hello doge family how are you today doge lovers before going into details i would appreciate if you like the video and subscribe to my channel together we will grow dogecoin what i say and my graphic predictions are always right guys i hope it is useful for you i will determine the buying and selling points for those who want to make short transactions and i will tell you the important developments today we don't have to get discouraged do not forget that when the rise begins we grow differently than all coins elon musk's return to joke coins has caused rises albeit on a small scale unfortunately the selling pressure on the market prevents us from seeing the old 30 to 35 percent rises those who remember know how strong the elon musk shares have over dogecoin and shiba inu so where is the doge and she price going will it rise guys the price which fell to the level of 0.168 yesterday suddenly rose to the level of 0.205 with the shares of elon musk supporting dogecoin unfortunately the price which rose 19 from the bottom could not form a support at the level of 0.20 dogecoin finds buyers at 19 cents on the binance exchange for about a month dogecoin has not seen the levels of 0.16 the pressure experienced by bitcoin caused the price to come back to these levels moreover the cost of a significant part of the investors is around 40 cents so for dogecoin the obligatory hold has been going on for a long time t is important that bitcoin has been able to rise above the 32.0 level again this will stop the decline of altcoins to some extent if dogecoin remains at the level of 0.19 and the bitcoin price does not turn down again it can be seen again at 23 cents with the support of elon musk the elon musk dogecoin sharing which occupied the agenda last night should definitely be examined let's see what's on the agenda together please do not miss the agenda friends i'm telling you every day every step every news is important to make a profit in the short term so don't forget to turn on the notification bell as well elon musk's son collects x dogecoin elon musk has changed the profile picture of his personal twitter account his new profile picture features a dogecoin symbol in the reflection of his sunglasses however the successful businessman replied to the cartoon shared by a follower and humorously stated that his son xaa12 does not intend to sell doge on top of these shares dogecoin experienced a short-term bounce in the process when the bitcoin and altcoin market moved in a horizontal line doge is 75 below its all-time high in may however it has managed to gain 11 in the last 24 hours the creator of paypal billionaire businessman elon musk on the one hand focuses on developing space technologies however on the other hand it tries to follow the developments in the financial sector closely it is known that musk who has been interested in blockchain technology albeit late primarily adopts bitcoin and dogecoin a community cryptocurrency tesla's ceo who has been among the best cryptocurrencies in terms of market value with his dogecoin shares for a long time continues his shares despite the bear market in the bull market musk's shares caused doge to gain value for days however after the market depreciated dramatically the effect of the shares decreased my son doesn't know the word cell musk's last posts were about his son the successful ceo had previously stated that xaa12 who is only one year old loves dogecoin and his son also has a doge account musk wrote a reply when a follower shared a humorous cartoon on this subject saying my son hasn't even said the word cell yet every share of musk causes a new discussion to flare up for crypto investors some economists consider it normal and healthy that bitcoin whose price has swelled has entered a bear market despite this some crypto investors continue to blame elon musk for the bear market after the tesla company announced that it would suspend bitcoin payments at a time when bitcoin and many of the most well-established cryptocurrencies of the market broke records the market which rapidly lost value could not make a new leap for about two months the doge father the successful businessman makes posts implying that he does not listen to criticism musk who made fun of the extreme bitcoin fanatics who especially hate him in some of his posts described himself as the doge father in one of his posts tesla's ceo criticized some dogecoin investors as well as bitcoin fanatics he stated that those who invested because he shared on his social media account were not rational people despite this statement after musk's shares dogecoin sheep and even bitcoin prices continue to increase albeit for a short time some experts think that the experienced business person who has helped this community cryptocurrency multiply its value by finally posting for baby doge has taken these steps to gain an advantage striking fact for doge these sleeping hands can pump the price doge the most popular meme coin of cryptocurrencies has been on a downtrend for two months and is nearing its end apart from dogecoin which is trying to recover after the snl broadcast it seems to have lost most of its power in self-proclaimed doge father elon musk the dollar fell to below the dog 1.7 support with the new buyer coming from the region the over 20 percent increase recorded yesterday is now time again around 0.1844 dollars down 10 percent the one dollar goal of doge fans has also been shelved for the time being doge is currently trading far from the top the fact that dogecoin does not have any underlying use cases and is only marketed and supported by community members on social media as objectionable doge memes made on social platforms made the dollar one dollar expectation among investors quite realistic at the may summit however doge is extremely far from this peak at the moment and is trying to recover since the peak it has been steadily declining the reasons for the decline can be shown by the inactivity of altcoin investors doge's price not moving much may be due to general apathy towards the markets for example more than 713 000 trader addresses were active in may however this number has dropped to 312 000 last month and at the time of writing the same figure as set to only two hundred ninety seven thousand who controls the dogecoin market on the other hand interestingly market participants holding doge for one to twelve months now control mean coin only 1.25 million active addresses in may rose to 1.81 million in june up from 1.80 million at the time of writing this rising trend is due to the fact that former investors are now turning into long-term players according to analysts since the price was in a downward trend these participants were unable to reserve their profits and extend their stay in the market additionally the direction of unprofitability can be proved by the indicator in out of the money the metric highlights that approximately 73.41 of addresses are free of charge this essentially means that doge at the time of writing is much lower than the average cost at which the meme coin was purchased for doge the number of large transactions also fell during this period while only 1 230 large doge transactions took place on july 15th the same transaction in the second half of april ranged from 2200 to 11 000 additionally over the past few days bears have outnumbered bulls which is not a good sign for doj's price i will keep you informed of developments as soon as possible we've come to the end of the video guys i hope you understand what i want to say express your thoughts by commenting don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel see you in the next video

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