Hello today, doge coin I will tell you about the levels to be followed and the scenarios that may occur with doge coin technical analysis, and we will talk about them on May 8, we will make an analysis about where it can go.When we look at our previous analysis, as you can see, there was an ascending triangle here, and if it breaks, 40 we were expecting rising up to the center doge coin came I break through and no longer have something of meaning ascension has been reached where the training objectives dog con parity price of 30 cents on again as the start of an upward trend can follow this in our region currently 43 cents you get your information waiting to be followed as resistance dog con also support zone Price down again These dog con not followed as we saw in the resistance trend upward dog con chart located in one of disapprove them level 0:30 increasingly intervening Al that of the Ascension with the movements of the last general price're narrowing it down and We know that the trend is getting weaker and weaker Elon will appear on the TV show on May 8 and they will have discourses about the Doge coin What will happen if it is upward The question will come to see a dollar, which is Everyone 's Dream The question will come Now a dollar to go There should be a resistor on it, comment analysis doge coin this resistance expenses if you break I think then, but again what is the first priority of the resistance that has seen there Fracture is one of the most beautiful spots for us, so what will be the best scenario he found prices were little then you will be a little better to move Cause if friends at the bottom-born con technical analysis a Do not watch at 31 27 cents each level one of the levels will be a little healthier Permanence doge coin comment I would be glad I said what will happen to doge coin I think will the doge coin rise? Harmonic formation Our region with sellers has a declining formation, be careful.

When we look at the formation targets recently, our region with the second buyer region, if I need to remind you, every 27 cent Long-term target 15 Cent doge coin 8 May Formation and scenarios for the formation of the formation here, there is no need to break the eat region . ie born con But back can be expected to retreat as I said in response to the region tuner with this retreat will be Let's say you made a withdrawal in this way that the withdrawal of how we see a price movement born con in that direction colleagues he does not connect a little more investigation should receiver horizontal when approaching your area to know Doge coin comment breaking This horizontally did not overcome YouTube Tired Recovery After Rising But if a bed moves before the price establishes resistance So come a little and show us that it is stronger So, as you say right now, to listen to a coming in the market, pull back Ko With the call, if you consider the gold market again doge coin density Did broken if it was binding to bed before the fracture resistance or Broke in Figure did not do these things follow, I say important region for you in the back when he came anyway May 8th time and may occur You I separated I'm trying to convey to you so your friends Fortunately towards approaching I know Subscribe to Newsletter Remember friends from the video again this video to you If it is too much But watch it a little bit until May 8, I definitely want to buy you doge coin for sale, like doge coin, subscribe to my channel and comment on the video

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