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hey what's up guys welcome back to a 
new byob video so let's get started this is how much 1 000 would have been if you 
had invested in dogecoin back in 2016. here's   how much money you'd have if you put a thousand 
dollars into doge spoiler alert it's more than   enough to make you a millionaire if you invested 
one week ago it would be worth over two thousand   eighty four dollars one month ago and you'd have 
over 11 grand now if you invested at the start of   2021 that thousand dollars would be worth over 
111 grand start of 2020 over 300 grand but if   you go all the way back to 2017 you'd have over 
2.8 million dollars from one grand of dogecoin   but it gets even better because if you invested 
in 2016 a thousand dollars of dogecoin will be   worth almost 4.2 million dollars and now doge is 
worth more than hunter that's insane this hurts   my heart so the co-founder of doge sold all of his 
doge in 2015 to buy a used honda civic which was   around 10 000 worth of dogecoin back then that 
would be around 40 50 million dollars today the   saddest part he didn't even buy the honda civic he 
just used the money to pay rent oh and uh doge is   not worth more than honda the company doge is a 
risky investment just be careful when investing   should i max my credit card out on doge no you 
should not i like to give financial advice but   i can keep you from doing something terribly 
irresponsible why you shouldn't do that number one   doge could go to the moon it really could 
but on the way to the moon doge could be   incredibly volatile and drop 30 before it goes 
up if you basically go into debt to buy doge   and then doge drops 30 and you sell it even though 
it doesn't stay at a 30 loss but you got scared   and you sold it well you'd still be out that money 
even if doge went back up later that's one thing i   really try to caution people who are new i'm sure 
that's everyone let me know in the comment below do you think the doge can be used in our everyday 
life just let me know what you think i have some   wild dogecoin news for you mark cuban is wanting 
dogecoin to be used for everyday purchases   mark cuban says that dogecoin will 
be a usable currency like any other   he also went on to say that dogecoin is legit and 
here to stay elon musk just confirmed that he will   talk about dogecoin on his upcoming episode of 
saturday night live the oakland athletics just   did their first dogecoin transaction they are 
the first major league baseball team to do so   etoro just added dogecoin to its platform this 
is wild dogecoin is currently spiking at 44 cents   right now do you think it'll go to a dollar by the 
end of may comment below and let me know what you   think don't forget to follow me for more dogecoin 
news is coach already on the moon i think it will   go to mars pretty soon dogecoin to the moon 
technically it's already there for a majority   of its seven year lifespan doge has traded 
for less than half of a penny until this year   hitting a penny was considered going to the moon 
for doge so for it to hit its new all-time high   of 60 cents today is absolutely insane doge is 
being touted as the people's currency since it is   so cheap and so many people have been able to make 
a lot of money in a short amount of time but there   are some things that you need to know every single 
cryptocurrency has what's known as whale investors   this is somebody that owns a large portion 
of the entire supply and with doge there's   somewhere between 10 and 15 people who own about 
50 of the entire supply that's out there with one   person alone owning somewhere between 25 and 30 if 
one whale decided to sell off their entire supply   at one time it would devastate the price if the 
biggest whale decided to sell off we'd probably   see prices go down to less than a penny again 
so don't invest with money you're not willing   to lose as dr brad says you should be investing 
your vegas money not your house money get rid of   your jet first before investing into anything man 
i was looking at this dogecoin but i have credit   card debt well you should probably pay after 
credit card debt yeah yeah i know i probably   should but yo this dojo oh pay off your credit 
card debt you don't understand this freaking thing   is cool it looks like that guy's that's going 
to the [ __ ] moon what do you guys think of the   satoshi tokens will it overtake dogecoin satoshis 
are cheaper than dogecoin a satoshi is a smaller   unit of bitcoin there are less bitcoin than there 
are millionaires on earth no one is expecting you   to buy a whole bitcoin to play the bitcoin game 
you can buy a part of one which is measured in   satoshi's a lot of people are avoiding investing 
in bitcoin because they consider it to be   expensive the reality is the price itself is not 
what determines how expensive a cryptocurrency is   it's determined by how much people value it how 
many people are involved how dependable it is   and many other things many knowledgeable people 
believe that bitcoin is currently undervalued   or cheap not overpriced you can buy 10 
worth of bitcoin and you will then own 17   231 satoshi's which is pretty cool and it gets you 
involved in something that may be a core element   of the future of finance though just for the 
people doge will buy us our spaceship to the moon   if you don't know this yet let me tell 
you something remember the gold rush   remember the oil remember the dot-com how 
many people became billionaires and right now   everything is going digital and i'm betting i'm 
betting on xrp xlm ethereum and of course bitcoin   remember bitcoin for the wealthy imperium for the 
middle class and dodge for the people suckers this   one is for our canadian friends who are trying 
to sell their cryptos this is how you sell your   cryptocurrency back into real dollars step number 
one is we're gonna turn all of our cryptocurrency   into litecoin so if your whole portfolio is 
