in the process of accumulating And you have to explode into the em direction to see the app there for 46,000 points to form This stop here from Dodge Cunha's personal analysis of which aut com em is now based on Bitcoin analysis itself because who took the crypto world to Limbo was the Bitcoin that Cryptocurrency will take the world out of Limbo is Bitcoin itself Bitcoin is ugly lava I thought Bitcoin is going to see and correct and see but ended up making a correction in w Which is normal is also the Bitcoin standard in the world in the Clip world Coherence retreat The double about correction in wea doggy naturally follows the mother of all crypts as he smokes Wit wobbly with this action with that last bottom here at 0.31 much higher than The last bottom and 0.21 but no matter now at that moment, I like to move the bottom line test of a cloud schmorl when the two-hour medium keltera channel is tangled for some Time is here with the channel and the ichimoku cloud itself seems to be forming a wedge , creating a triangular shape that will likely split upwards depending on the movement of Bitcoin Bitcoin Now smokes one with the buyer and marijuana too I think it You will break up and seek to see a fantastic penalty and at $46K Bitcoin will break if he wants 47K to see the month happy and you should have some resistance there in that area, but anyway, This triangle figure shows congestion here at Dodge in Squeeze, sellers' momentum has lost momentum, note that the bar red has already appeared here in recent progress here, The amplitude of the waves has also decreased, indicating that they must be crowded And it somehow explodes upward in Mac Day, and that reality is also repeated with decreasing The amplitude of the waves and proof that this congestion is going on and should explode upwards now right here A buyer must form a wavy amplitude of the shortest exponential that has already crossed at Dawn from 21 to 22 from top to bottom in the wake of that second, the small part of W here Which is being promoted by Bitcoin but now the shortest exponential exercise on the crossover from the bottom Top Salespeople have lost a lot of momentum here with this latest donation to a salesperson And in moving away from the 200-period moving average I'll put it here in a couple of hours Plus, this flat is still a long way from the 200-period moving average, and it shouldn't last Long 200 mm at zero 0.50, dose now 0.35 now testing the result The final Ichimoku cloud n drop 26 periods of schmorl cloud that has been rehearsing Green Clouds This small second leg of WL came to the Bitcoin double bottom race and drew the cloud, So I gotta say guys, the dog makes this look The triangle is here to explode up now at that moment you're going to fog up here as Kelton's private channel gets in With ichimoku cloud to overturn here, see if the channel has flipped all mixed up With the cloud that must use the plaster I wanted in the wake of this station that Bitcoin must upgrade to form this The small part of W is here for you to see weekly, I'm watching The paper or any other witch move I'll report back to but almost certainly ولكن That Bitcoin will make up this with that leg towards the app watch at ao and 46000 Doge shoots to at least the app's display time for the average app's display time A 200-period moving, so at the end of the day the graphic figure will be this shuffle here And it's going to be a little wobbly because this leg piece here was a lot bigger than this bottom here was Much deeper than the last one that was at zero 31 and this bottom here was at zero 21 but on A2 will most likely make up this graphic number here as Bitcoin.

Ww . title And it was a little more than the perfect Bitcoin that made the 30K box and the second box in 33 41 33488, the potion made a box and at 021 and the second bottom E 0.31 and this little rib right here from the W you'd get On the 200 period EMA at 0.50 more before you have to beat the upper line now It tests the lower line of the shimoku cloud and then has to test the line above 0.38 So guys, only potion will make this graphic, you will pull this W leg The paper is up to mm200 here.

You'll probably struggle with some resistance because mm200 is our board in particular, a thug The Bitcoin that had to make a double bottom never left the mouse ba Tips from bitcoins always loving but they are non-standard or this double bitcoin background In the Bitcoin squid opening up to the world there is a buyer persona related to it I think then this framework for ripple Bitcoin sales momentum of sellers will be That's ok exhausted guys, that analysis will probably pile up here at Dodge here at This triangular shape to explode upwards broke the ichimoku cloud and then search for The 200-period moving average of 10 50 formed this little leg here in the Bitcoin example which is also You are already training, and if the little guy here sees the W, the app is on a46000 dollars and Dori about mm200 0.50, this analysis here in a moment I'll be back with some opportunities in the world Cryptography and if anyone wants to leave some analysis suggestions just put the messages below great

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