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What's up stock I have returned with another video movie Make sure to press this bell subscribe button Turn on post notification so you can be notified when your girl posts another Video for you guys and don't forget me I do 500 giveaway cash you guys let me repeat That's 500 cash gift When I reach 5,000 subscribers the only thing you have to do is Subscribe to my channel turn on these post notifications and Watch the video, then comment on the code Word I say in the video when I arrive 5 000 subscribers and you could be a young winner That will be 10 winners and 10 winners This is a very easy 500 giveaway signup cash turn on those Post notifications and watch videos with that object He said stop femme, let's get into these stocks as you can see I invest 679 dollars and two cents, make sure you, too Download robinhood app you guys can get Yes stock is free all you have to do is download the app located at Description Below Now let's get into my free stock Now I'm not a stock financial advisor, stock analyst, or anything That nature you guys have just decided to invest in stocks Now let's get into these free stock we've got Ford Motors in $ 6 and 83 Cents share I have one share total my return is 6.83 You guys have paid dividends now you may see that my total return The market value and share price are the same Because I didn't have to pay for it you can see it says zero dollars On the average cost is zero dollars And they also have recent news so be sure to read the latest news An article for you guys will inform you if this stock is going up or down Down now since then and let me tell you all fine Ford says the Mexican railway is clogged near we Boundaries Affecting Operations Now Did you know that this will cause You start to get off because it stops them from Produced Yes watch it vbi vaccine five bucks and 81 cents I have one share, the total return is 5.81 and they don't Pay dividends and they also have recent news, guys And only because the stock does not pay dividends Not that she will not win because she will You will get earnings offers from shares that do not pay snail energy dividends Four dollars and eighteen cents a share for me One lot and they're not paying dividends, and you see, nine 67 of people rate this stock with nine analyst ratings, you guys say 67 of them He says 33 contracts, zero percent say selling should go through these ratings No, you don't do your research and then decide if you are I want to invest in this stock or not Don't let anyone else decide because you've decided your money is You are on investment for that aspect Now if you go down to the About section and click on the More tab It will give you a brief description of this particular stock It is valuable information and also Google is your best friend when Take a look, you guys Southwestern Energy has two dollars and 49 cents a share I have one My share and total return is 2.49 but of course you guys know that because It was free and they don't pay dividends The power plug is nine dollars a share I have two shares My total revenue is eighteen dollars and they are not paying dividends And midstream, six dollars a share, I have one share Six dollars total return and they are paying Very high dividend Sirius XM is 5.96 shares I have three The total dividend involved is 17.88 And they pay a profit for that and also a good thing about the free Stocks you guys the stock can go down or share price It can go over and if you want to sell it you will Get all the money for it was Free but you know more than this familiar stock method We are not doing any sale here for long Long-term investments Marathon oil 5.79 I have one share of the total dividend is 5.79 and they pay a dividend adt eight dollars and eight cents a share I have one share totaling my proceeds of eight dollars and eight cents And they pay dividends Sabra Saber 7.93 cents per share, four shares, my total return is 31.72 Cents and they pay dividends Apache fell today guys it's 14.47 shares I have 1 share The total return is 14.47 and they are paying dividends now too They are all my free stock that I got Here is robinhood now if you want free stock Just download robinhood app you guys it In the description section below this video you guys might want to capture Look because you can get a free share These are the stocks that I've bought here in robinhood you guys stopped my robin And let's see what they are doing today or what they did today for a reason This point the market is closed the airlines lantern It is a dollar and 40 cents a share.

I have two shares total loss 76 cents now that particular stock is no longer on robinhood as it used to be You guys wrote off the only reason I can see this is Because I have it I cannot buy additional shares I can only participate selling all six dollars and 25 cents Post I have two shares the total return is one A dollar and forty cents and they are not paying dividends cielo is one dollar and five cents a share I have three shares my total loss 24 cents and they pay a low dividend however Hey any profits would be grateful for her Dividends regardless of whether they are high or low just be grateful Taranis Techs 7 cents a share, that's another share Currently written off I have 30 shares totaling four loss A dollar and ten cents and they don't pay dividends As you can see, I cannot buy any of them.

