Dogecoin (DOGE) – Análise de hoje, 12/06/2021! #DOGE #Dogecoin #bitcoin #ETH #ethereum #BNB #binance

i love on staff in the wake of that shuffle and fix Bitcoin into its big triangular wedge Bitcoin is now at 35 1477 Habit who got back into the shimoku cloud at four o'clock and is in the middle of his big triangular figure meanwhile the altcoins are licking the lower edge of their respective triangular figures here more at least in the 26-period projection the stimulus cloud lines cost flat is doggy has already started the second Kendall buyer has already opened So this impulsive kick towards the mm200 here in two hours, which is at 0.34 0.34 5 it has already started so it is very likely that the dose of put is doing this and this little ballezinho here now her next target is 0.33 which is cloud estimated that after 0.34 of mm200 and If it breaks goes to zero.

39040 which is the upper edge of our great addoge triangular figure with which is one that is the most successful of all meme coins proportions on the planet follows this Wide I think she's making people in practice she's making a 1wv like a triple bottom right here and here, look at this bottom here, look at a two three like a badly drawn wvs But if we expand the graph like this we can see a w Hi and a see a triple bottom for the crypto world it's the most normal thing because the cryptos has just been collapsing so there is no big news to Bitcoin it keeps repeating this recurring pattern of bleeding on the weekends so it is very likely that from Monday Bitcoin will regain its leg and impulsive to break the upper edge of its respective triangle and in the wake of this movement addoge also return to top of mm200 which it already tested on the 9th of July it failed at dawn from nine to ten it could not retreated here to the base of the our triangular figure and now will try again to scale the base of the Triangle the lower edge to try to face again anm200 which has 0.34 ok guys Oh it's stuck here o enter the frame it's the first second quadrant of the lower band of the metric any movement more search of the asset back report in a little while I'll be back with the Mac analysis big hug

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