Dogecoin Майнинг | Как и где майнить Доджкоин | Dogecoin Mining 🐕 2021

Hello everyone and let's go straight to the point of the famous crypto site that handed out free cryptocurrency completed its operation in about a month they warned their users that they are terminating their activity don't know for what reasons its own reason is not important, but many have a question for me there was a video about mining that school at and in this video I would just like share where it can be mined as many mined dodge coin exactly on coin under all the same there is an alternative of course there are a lot of them in fact from these alternatively, but I will not touch on all of them because you will not be able to mine right away there is only enough power for everyone before you, so only one site will take this site is very easy to install according to the mining settings you do not do you need to download anything you do not need to know anything special about this site called freebie tise and a link to it will be in the description of this video after after you register and enter here, you can immediately bet on Russian so as not to sweat so with translation further what we need here there is a web mining well here, by the way, in your account you have to put became the settings where you will bring your daughter web mining click after that and here here you have here you have a choice there are just coins of course you can wash here any coin of those what is presented, but since the video concerns directly that school most of all they ask about dodge coin, since it is most mined and and the price for it rose quite well after it was promoted by Ilon Musk and I think that further its price will probably also grow in the future yes that's it more and more well let's get down to business directly dodge coin was chosen, we put it further here, but here we have a hash rate a second further the flow of qi will be our processor in this case, I'm now on my Mac, but you you can do it yourself anywhere, that is, it does not depend at all on your operating system at least linux at least macintosh at least windows is not important that is you can mine with your daughter on exactly through this device that is, it beckons through the browser here we have one in depending on how many of them you have, you can expose if you have more there kernels for children and so on, I will put one for an example of how it works one I set the percentage loading I set the percentage naturally to the minimum the minimum percentage here is five percent of course but minimal 0 of course yes but you won't get anything five percent that is, 5 percent is when you practically will not notice it mining, you can leave this page open or fix it there to give fix the masonry and it will go to the left of the topics the most you will not notice this especially, you will have a tab open and so on what is going on you have exposed a thread, that is, this is the core set the load further to the maximum of five percent from the start, never 100 even 90 percent is very powerful up to 90 better even up to 80 and now what are we doing just start mining start mining and the whole body will now go and then writes photo-etched hashes, all hashes are accepted and everything and here writes to us there is, select a coin for mining an account and have already done an update of statistics there account every 60 minutes, that is, what you get from you will be displayed in your account here here for an hour, that is, updates once an hour further that here the withdrawal to your balance occurs automatically when 10,000 hashes are reached the approximate cost of 10,000 hashes is that much preschool, of course will change therefore all this see you can follow this tab you can to change your coins well, of course, it is profitable there you choose imante can install there on your other computer find your old one there computer and sonina here is the energy, will you consider whether it is profitable if it is profitable for you, then use well, in general, if you use work on some computer like me and you run mining even at minimum in principle, you still earn you work you spend energy and your the computer does not live so much if you install it separately for it on booty and I think you understand what I'm talking about I think I told where you can now mine dash coin and and I wish you profit naturally and unsubscribe how you liked it did not like this system good luck everyone bye Bye

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