Dogecoin akan ke 1 Dollar? Gara-gara Tiktok Challenge?

Recently, one of the cryptocurrencies that is actually quite well known has been going viral, namely Dogecoin, until this video was made the volume went up high to approx 700 thousand dollars and the price has gone up almost 100% let's see what Dogecoin actually is Dogecoin is viral because the challenge in Tiktok has reached 8.3 million views, initially this challenge was created by James Gallente since June 2020 and the point discussed is that Dogecoin can reach one dollar if every viewer at Tiktok buys Dogecoin worth $ 25 but what Dogecoin can go up to that high the Dogecoin price is now around 60 rupiah, if it rises to one dollar, it means an increase of about 20 or 30 thousand percent and to be honest it's quite heavy because is already here, namely 500 million dollars 500 million dollars multiplied by 200 (corrections) becomes 100 Billion Dollars (errata) means it takes 100 Billion Dollars to raise the price up to $ 1 if that happens Dogecoin will be in second place (error) as per the problem are real use cases from dogecoin, Dogecoin was originally created in 2013 to send money easily via blokchain technology, just like Bitcoin The simplicity is to become an internet currency, the difference is that Dogecoin is more for joking, not as serious Bitcoin and is not considered a Store of value even the Dogecoin name and logo are obtained from the shiba Inu dog Memes until now Dogecoin Having a very strong community, especially on the Reddit website in forums or on the Reddit forums, will continue to stay in the top 50 Coinmarketcap besides being famous for being considered a meme or for a joke, Elon Musk also had time to popularize Dogecoin through his Twitter he had written the former CEO of Dogecoin in his Twitter bio and had time to post Dogecoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies, Maybe someone is asking why there is a coin that can be cheap like Dogecoin for only 60 silver rupiah even though it is in the top 50 coinmarketcap, simply because Dogecoin has a high coin supply of around one hundred billion very different from Bitcoin, which is only 21 million in terms of use or real use case Dogecoin does not have that function significant both for delivery or payment although there are also merchants who accept payment with Dogecoin, because the price of Dogecoin is quite stable as long as it does not rise high, it doesn't go down much, but Dogecoin has a strong enough brand image as a meme of this cryptocurrency.

The profit is very good for Dogecoin because of its thousands existing cryptocurrencies will be difficult to get famous Dogecoin is with Dogecoin which is purely supported by the cryptocurrency community, not by big companies and it seems the world of cryptocurrency it does need something for a joke or a joke in this serious industry but is Dogecoin the right fit for it investation? I think the price will be quite difficult to increase, especially if it is up to 1 dollar, which means it takes 100 billion dollars (error) And in terms of usecase Dogecoin is less used in real life both for delivery trading or business transactions but if for the long term it is possible because Dogecoin has a very good brand image and allowing new money to come in from people who are new to cryptocurrency, Dogecoin's previous highest price was 240 silver with a Market cap of 1.7 Billion Dollars, What do you think? Like, Comment, Subscribe.

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