DOGE Explosion! How to Buy Dogecoin & Price Prediction

wow what a few days we have had in crypto and on the stock market dogecoin absolutely exploded going up from a penny all the way to eight pennies in just a day the question is can dogecoin sustain this pump today i'm going to give you everything you need to know about doge i'm even going to be giving you guys a tutorial on how to buy it along with a massive price prediction you're definitely going to want to see let's get it doggy style bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens following all the top decentralized exchanges visible gives you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bit boy crypto my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button and smash the like button this lets youtube know you love dogecoin in today's video we're going to be discussing doge and i'll do a quick tutorial on how to find where to buy it and then how to actually buy it if that is something that interests you i do suggest for u.s citizens you can get there by visiting steals and then scroll to the binance section to get started today we're going to be covering what dogecoin is how to take profits on it and where to buy it so let's kick this thing into high gear with dogecoin probably the reason you're watching this video is because of the current wall street madness concerning wall street bets gamestop robin hood and more the strategy of the wall street bet subreddit was to choose stocks that were getting short squeezed due to downward selling action on dying companies such as gamestop amc theaters and nokia which was all being done by hedge funds this is truly a time when the retail investor realized they could win this david vs goliath battle there is more of us than there are of them basically but then something happened trading at robin hood caved due to a hedge fund and political pressure they announced they were halting trading on the stocks in question and this is a beautiful moment for those of us in crypto because the new darling of these young modern retail investors is dogecoin putting the fun back in crypto it's not a dying company by any stretch of the imagination but it's definitely not what we would consider to be a blue chip cryptocurrency see it was created back in 2013 by jackson palmer as a meme coin it was a reaction to the early explosion of altcoins and altcoin is of course for those of you that don't know any coin that is not bitcoin in the world of crypto jackson palmer would leave dogecoin and has nothing to do with it really anymore pops up time to time making political commentary but doge became a coin of the people very early on doge is the fun coin in crypto while many of the other projects like to keep professional profiles dogecoin certainly enjoyed a big run in 2017 when all coins exploded for the first time but its highest profile event was elon musk calling himself the ceo of doge on his twitter bio back in 2019 posting that it was his favorite cryptocurrency he continued following up on intermittently in 2020 calling dogecoin the standard basically a meme of a meme you can think of it as crypto memeception but the insane price action we've seen in the last 48 hours is not because cryptocurrency in general is blowing up we were actually in the doldrums of the bitcoin bull run until this insanity occurred the point is there could be much more upside for doge in the short and long term we have to keep things realistic at this point while bitcoin heads back to 40k there's no way doge could ever reach a number like that there's not enough money in the world this is because of the supply dogecoin has 128 billion coins while bitcoin only has 18.6 million currently circulating to go to one dollar the market cap would need to reach 128 billion for dogecoin it's about 80 percentish of the cap of aetherium the number two crypto could it get there i mean at this rate it would need to get almost a 25x but getting above one dollar is going to be a big problem so what does this mean for you well you need to be taking profit off the table as the price increases i bought some yesterday where all the madness began and i took some profits off the table once it went up around 150 i would drew my original investment and some profit on top of that crypto we call that remaining amount a moon bag when the price hits six cents it took some more profits but i still have a big chunk remaining you guys will see how much dogecoin i own when we do this tutorial in a few minutes but here's the point don't be duped into thinking doge will go up forever because it won't nothing does even the crazy stock market bull run that's gone on for over 10 years now is going to end maybe sooner rather than later this could actually be the catalyst but you need to be taking profits off the table as the price goes up from the peak to where it is at the time of this riding it's already fallen about 30 percent and it could fall more so make sure to lock in those profits as you go also what should you be doing with those profits well you can of course withdraw cash but i would say cash will most likely continue losing value as well due to inflation and reckless stimulus money printing so the optimal strategy would be to reinvest some of your profits and other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum chain link cardano and ave these are can't miss projects and many of them have yet to find their explosion points the question is though how high can dogecoin go fact is it's already melted our faces off but as bitcoin continues to rise the profits will flow down to other coins and with all the notoriety dogecoin has received it will continue it is in the realm of possibility it could reach one dollar but i believe the most realistic target for moon is 25 cents for dogecoin but drive your price prediction down below okay so let's show you how to buy dogecoin first i'm going to show you guys how to figure out where to buy it so what you do is you go to you search and you find your asset come down here dogecoin is coming in at number 10 so we're gonna click on dogecoin and it is going to take you to a place that looks like this it's got information at the top it shows you its rank shows you the website different information about it over here are the numbers right shows you the market cap the trading volume the circulating supply as you can see it doesn't have a cap that's what that little infinity symbol stands for and these are kind of really important numbers it shows you how much it is over the day and things like that but if you come down here you can look at the chart you can click on the last 24 hours you can see it topped out close to 8 cents before dropping back down and then you can click markets right here so it says overview markets chart historical data so we'll click markets and this right here shows you all the exchanges where you can buy it i know united states citizens are allowed to trade on kraken there are several other ones down here that you can trade on but we want to go to which down here is ranked number 29.

