Dogecoin 300% Profit:(Dogecoin Is Now Preparing For a Huge Uptrend???)dogecoin price prediction

hello youtube welcome to this video my name is arash and today i'm going to analys Doge coin on daily time frame and i have realy realy good news for you so watch this video till the end so let's get in to the chart we had a triangel pattern here and stronge break out up side then we had another triangle pattern here then we had anothers stronge break out from up side and right now doge is forming a realy big triangle pattern and after this break out doge coin price can move up too much and i think doge coin can touch 1 dollar after this break out which would make us 300 % profite ok? right now doge coin is blow the trend line and we need to wait for break out but i'm going to give you a tip so you can understand why doge coin is going to break out from the top of this triangel you might ask me how do you know which side of this triangel is getting broken in the future i'm going to give you a tip the last time that bitcoin was being traded for 60000 dollars dogecoin price was around here 0.7 $ ok but right now bitcoin price is 60000$ 62000 $ but dogecoin price is 0.24 $ ok so dogecoin is far away from bitcoin ok and when bitcoin stops or starts some kind of corrections or some kind of timely correction dogecoin will start to make it's uptrend and will reach bitcoin this is my golden tip in this video there are so many alt coins in the market with same situation with dogecoin another tip that you need to know about dogecion is dogecoin price needs to break 200 day moving average ok this is my second tip in this video as you can see 200 day moving average was a stronge support for dogecoin and right now dogecoin is being traded blow this 200 moving average after the break out from this 200 moving average dogecoin can come back to its bullish cycle ok and i'm waiting for this another tip that you need to know in this video is that as you can see on ichimocu indicator we are having green cloud red cloud green cloud red cloud and when we are having this formation it means that price is forming the range pattern we need to wait for break out when doge succeed to break above this cloud with stronge daily candel price can move up too much i'm going to give you another tip and my last tip is that for analysing dogecoin we need to consider fundemental news and also Elon musk twitter and if this break out occurs before any kind of special news or Elon musk tweets i think tweets will come after the break out we are going to have stronge wave up after that ok but if this breakout accures with elon musk tweets or any kind of fundumental news i think price will move up with one big green spike ok? i think it may go up 30% or 40% in only one day so be prepared for any kind of situation from now until two weeks i think this breakout will happen in the market we may test the bottom of this triangle again we may do that but with any kind of situation i think dogecoin will succeed to break above this triangle dogecoin is one the cryptos that i'm buying right now,ok but dont forget that this video its not a financial advice and we are analysing bitcoin with educational purposes this was every thing you need that about dogecoin and dont forget to subscribe my channel leave a comment about dogecoin what do you think about dogecoin? what happens in the future? give me a thums up if you like this video

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