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Hello, today I am here with a very interesting topic for me. This is an interesting topic around the world, so imagine such money that it means a joke It turns out, at first, it appears for small consistent tips, and now the world is talking about this money, including one of the richest people in the world but why are they talking If it is a wave created for money, why is Dogecoin on everyone's lips right now? We can't take it seriously right now.

Because the basic part of money, which I will tell now, is a technical side aside. Already its purpose of existence is a coin that should not be taken seriously, and if you can end this video If you listen to me, let me tell you about the flow immediately. It will develop as follows; I will briefly tell you what Dogecoin is and what it is. Then I will do technical analysis. We will briefly review Elon Musk's tweets and then I will speak my theories. I have been building these theories in my mind for a long time, but in no way. I did not express. Because what Elon Musk points out is very secret symbolic and I am a Since I am not a theoretician, I did not want to pretend to be theorizing everything. However, I said, let me examine this a little more and present my ideas to you.

Keep it up to your comment, friends. You will hear very interesting things. So I think I'd really watch this video carefully to the end. Now, first of all, while I was analyzing on Sunday morning, I realized that; In Dogecoin, a certain there was jamming. It has been a bit like a pennant formation for a long time. I even tweeted it that day, I said, guys, I know it's a coin for joke or something. but it has had a horizontally descending squeeze for a long time and probably I said this is close to the explosion. Indeed, it is the first Monday after Sunday, that is, today, Monday, March 8, in Dogecoin. We saw an increase of 17 percent. If we take into account the daily bar, an increase of approximately 17 percent.

Came. Oh, I was not expecting this early, I thought it would come here. I was thinking after a few days, but after a few days it did not stop. As of today, a bar has popped up. If it continues at this speed, this is all my own opinion is definitely an investment. Do not take it as advice. I also have a certain idea that it can go this way. Now first. What is Dogecoin? Friends, Dogecoin was launched in 2013.

It took 2 hours. Use it when giving small tips for joking coin produced. The aim of the coin is not to be expensive, to stay cheap. This is why there is a lot of Dogecoin circulating in the market. For example, if we look at the market, there are 18,648,000 bitcoins in the market, while Dogecoin. It goes like 128 billion 674 million, which is approximately the amount of bitcoin currently in circulation. It makes up to 6900 times. Let me tell you that if the value of Dogecoin is 10 cents, then 0.1 There will be a $ 14 billion market cap in the market, which puts it in ninth place. It will throw it in front of Chainlink. If Dogecoin is $ 1, it will be a $ 130 billion market cap. This will immediately place it behind Ethereum. The most valuable market in the market in terms of cap it will be the third Coin. Could something like this happen Friends? It does not seem possible for now, frankly. In addition, some things need to be changed for this to happen. For example, Dogecoin may have an endless supply. Therefore, it will undergo a constant devaluation in the market.

So it will constantly lose value. In fact, this money does not have the opportunity for investors to appreciate. That's why people can't trust it. Huge amount of Dogecoin is being launched, its price is expected to decrease. Why people will be on the rise Are they very valuable to a coin in unlimited supply? Dogecoin until a certain time was asleep. Until one of America's richest people called Elon Musk Until I dealt with this Coin. I consider Elon Musk's first serious tweet, I'm showing you his first tweet about Dogecoin. Friends date is January 29th. As you can see, there is a dog named Dogue on the cover. the best problem is under writes.

After that everybody said are you praising Dogecoin here? Yes actually there is a reference to a Dogecoin there. Dogecoin is also written as Doge. There is a very similar writing style here. One of Dogecoin's biggest slogans 'To The Moon' Towards the moon The price will rise so much that it will go up to the moon. The higher the price will go. In this sense, it has a marketing in social media. Dogecoin under such a flaming missile with a missile in Elon Musk So by writing Doge is fueling. On February 4, Dogecoin is the money of the people, it continues, He says he will destroy those who say they will fall. There is a depiction of a sandblast coming with Dogecoin, imagine a sandstorm like Dogecoin on a desert There is a symbol. He sweeps everything away. And he is referring to him by saying sandstrom. He also sticks pictures of famous people in America to that image.

Again Dogecoin and says on Feb. 10 I bought some Dogecoin. So my child is a for his toy. It says I bought Dogecoin. She says 'Dojo for doge' 'Dojo' is one of the computers made by Elon Musk. Processing speed is too high thought to be. Will it make certain changes to Dogecoin? With the 'dojo' computer. So such a question mark. I wonder? Here are some documentaries about bitcoin and some friends. There are references to bitcoin. You already know that Elon Musk bought one and a half billion dollars worth of bitcoins and is a major bitcoin investor Currently, he writes Dogecoin all the time. Here is 'starship to the moon'. When the moon hints at a rocket sent to the moon, Dogecoin is coming guys. Elon Musk uses this quite a bit too. Again, something that protects Dogecoin.

Lots of people are trying to devalue Dogecoin. Dogecoin fits comfortably here. Because there is someone protecting him. And now it is one of the most important points the theory has come to. Among all this he made his profile picture fork like this, everyone said for it Elon Musk takes the forked money. Therefore, the money that became 'Hardfork' started to gain value in an instant. Here I thought, it could probably have something to do with Dogecoin. Of course, you can't prove it, guys, it doesn't have a direct message. But I thought that There is capital standing behind money that can have an unlimited supply it really needs to be supported. As it stands, Dogecoin is not supportable guys. So if you invest your money in it, because it's money with unlimited supply it doesn't make much sense. Bitcoin's value is due to the lack of unlimited money supply. And this money supply is decreasing day by day. But Dogecoin once this is against the rule. First of all, this should be fixable.

They need to update to fix this. Like how does Ethereum become the Hard Fork? Like London, Berlin. A Hard Fork needs to be built for Dogecoin as well. The first thing that comes to my mind and the first thing I'm saying right now is; Will Elon Musk do a Hard Fork for Dogecoin? It was released yesterday. AC / DC music band. Elon Musk changed this photo. He put Nikola Tesla on the left and Thomas Edison on the right. While one advocates electricity for the public, one is more of a capitalist perspective. is improving. She wrote very sad that they were leaving. Guys, if you look at this 'DC' post, it's another Coin that says 'AC' if 'DC' is Dogecoin to the person who produces electricity for capitalism. I got this out of here and there is a sign of separation once in a while. There is a 'broke up'. So if a news like this comes soon; There will be 'Hardfork' in Dogecoin, I wouldn't be surprised if they say that Dogecoin will be updated guys. This may be in preparation. Because I looked at all the news There is always a Dogecoin preparation.

Dogecoin has agreements with many stores, adapts to ATMs, We see that it is put up for sale in new exchanges. The main part of this is that it is very strongly supported by one person. and its infrastructure is being created. One of my biggest theories. You definitely don't invest in it. It happens or not. I cannot predict the possibility of this in any way.

I had an opinion and tried to explain it. That not one of the richest people in the world would twit in vain I think and defend an opinion towards this. Let's see, we will see more clearly what happened in the coming days. Thank you if you've listened to me so far. If you like this video and want me to make more videos like this, you can Do not forget to subscribe, have a nice day and see you again..

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