worth two thousand dollars you're gonna turn   all of it into litecoin which would give you 
8.17 coins now the reason we turn everything   into litecoin is because it's the fastest and the 
cheapest to move around from point a to point b so   once you've turned everything into litecoin you're 
gonna send that litecoin to the exchange that's   connected to your bank account for me because i'm 
in canada i use newton on the exchange that you're   using you should have the option to add funds and 
send crypto from wallet and then you're going to   have your own custom litecoin address where you 
deposit the litecoin into after your litecoin   has arrived you can go over to trade and if i 
wanted to sell 0.15 litecoin it would give me 48   after you've sold everything back into 
dollars you can go up to the withdraw section   of your exchange and you should have the ability 
to send it to your bank account or through an   e-transfer or whatever to recap these are the 
three steps turn everything into litecoin send   to exchange turn it into dollars how high do 
you think ethereum will go today it's a 3 800   ethereum has just hit 3 000 and now more than ever 
i'm getting so many questions asking me is now the   time to buy in if you're only interested in a coin 
after it starts pumping you're going to lose money   every time i see an opportunity whether it's on 
a dip or just had a breakout i always make an   update to tell you guys that i'm buying ethereum 
in february i said i was buying at 1400 on the dip   and over the long consolidation period in february 
and march i was also buying a lot nobody was   looking at ethereum right here but i was the 
one buying and lastly when it broke out of two   thousand dollars there was still an opportunity 
these are all clear patterns on the chart 1400 was   the previous all-time high and 2000 is the top of 
this consolidation so both those breakout retests   are great buying opportunities but looking at the 
charts right now there is no clear opportunity as   it's going up very quickly you either wait for 
it to come back down or look for something else   what investment is better bitcoiner ethereum 
should you guys invest in bitcoin or ethereum   well some analysts believe that bitcoin is going 
to hit 100 000 by the end of 2021.

So if you guys   were to invest in bitcoin right now and it goes up 
to 100 000 that would be about a 75 return on your   investment now analysts also think that ethereum 
could hit about 10 000 by the end of 2021.   so if you buy ethereum right now and ethereum 
goes up to 10 000 that would be about a 210   return on your investment so what seems more 
attractive to you a 75 return on your investment   or a 210 return on your investment you do 
the math this ethereum is being overbought   what's your thought ethereum and where it's moving 
currently sitting at hundred and 3 two dollars now   on the daily chart boogie on down to rsi we are 
sitting hella overbought right now those newbies   right now overbought and rsi means is bound to 
come back down it lands somewhere in your purple   zone i sold off a coin and i planned to sell a 
little bit more based on technicals she could   fall to 2600 psychologically i think we're gonna 
sit around 3k remember just have fun and play it   safe with ethereum is it too late to buy ethereum 
always cost dollar average ethereum just went   nuclear hitting its all-time high is it too late 
to buy in let's find out like you guys know i've   been buying ethereum for the past three and a half 
years now and am i still buying yes but right now   no let me explain in the short term we're 
probably gonna see a pullback and then a   rise of other cryptocurrencies the altcoins right 
you see every time we hit an all-time high it kind   of just jumped back down a little bit totally 
normal totally normal to see a pullback that's   when i'm buying for this month but in reality in 
the long term it's not going to matter if you're   thinking of selling your eth tomorrow then maybe 
you got to think about these short-term trades   but 10 years like i am you don't have to worry 
about a dollar cost averaging as always follow   me here for my crypto news make sure that you are 
checking those digital wallets for those hairdrops   if you have ethereum and you kept it in a digital 
wallet you're going to get some free money there's   an air drop going out for ether light which is 
just a hard fork from ethereum requirements were   pretty simple you just have to have some ethereum 
in your private wallet like metamask or trust   wallet on may first when they took the snapshot 
for every one ethereum you're getting about 10 to   15 ethereum light you want to check to see if you 
got the airdrop go to home enter   your wallet address here and press check and it'll 
show you the amount you're getting in the airdrop   you have to wait until july 1st to claim it just 
some dogecoin news for what's coming up next   come on doge do something come on elon let's 
go dogecoin update spacex rocket release   got held up for an extra 24 hours you got to 
stay strong at this point if you're a dojo learn   you got to hold on we're going to get tested over 
the next 48 hours currently there's an individual   who's selling 1 million doge every 15 minutes 
at the current rate it'll take less than five   days for them to sell all their supply 
and with the spacex rocket going to space   to give more credentials to the idea of 
dotecoin being used as a global currency   these events get tied into the huge aspect 
of the stability of the currency itself   when you look at nfp and interest rates for 
different countries and the impact that they   have on the currencies at the points of those 
exchanges huge supply increases price goes wild   hold on to your birds guys if you enjoyed 
the video please like comment and subscribe you

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