I can only sell more shares Group g is one dollar and thirteen cents a share in thirty-four shares Full return is 28.32 and they are not paying The dividends have been distributed and I am earning all these stock pennies, guys Denvery Denverie is 24. Denveri excuses me It is 24 cents a share. I have 101 shares my total loss It's 5.45 and they're not paying dividends and like you I can see they have recent news The latest news that this stock has caused go Down so this is why I say pay attention to the news, you guys aurogenics 1.54 cents per share for 30 shares The total return is 30 and 7 cents and then they are not paying dividends You also have recent news Now that's the reason that stock up for you guys Positive news, positive news, think about it Positive news makes the stock go up Yes, the news and the media, the stock market moves young people Energy only 46 cents a share for seven stocks The gross return is 44 cents and they pay big dividends, guys The patented Marathon range is one dollar and sixteen cents a share I have three dividends total 99 cents They are not paying dividends and that is crypto Mining company Hexo has 72 cents a share I have four shares The total return is 16 cents and no dividend is paid Treatment md is two dollars and seven cents to you guys I have five dividends totaling three dollars and 86 cents and pay no dividends now going around you guys Watch Video and we'll get to good Of things, be sure to access the Subscribe button Press this bell Turn on the post so you can be notified When I post another video you guys and hey just give me a thumbs up All I ask is subscribe, give me thumbs up cbdmd is 2.66 shares I have 5 shares of total return Sixty cents and they are not paying dividends Now I love it when I win you guys me I love it and I know you love when you guys are all in a gang, too Hit this joint and let me know it you like when you play Because I know I love them when I win the judgments It is 4.76 shares.

I have two shares, the total return of 3.60 And they're not paying dividends.The Genghis brand has even fallen short The more you guys have gone down even more Now if I can see take you back where they are just They shot in the blue and I think maybe there was It was about eleven dollars now out of eleven roughly twelve Dollars they are down to one dollar And 92 cents you guys that is Bus and I have four shares total loss of 18.18 Now it hasn't even been called real And they're not paying a dividend for their five-dollar Arbor investments And fifty cents a share I have two shares total return is two A dollar and a cent and they pay you guys win, as you can see My earnings are pending and it's 28 cents because I have two shares is 14 Cents per share and I also have set it to where Investing in my store so I wait for this absolute The airline is 12.55 cents share, I have one share Total return of three dollars and five cents And they don't pay dividends ballard energy systems is 18.18 I have one share totaling eight dollars in revenue And 12 cents and they are not paying dividends Now a lot of these thoughts kind of got in early guys, if not I see the games I'm watching you know I'll just tell you I entered early in the software diagnostics 21.21 I have one share total return is 7.87 They are not paying dividends and these are all the shares you have bought Here's on loot and if you see any stock you want To invest in making sure you do me a favor and do it Always research these new renewable energies first now Supposed to be some great stops but as you can see we are See the red stops, the red femme, but you know when the stock goes down The best time to invest is now Grand Terry Energy 34 cents a share They are not paying a point Crescent Energy 1.71 cents a share They pay dividends to Universe Energy a dollar and 77 cents a share They pay a dividend of 2.77 cents per share for fuel cell energy And they do not pay dividends per Peabody's energy of 2.92 cents a share They pay a big dividend on this for you guys Delphi technology is on the rise and is 15.97 cents a share And they are not paying dividends dropped Brookfield renewed In the end it's 55 and 72 cents a share and they're paying dividends Now these are all renewable energies that I have here on this list But if you see any stock you want to invest Since low stocks are the best time to do so, invest your stock returns But always your research now I will do the hemp section Repeat again was cannabis It is said that it is good for the greedy 19.

