DOGE DogeCoin Update Price Predictions & Reddit Warning !

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily update 
on the dogecoin our favorite cryptocurrency and   where it's going let's also talk about elon musk 
and how he's actually impacting not just the dodge   coin but bitcoin and all the cryptocurrency now 
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stocks all right let's get into the dogecoin all right guys one really important thing i want 
to talk to you about is the actual pump and dump   so if you actually subscribe to the actual reddit 
for cryptocurrency i'll show you that in a little   bit when i switch off to the computer but they 
actually have set up and staged pump and dumps   for the dogecoin so yesterday for example there 
was a pump and dump at 8 p.m where they pumped up   the coin all the way as far as they could and 
then they dumped it by 9 pm and took profits   so what does that mean for us well if you're 
buying the dodge coin for long term not a whole   lot because it actually ends up rebounding all the 
way back up to its price usually most of the time   what does it mean for somebody that doesn't 
actually own any doge coin or wants to buy more   well you can actually wait for that dump part of 
that pump and dump which means once they actually   do their little pump and then the dump happens and 
it crashes down then it gives you a opportunity to   buy the actual dodge coin at a discounted price 
when it crashes a little bit so keep an eye out   on reddit for these pump and dumps and you can 
either sell it when you pump it all the way up   and you can either you know buy it on that dump 
when it actually crashes but either way if you're   a long-term holder then for you it doesn't matter 
but just something to keep an eye on and be aware   of these pump and dumps and also to be aware 
not to actually just go out and panic sell   so if you see it crashing down maybe use it as an 
opportunity to get a little bit more not actually   just sell everything off and lose money all right 
let's switch off to the computer and get into it   all right everyone i am on the reddit webpage so 
this is just and this actual community   group is just our forward slash cryptocurrency 
1.5 million members so why am i talking about   this well it's important for you to know what's 
actually happening if anybody's doing a pump and   dump and it kind of allows you to either buy the 
actual crypto at a discount or actually sell it   when it's going all the way up so last night we 
all knew that it was basically going to keep going   up and up and up until the dump happened you could 
have made a huge profit and almost doubled your   money now it doesn't really apply to long-term 
holders as much but even if you're a long-term   holder maybe you can buy when it's discounted to 
add more you know coins so everyone is acting like   these dumps dumb these little doggy pumps are 
something new and they're not but not a lot of   people know about it so if you actually go to 
reddit you can actually find out when they're   happening and be a little bit more important you 
know more informed and that's important so pump   and dump schemes and crypto have been around a 
long time and will continue to be around the doggy   coin the dogecoin has been around since the early 
days of crypto and every bull run it gets pnd'd   so happened in 2017 happened about a year after 
that and now it's happened in 2020 and 2021 so it   does happen so happening now will happen in the 
next one honestly it's an important lesson most   people can't learn for free and you'll learn and 
you'll need to learn it probably more than once   so that's why i'm kind of shooting this video 
out it's going to be a short video but i just   want everybody to be aware that these pump and 
dumps happen and there's a lot of people that   bought when it was seven or eight cents and then 
they just took a 20 30 40 maybe even 50 less so   if you actually bought high don't worry it's gonna 
go all the way up to 16 cents maybe even 40 cents   in the very next couple of weeks so just hold on 
do not panic sell that's the key point and if you   bought high you can always keep buying when it's 
actually down low to average down your cost and   that's always important for every stock and every 
cryptocurrency to average down that cost that way   you can make more money so let's keep 
reading at the same time though there is   no high quite like holding a coin that's being 
pumped watching those green candles climb and   set those fire pile up and fomo which is fear 
missing missing out is chasing that high so the   first and hands down most important file in crypto 
is don't put any money you can't afford to lose   i love this sentence it's very very true very 
very important when you're putting money into   any volatile stock you should put it to the 
point where you're okay losing it so if you   have a hundred thousand dollars and you want to 
put into some volatile stock or a volatile crypto   you only put one thousand dollars in it so that 
way if there are losses you lose half of it it's   okay one percent of your entire portfolio is never 
going to really impact you in the long run so if   you follow this rule no matter what you do 
you'll be okay and i love this sentence it's   very very true i followed this for the last 12 
or 13 years that i've been in the stock market   and if i have a safer company like apple i'll 
easily put 20 of my money in it because i know   it's always going to keep going up and i will 
collect those dividends every single year and on   a quarterly basis but if it's a volatile stock 
or a volatile crypto you have to be aware that   anything can happen so don't put any more than you 
can afford to lose or at least do the smart thing   and in case of pumping dumps wait till that dump 
happens it crashes down you can buy it on the low   that's very important and the other third 
really important thing i want to mention   do not ever ever panic sell don't panic 
sell because it's going to rebound at some   point if you just wait patiently and there's 
another important point i also want to cover   and that's just that panic selling is always 
going to lead you to lose you have to be kind   of calm about it and just take that extra time 
to just wait and see where the company happens   and this major fourth part of my point here is 
when it comes to stocks set those stop losses   wherever your coin is at wherever your stock is 
at steady stop loss and maybe five percent 10 from   where it's at so for example if you're holding a 
stock that's four dollars and you set a stop loss   to 10 cents that's at 360.

