DOGE Coin Blast Off – $1 Coming or Crash? DOGECOIN TO $1 OR DUMP?! NEXT ALTCOIN TO PUMP! ūüďą

based on the doge meme and started as a fun 
alternative to bitcoin dogecoin's value has   risen phenomenally this week adding around 
19.9 billion dollars in the last 24 hours   and now valued at 34 billion on friday in the 
us the digital token was valued at 28 cents   more than double its value a day before a top 10 
crypto token it has seen a seven day rise of 300   just as the virtual currencies bitcoin and 
ethereum have surged in value this week   so has dogecoin a cryptocurrency started in 2013 
as an internet parody so what is dogecoin dogecoin   is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency 
that enables you to easily send money online   think of it as the internet currency dogecoin is 
a cryptocurrency invented by software engineers   billy marcus and jackson palmer who decided 
to create a payment system that is instant   fun and free from traditional banking fees what is 
behind dogecoin's rise the main reason believed to   be behind dogecoin's meteoric surges the same that 
has propelled the value of bitcoin and ethereum   this week's listing of coinbase the most 
popular virtual currency exchange in the us   coinbase's market cap briefly hit 100 billion 
dollars after it went public on wednesday and   the values of bitcoin and ethereum touched 64 000 
and 2500 respectively during the week dogecoin   is said to be a part of this frenzy doge also 
has an ardent supporter in tesla ceo elon musk   whose frequent tweets have added to the digital 
tokens mania musk had once changed his twitter   bio type former ceo of dogecoin other celebrities 
including rapper snoop dogg and rock musician gene   simmons have also promoted it on social media 
another reason behind its current success as   said to be a reddit group called satoshi street 
bets where members built up an enthusiasm for   the cryptocurrency in a manner similar that led 
to the rise of gamestop earlier this year why   some are concerned some investors have expressed 
fears that dogecoin's rise would lead to a bubble   given that buyers do not see any meaningful value 
in the digital token and are only trading to make   money while the price keeps going up without 
having any intrinsic value such as land or gold   cryptocurrencies are considered highly volatile 
and may crash as fast as they can rise experts say   how to buy dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies 
so you want to buy your first cryptocurrency   but don't know where to start you've come to 
the right place and we're going to go over   how to buy any cryptocurrency in this video i 
am going to show you how you can buy dogecoin   doge or any crypto coins of your choice buying 
any cryptocurrency usually involves three steps   researching before buying getting a 
compatible wallet and buying the actual coins   while each cryptocurrency needs a different type 
of wallet most wallets can store multiple coins   make sure the wallet you intend to use supports 
the coin you're buying if you find yourself   getting confused by the large selection of wallets 
and exchanges around i would recommend   binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides 
a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies   as of january 2018 finance was the largest 
cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms   of trading volume sign up to binance with 
the link below in the description to get 10   off fees all right i hope that i gave you some 
insights on cryptocurrency if you like this video   and if you got value from it don't hesitate drop 
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have regarding cryptocurrency thank you

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