Hello today dogecoin technical analysis leaves, you know the general status of the coin Trend formations reviews dealing regions and the transformation of the code I live together with the latest news from many likelihood percentage also significantly upped currently 05 dollars from the price freeze Do not be nearest major love we support here you found Priced Toamasina level of support at short-term spreads upward raid tunnel you see at some point in the upper side should be examined in terms of know shows that the downward a What accumulate to us in the Dand and lower sides to suppress upward price at the support of a formation dogecoin the descending triangle formation friends of the formation that they sent this down With the break of the support, the price of the dogecoin Potential of the earth What is 10 It with this decline There is a fasting region you see here, in this region with buyers , the same player regions will ask what the price is long upwards High quantities Also my son is interpreted as the regions where the prices come here The boat man from here Never wait It was like this without short-term formation 15 As you can see we are a 15-minute chart Formation is possible A little more in the transactions to be made according to this time period General Named information However, the Daily chart looks at the longer term Here is a We see the cinema formation Information Upgrade then My grandfather has a Happened If you are wondering, here is the region he likes the price the friend He loves the price before dogecoin price does not come back here Already the prices So far Downward waiting at 06 dogecoin potential If we look at the long-term important lover of the price If we see here the boyfriend There are Friends, this is Duran likes Dogecoin As the Ascends follow as a return .

If there is a support for the bottom side as well, I support it twice as you can see here, the price is nice Seeing the region prices Buy what you expect to rise Jewish transmitted as moments we were there to look at a banner up saying that the pennant formation toward formation of his friends and training goals for the first 0:11 of short-term long-term 0.14 we equivalents 175 100% by 19 a Waiting Formation guy at the bottom of the market, however Formation dogeco our minds here The triangle formation is the same as a direction Stating With the price breaking in one direction, the Target is drawn in that direction Upward level of 11 is given for 1 month It is made towards the bottom But such a distant dogecoin dogecoin Here we have a support zone We have a beautiful fasted zone Here are these two level pass easily be me over there training goal I think it will be more short-term can bring in 100 35 Square Line's let's look a little more positive side can take place with the right toward breaking look at the positive side of course also the promotion, such as waiting here at a time to increase your little slower short vowels But to fully understand the pattern, it needs to be broken upwards.

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