Dogecoin (DOGE) – Análise de hoje, 11/07/2021! #DOGE #Dogecoin #bitcoin #ETH #ethereum #BNB #binance

Hello guys addoge Cohen the most successful trunk in history now 19:11 here in Spain in a little while it's the final of the Euro Cup and PSOL and she's drawing here one in a triangle here the a big triangle looks like the price is every time more squeezed here on the nail of this big triangular figure here at 8:00 there the beer that there was the test here from the upper edge once two three now on the 9th of July 8th of July actually the dose text lower edge that this triangle arrived Threatened to break through and now it is very likely that we will test again the upper edge in the 02 2 0 2 3 region to eventually break through promoted the ascending breakout causing the price to return here to the shikoku cloud region at 8:00 the sellers momentum will cooling will lose the short exponential momentum already crossed from the bottom up so legend is quite possible that in the wake of this bottleneck we end up doubling from here an upward explosion Although the 26 Projection periods the soccer cloud continues and reddened and a little and you are very likely that this break makes the price stop here at the height of the cloud to accumulate And then yes, then try to catapult to the price for this region here from this top here and 0 280 290 guys here's this record in a little while I'll be back with Magic's analysis and whoever wants to suggest The analysis of Some asset Just put in the messages below big hug

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