But only because stocks Going down does not mean that they will not return Because it will be in the 56th year of globalization Cents a share they are not paying dividends much now Hemp stock doesn't pay your winnings guys the sundial grows at 75 Cents a share they are not paying dividends, so we are More than a hex has gone already and they're not paying dividends afria is 5.16 share and they are not paying village dividends Models are 5.58 cents a share and they do not pay dividends The Kronos group is six dollars and 61 cents a share And they're not paying dividends until the Ray of 30 Cents is 7.30 They do not pay a dividend, yolo is 11.16 shares And they pay dividends because that is etf twilight cannabis 11.17 cents and they don't pay MG profits 13.22 cents And they pay dividends you guys which is also another etf Umbrella growth is 17.35 cents a share and not paying Gains now These are all the weed ideas that I am They put a list here on the Robin Hood app And if you see any stocks on this list that you want Just investing in stocks does not mean that it will not happen Go back up because he can climb like Rocket and the best time to invest is when it is Stock down for you guys Okay now let's go to my watchlist now this is just the one me Watching you guys but someone told me to look for oh Luo Lien Loo Li and Luo I think that is what you say but hey I only guess but it's 74 cents Share and I did gone for a reason Significantly and stepped up more Wah ok but it's down but it's gone overall So guys now this is a penny stock and you know I am Queen of cash stock get I will Buy stock a penny with a heartbeat to plunder you guys Because I know stocks, penny earning do not pay dividends But the 52-week high was 3.38 and the 52-week low was 32 Cents you guys 32 cents now can go back to three dollars or Of course more can any stocks Yeah now if I got down to about the part Ok, headquarters is in Beijing, fine.

I really don't care what headquarters is Just click on the more tab and it will give up You a brief description of this particular stock and do you guys See it says engage in development and marketing Wearable medical devices smart devices and ecosystem The platform is exactly that it deals with medicine Industry not only so these are smart devices so I can Really I really see I can see the potential in this company as I will Are you guys going to invest in this company? I will invest in this company when the market It opens because it's better to buy early now I'm not telling you Investing in this particular company but I am telling you about it I will invest in this company when the market opens now if I want to To be you can invest with me, but just me We inform you that I will be investing in this company because I see Possible Now if you see any other stock on this list that you want to invest You can pause the video and do some research if that's what you want Want to do and remember if you see green then that means put that Stocks are now rising, red means that A certain stock is dropping but just because there is a stock Down does not mean that it will not come back up and The best time to invest is when you guys' stocks are running low Keep this in mind Now let's get into these cryptocurrency currencies, guys The patented Marathon range as I say is Crypto A mining company is a dollar and 16 cents a share Blockchain Riot 2.42 cents a share I have 31 shares a total return It is 33.63 and they do not pay dividends and it is Also as I said a crypto mining company Now if you want to jump on that wave or invest in these Cryptocurrency Mining Companies Now you can do your search first Because you have to think of it as a cryptocurrency Can be linked Yes Yes Think about it Now let's get started In dogecoin guys dogecoin we'll go straight and see What do you even do dogecoin It rises back up as you can see it rolled up earlier And it has slipped down now that it is coming back So you guys see this hike now a lot of people still I get these videos that I post and say don't even think about it But Dogecoin not only Dogecoin Dropped you get what I'm saying dogecoin isn't dropped right now It stays stable guys it's really just waving just like Like stocks did we run that way with Dogecoin That goes up it goes up and down But it does not take a slope that falls at this point So I would say if you want to invest in dogecoin do it now do it now and you make that decision if you Want to invest in Dogecoin now I like talking about dogecoin to you Guys because I have a lot of Dogecoin to buy And I'm going to buy more videos so you guys I can see when I buy Dogecoin now sometime when I hold them I don't Be on the video but I've bought them on the videos so you guys I can see if I go to the details I have 71106 dogecoins I've acquired you guys today 4.76 and my total return is 35.37 What keeps moving but 35.29 you guys this is great Amount of people Say Dogecoin is not How real it is not real It is a cryptocurrency It is clearly a cryptocurrency that may not be real because I think it's not like a dollar or something Five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars, or maybe Five cents I think it's not really a coin because I don't have a coin but I hear it's real It's real now I'm not going to say okay a lot of people would say well Unreal you know I can't go to the store and Give them a dollar in Dogecoin and get some The return of dogecoins of course isn't okay however Does that make it fake? Do not do it They are real cryptocurrencies, guys if you decide to invest in a Dogecoin i He'll say go ahead and do it, but do your research First because there is a lot of information Behind the cryptocurrencies and I'll say so Time and time again there is a lot of information behind the cryptocurrency So make that decision now so much people can stay low and be let go When it really rises and they will become like the dang man I am I wish I had invested in maybe like Bitcoin as you know Maybe just like bitcoin or ether You know people like Dang should have invested in it when It was as if it wasn't even five cents, it wasn't even two years I should have invested yes you should have been right You will likely miss this opportunity a lot of these Coins are there but hey bitcoin When you run out then what or I wonder comment below Comment below: Ok when running Bitcoin then what You know, they got mining companies.