So this is where i'm going to show you guys how to buy it so to get an account on binance us just head on over to deals and then right here you can actually just click binance it'll take you down sign up for binance us to get the widest assortment of coins for us citizens you click here it's going to take you to the sign up page well this took me straight to my account uh so here we are so we're on my account right now and i'm going to be showing you guys how to buy dogecoin so what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to come up here to trade and you are going to want to click markets now obviously i think this goes without saying you're going to want to set up an account you're going to want to get verified with them it's available in 42 states if it's not in your state then you can go back to that list on coingecko and find a place like kraken where you can trade it at uh and so you're gonna after you do that if you get set up after you send in the verification then you're ready to buy so i think you guys probably know how to sign up for an account somewhere so what you're going to want to do is come over here to trade and click markets so at this point it is going to uh take you to this page now you see doge is not on here well that's because of the btc market you're only going to want to be able to trade or you're only going to be able to trade a dogecoin on the usd or usds markets so we click usd here this is dollars if you want to put money in you're going to have to buy uh you know you're gonna have to spend us dollars in order to get dogecoin or any other asset you're basically gonna load money on here and then you're gonna move it around usds these are what we call stable coins usdt which is tether uh you're allowed to trade with that as well so what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to figure out which one you want to do so you're going to most likely put money straight in to buy dogecoin unless you already have money here you're going to click on this it's going to take you to this trading page i'm very sorry i had that on day mode i don't know why we did that i'm i sincerely apologize to you guys so here we are on the page this over here your order books these are sell orders and these are buy orders you can kind of look and see at different points people are wanting to buy or sell at which is kind of interesting over here you've got all the list of markets so if you decide hey i don't want to buy this i want to buy something else come over here and click this all you're going to do to make a buy is you are going to come right here and type in your for a limit order which is what you want to do you want to use a limit order you don't want to use a market order you're going to get hit with a lot of fees doing market orders okay you're going to hit limit and then usually like what you can do is just kind of click these numbers over here and this will change or if you have a different price point if you say okay i want to buy it when it drops to four cents you could just type in four right there and it would do that okay but let's just say we want to buy it about where it is now i'm going to click that and then you can decide how much you want to buy but if you put money in you want to buy all the money you put in like you put in a hundred dollars you want to buy 100 worth you would simply just click a hundred percent or 75 of that or 50 of that uh so you can see over here in terms of selling it uh which i've got dogecoin right now i've been selling off at different at different points i've still got a quite a considerable amount here at 480 000 but to sell you do the same thing like if i want to take profits and lock profits in i just come over here and i hit 25 and then boom i'm going to pull out 6400 and then of course if you do the math on that uh that means i've got probably about 26 27 000 uh in the account right now total so if i pulled out 64 i would still have about 20 000 worth and i can keep writing that up to the moon logging in profits and selling at certain points is vital i know people don't like it you know the the the people who just say well hold it until it gets to some crazy number like twenty dollars it'll never hit twenty dollars not really possible but you do wanna be able to ride the upside so to do that just sell off percents at a time set different orders and say okay every time it hits a certain price i'm going to sell off 25 and it's not like every time you're going to sell off 25 of the same 100 percent you just sell off 25 of whatever the amount goes up to at the time uh so that's kind of been my strategy i've been selling off 25 here or there i've made some good profits on doge but that is how you go to binance us and you actually buy dogecoin also how you sell it in lock-in profits okay so let me know what you guys think about dogecoin if you found this tutorial helpful if there's other coins you want me to cover and do tutorials on you can drop those down below that's all i got be blessed boy out [Music] you

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