So if this stock starts 
crashing your application whether it's robinhood   or WeBull or e-trade is going to automatically 
sell it off and then you minimize your losses   all right now before we finish off i found 
an article that's kind of interesting   elon musk's dodge coin tweets worry crypto 
community the situation is seriously damaging and   it is damaging to those people that bought really 
really high that are in it for the short term   but long term i don't think even if you bought it 
really high at those peaks or seven or eight cents   that long term you're going to be affected 
because long term it will easily double from that   even quadruple in just the next couple of months 
and we can see that with ethereum and we can see   that with bitcoin because they're now up to 38 000 
for bitcoin so it's almost back to their 40 000   plus level and ethereum is heading towards 2000 
which is amazing so i can see the dodge coin going   probably up to 16 or 40 cents in the next month 
or so which is incredible and we can make a lot   of money if we just keep up with what's happening 
with the dutch coin so what happened it read a   user who goes by the handle i'm not going to 
read it out loud but here it is set in a post   on thursday that musk may lose his credibility 
on cryptocurrency i disagree with this completely   i cannot lose credibility i cannot lose hope 
and i cannot lose anything in elon musk honestly   you're talking about the smartest man on the 
planet who just became the richest person in   the world yes he has over 180 billion dollars 
to his name and even more because all of his   companies and investments keep growing and if elon 
musk starts tweeting and talking about bitcoin and   dodge coin he knows something very smart and he's 
very very fond of crypto so if elon musk is very   happy to talk about it that there's something good 
behind it and i'm glad to actually then invest   into bitcoin and into the dodge coin so right now 
i actually hold positions in bitcoin ethereum and   dodge coin so just to let you guys know and to 
be transparent i have 95 of my money in stocks   about 60 of that is in growth stocks 35 of 
that is dividend stocks they're just for   my retirement and then i have five percent 
of my portfolio in cryptocurrency okay so   i have three percent of that in bitcoin i have 
one percent in ethereum and then one percent in   dodge coin that way you guys can just get an idea 
of how my portfolio is set up all right i will   keep you guys posted on a daily basis on what's 
going on with dodge coin and all my other stocks   like i mentioned before i wake up early in the 
morning i check all the stocks and i will send   you guys a community post letting you know if i 
found some bad news on stocks or crypto and it's   time to sell or if i have enough time i'll just 
actually make a video right before 8 30 before   the market opens up that way you guys can make a 
smart decision and figure out what you need to do   and to get that video and to get that community 
post you have to be subscribed and you have   to have your notifications on so make sure you 
are subscribed and make sure that bell icon for   notifications is turned on alright thank you for 
watching and i'll see you guys in the next video foreign

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