People who mine bitcoins mining bitcoins, but Hey, hmmm they are mining cryptocurrencies but pretty much Dogecoin Unlimited guys It's pretty much unlimited So you will now decide whether to go invest Now or not and make sure you can download robinhood app for that You can invest in Dogecoin now, not on coinbase, though There are more cryptocurrencies on coinbase to choose from The link is in the description also guys this link is in the description as well Well if you want to download coinbase you will also get it $ 10 in description below follow the video and download coinbase So you can get ten bucks if not and if you don't Robinhood app make sure to go ahead and download Loot out now so you can get some bitcoins If I decide to invest I know many people would say like Where can I buy a Dogecoin mom from the Robin Hood app On robinhood they are on coinbase but you can not buy them on coinbase you can Buy them here on Robin Hood if you don't have them Cover robin app go ahead and download he app In the description below and you get free stock, you guys Get free stock and then you can invest in Dogecoin The right to kill two birds with one stone decides whether to invest in cryptocurrencies Today now let's turn to the other one Coins ripple you guys now this one ripple another one is 20 Cents you guys 20 cents ripple Well, you see, it goes up, it's going up, it's going up It's running you guys you can't buy a ripple on robinhood app because it does Not support it but you can buy Ripple on coinbase as I said the link to coinbase is in Description Go to download this app and see some ethereum cryptocurrencies Another classic cryptocurrency spike That goes you guys 6.39 Do you see the potential of these digital currencies? Yes, make this decision what you will do Make this decision Litecoin is 45.33 and it is up, too So all these cryptocurrencies go up here on loot And you'll still say I suspect dogecoin isn't real since then Dogecoin is not real I think the other one is not real either Hey, none of them are real, all of you So you know you're hearing them say the pump's dump diagram This is a scam, and you know I'm just saying not any of them Real if Dogecoin is not real as Ripple knows Not real Ethereum is not real Litecoin Not real I guess none of them are real I guess but hey I decided to invest and I hope You are the decision maker to invest up to your research And make a decision which is literally a fractional penny, literally you guys If you go to buy 10 you will get 30.

What if you get these 30 coins One day you have five thousand dollars a single dose of a coin Five thousand dollars all of you all of a sudden thinking like nine Then you invested in some five thousand dollar coins Well I tell you all you need to start Somewhere and hello subscribe Turn this bell on for those posts notifications So you can be notified when your girl post another video And oh yeah don't forget the 500 cash giveaway that I'll do when I reached 5000 subscribers you guys 5000 subscribers i will do 500 giveaway cash the only thing you have to do To do to enter this giveaway is to subscribe to my channel running those Post notifications and watch my videos you guys Comment on the code the word I say in the video and you can Be a winner when you reach 5000 Subscribers, you guys this is all you have to do So don't miss this giveaway you guys will be Youtube Live is here on my Chavario Maddox channel Channel so you don't want to miss this Thank you for watching this video.

I really do you guys Really appreciate your support and will come back with another video So you all have a great night quiet You are.

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