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And guys, it's a lie that you are welcome to another video here on our YouTube channel, ok, I decided to do the middle of a graphic analysis marathon in various assets, right, as you can incarnate in centrolene's blood nor the mana that he it took the mana the mp a is my box right in the box, basically the ticket in Box ok Alien Worlds right sumo l'opposition is automatic right adolo the mare and genicolo this right now also has a poll going on there on Instagram when I asked the staff to recommend some other assets they want, what they want is that I do graphic analysis and post it on YouTube Okay so if you're watching this video feed this poll it's still there on my Instagram you can go there and put the asset you think I'll link to do the graphical analysis ok, my Instagram link is here in the description for now we'll talk about the pain of a good arrangement with then let's talk about this asset I 'll try to make a graphic analysis there here with I've already done the analysis, I'm just going to explain it here to you and some things I ended up deleting in the affection, right in the best chat on the chart, I'll put it back to explain to you why it's determined that it's important to determine the price region The important objective of this analysis is basically to show you the price regions that would be interesting to buy the asset.

Okay, so I've already said too much, subscribe here, let your like and let's understand more or less the price Action of two options, first, we'll have that here on the weekly chart to observe a very interesting thing Look guys, its good when the light and with six this impulse here, right, we basically have this movement, this bottom right there on the daily chart to be able to call it clear This is the bottom that originated the tone that this is the historical top this film no time it was broken if you can see that the price will take up this region here Agnes and I co locating only this ray here horizontal you can see that the price it touches several times in this region and at no time this price is, let's say violated, it is always maintained But a curious thing that we have this region here under the sky well below this price is what got me a demand region the bag already here for me to set up a region of it is flowing since the break price is whether the president had below this region Surely the point here a point interest very interesting buying good're It's very interesting to even buy This was the same reasoning I used to do an analysis of Silva anthem I'll show you here I think there's Chiba going here was the same criterion and look at the price hit and it's gone up there I think that will move two legions of size, move this one and the price violated your first region hit this second and it's already injected even if you had bought it in the first region Ok, I would have done thirty percent of profit, when the subject is far away, I'll come back here because we're seeing something very similar, this region here for me is very interesting, I'll get the market replay here, I'll come back here in the one-hour chart time so we can get it see this region here in a smaller graphic time and look, its good, basically it és all this renji here, you can see this Range here is the formation of a legender bro who here have a lot of fights on the price and this actually constitutes a strong region for the price do not fall I imagine that there must be a lot of people positioned in this region of Atibaia in many whales, including conditioned whales, as yet, in this region of today with and I will try to get the volume graph here and lack the volume here it grew the volume grow the one built in this region and then it exploded again up there and with Hi and this was basically the moment of ignition for a new trend to start but look how interesting now that I I came here in an hour and also graphic time I see this region this region here is also sends right then how to say no other words can see that the price that kingdom no longer complied with a demand region previously make a one – hour session in daily chart we can't identify this region, the legion I'll go there on the daily chart you'll see here, look if I didn't go there in an hour, we wo n't be able to identify this region but here in the daily chart time we'll do everything we do you see it's basically a Jaqueline bike the sky right, it's basically a Wiki or better a shadow and no price and then another shadow down here and the price is shooting is basically filling the balance but I honestly would already consider this region a validated one already for me it would no longer be a valid valid region, it would be this one below that we just checked in the one-hour graph time, how does the thing happen if and in this region it's good, including the strongest pendulum here i if we stop to see we have this here good okay this is the strongest inclination to make the price go up male here too we had a motion bost Angel stay right people here will get even or better just simply is not the acronym and then this promise That it filled in something but it still stirred liquidity in this fund so it is quite possible that the price could return and this is what the cheese here is the name of the fact is the serger within all this movement ok So you can react something here in the video very macho in fact if I were to consider an hour of the blog within this conciliation here on the daily chart it would be this small ok without much thinking would be it is clearly ok guys I don't have the daily chart So this is the my verdict when I do my analysis here for 2 and basically put This view that has it, look at it, I do n't even want an interesting price to buy to start if we go here on the weekly chart Hi guys, see when we apply the miscount right I get it here, look for it yesterday and the premium for that right The price is premium at this moment considering this leg in this high leg here weekly, but it's Christ already playing here a lot in my opinion if he wanted to, he already took a trend of air that it would have already gone, right in my opinion, it may happen that it will go later, yes, but this region of price here, the movement is not a region or room Look if I take this whole leg here, it's a monthly leg here it's also already on the piston, right, even below 0.25, right, the price sometimes touched here but this you see the Premium male region to get a purchase today with ok guys my graphical analysis ok, would that be the sentence ok, my conclusion would be that basically this region here in the price is the best region for those interested in buying today which is the region where i believe the price can respect and re-enter is an uptrend Ok but let's go s now see the price Action movement that's going on right now because we had a far overflow with him right not you like every other meme with this world everyone came along By My experience in the personal market I will not by something a friend so it's good when you see this kind of burst and the price starts to correct not think he will respect it is one of Block it will not this here clearly that I am up here that did it here has come Tell me something in these regions you can get it together, jump here, I'll get you that one for you right here when you see me if you jump, jump here, this double top here, look here, look where the price reached this explosion, it came exactly in region one a little bit like that, but in this top group I'm going to remove the repeat market mode here and make it visible now for you, it's good to also remove all this sketch I made here, look where exactly I needed to like this region and and ntorno pinion and after that we movement can see the price is new new lows minimum even come down this region here I use that it does not come I think he sells speaks right I have not much he will respect just because burst will correct a little and come back to cry I heard right at that moment when the explosion is violent this way it is very very strong this blow in one hour the price has appreciated it's more than an hour we'll understand each other right 3D percent in two hours we've already had an update of almost forty percent in the price, right, it's a very strong appreciation, in my opinion this one can go back down there and then we can see a new collection for the uptrend if in fact the price arrive in the region here Premium that I just mentioned to you ok basically This is my view on the recurring graph so that you like it let your like subscribe to the channel this people see me there I see you the next video Let's go to the market let's make a profit guys I went

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