Doge $1!? Chainlink $1000!? Here’s Why It Will HAPPEN!!?

Dogecoin,parabolia, and the elon fated “1
dollar per doge is not out of the realm of possibility!! So the question is…will they make it to
one buckeroo! The Dollar Doge of which Mr. Musk holds so
high??? Well find out in about 10 mins or less, because
it’s time for Chico Crypto! Now, I love doge, I was around crypto when
it first came out, and you could mine millions of them with a home PC. My friend did just that, and sold all of them
right away….he’s hating himself right about now. But like I told him back then, and my bcleaks
army is hearing today….1 doge will always equal 1 doge. How the markets value that….is up for debate,
but as of yesterday, they were valuing them at nearly 70 cents.

Will it go higher?? Well DOGE is fun, and doge is the original
memecoin of crypto! Meme culture is about as strong as it gets
in the present, which has been building over time. People communicate on the internet, through
memes today, why not pay each other too…. with memes?? That is the reason, I think Dogecoin could
easily hit a dollar this bullrun! Am I investing in it??? Nooooo.

Why Chico? Aren’t you Fun!? Well to create a blossoming payment infrastructure,
you need utility and that is where doge for the most part stops! And Mark Cuban, puts my words on twitter exactly. He tweeted 4 days ago “Meme coins like Doge
only work if they gain utility and users use them for that utility. As long as you can spend Doge , because we
know it's annual inflation rate is set at 5b coins, it can gain SOME value as the utility
grows. It becomes like any other currency” That is true, being accepted for payments,
provides utility as a currency….but just being a “currency” does not mean you will
become the “meme currency” of the future… Dogecoin hodlers…hear me out! Smart contracts are so freaking important.

So important that I'm going to take the freak
out of that and put in a funk. Funking important!! And this is SAD to see, even on the dogecoin
developer subreddit, someone was asking what about smart contracts just a month ago. And the top upvoted post from a doge developer
is “no not in the same capacity as Ethereum. it is not needed. Dogecoin is a currency that is it, we don't
need bells and whistles.

We need to keep it simple.” Ok we get it, doge wants to stay simply a
currency…but by doing that, they are leaving behind their chance of becoming the “meme
currency” Why? Well in my opinion, to do this, you need smart
contracts, you need oracles, you need art. Memes are communication, through ART. pictures,
pop culture. If you can’t host any of that on your chain,
you aint becoming the meme currency, I will guarantee you that! The next question is….since Ethereum is
the king of smart contracts, hosting the most & complex set of all, including data and ART. Is Ethereum the meme currency of the future!? Yes & no. Which I will explain. Ethereum has a slight meme culture, but it's
not nearly as strong as doge’s! Those are facts, Ether is behind the doge
on that front! Although, Ethereum is the baselayer, for a
meme currency to take form through smart contracts.

So it can be considered part of a meme currency! Who within the Ethereum ecosystem, who is
based on the Ethereum ERC 677 standard, could compete with Doge’s meme culture!? Whose solution is allowing the most complex
smart contracts across blockchains? Something stinks up in here!!! Tell me what is…. Chainlink…..if you don’t know about the
meme culture of Chainlink. Listen in… it is far reaching, strong, and
it idolizes the Flan Man himself, Sergayyyyy…Many don’t understand it, get that weird pictures,
or the religious overtones.. The meme culture of LINK, in my opinion, is
more organized, stronger and ready to create meme currencies, than that of Doge….Why??? Well, yes Doge is the original Meme coin,
which used its powers. But they didn’t understand, know, or get
what they were doing! Now, some of you are going to call me cuckoochico,
but memes are Magic! Meme’s got the Magic in them……yes they
do, it’s called CHAOS magick! Now, there is a wikipedia on this Chaos Magick,
and it says “Chaos magic, also spelled chaos magick, is a contemporary magical practice.

It was initially developed in England in the
1960s, Sometimes referred to as "success magic" or "results-based magic", chaos magic claims
to emphasize the attainment of specific results over other occult traditions. It’s the newest form of magic, and it’s
about achieving specific results. And there is even a very active subreddit,
with nearly 25 thousand magicians discussing the practices. So this is results based…Like specific prices
in cryptocurrencies? Now Chaos, actually isn’t the newest form
of “magic”…a branch of chaos, is meme magic! Meme Magic’s traces, can be found to Now if you think, I’m joking, there is actual
scientific research paper put out on this phenomenon. January of this year, Boston University, Binghamton
Uni, and Colleg of London put out a collab paper titled “Dissecting the Meme Magic:
Understanding Indicators of Virality in Image Memes” They are trying to understand why they go
viral and have such an impact! And then this research paper, titled “The
Magical Theory of Politics: Memes, Magic, and the Enchantment
of Social Forces in the American Magic War….a great read, if you want to understand the
forces at work and why, and how memes fit right in.

Included in the description! So now that we understand, it’s a phenomenon
that people are taking seriously today, which cryptocurrency took meme magic and ran with
it!? Chainlink Did…which is confirmed by searching
by the term meme magic on the Tube. First top post is an explainer of what it
is, and the 2nd top meme magic video is titled Chainlink Go Up (Meme Magic)…which is a
strong magic video that only makes sense to this subculture. Back to the search, there is more about Chainlink
and meme magic. Nothing about Doge…there is even sections
of academy’s, Coinzilla, who speak of Chainlink and Meme Magic.

Again, nothing like that for Doge…. The culture, the people, the loyalists, the
kingdom of Chainlink has this baked in. Which makes it far stronger than doge. But now, let’s just get to the technical
reasons Chainlink will power the meme currencies of the future. Now, if you didn’t know, the original name
for Chainlink, was none other than……..and these smart contracts, were originally supposed
to go on BTC. As we can see, from the earliest rendition,
of the website, snapshotted from December 2014, it was all about contracts on BTC. But, that vision was never realized by BTC,
smart contracts…and by 2016, with the launch of Ethereum… was all about
Ethereum smart oracles. Then going to today, it
takes you to Chainlinklabs, main website! AKA Chainlink, has been working on the smart
contract, the building block for a meme currency, for thee longest time! What do I mean, by building block though? Well like I mentioned, meme culture is taking
over, why not pay people through memes? Not just a cryptocurrency, but an actual meme.

That can have value attached to it. That is only possible with NFTs! Specifically Dynamic NFTs. Which Chainlink and it’s oracle network
allow. Dynamic NFTs are basically perpetual smart
contracts that use oracles to communicate with and react to external data and systems! That’s why that Stinky Link in December
of last year put out this “Build, Deploy, and Sell Your Own Dynamic NFT” a developer
document, getting you started on the creation of one! So, Imagine this, because it’s coming sooner
than you think.

And it's already beginning in some FORMs. Chainlinks oracles power AAVE, atokens from
AAVE continuously generate yield via AAVEs lending system. Continually growing collateral. Now have an NFT, that holds that collateral. Aavegotchis did just this! But it can be taken in another direction,
as per Uniswap and Alchemist Coin. Details and some possible designs were released
yesterday for the Uniswap LP positions, and the designs of the NFTs holding the value
backed positions.

Or there is the OG, who just might have ties
to Uniswap and v3. There tag line is, can a meme coin help us
achieve immortality!? That’s Alchemist Coin, who put out an update
announcement yesterday. They said “-NFT Design work for the crucible
continues. -Crucible Minting is live at a new address. Yet to be released as the alchemists are working
fixing the bugs. Maybe someone can find it? If one does…shhh! Copper now has a graph view live and the mistX
team pair programmed yesterday for 7 hours which brought much progress…. Much Like. Meme Life. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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