DO NOT SELL Your Ethereum! (BEST BTC & ETH Price Targets)

so ethereum to a hundred thousand dollars by next week is that did i i see that right oh if that happens now i'm gonna tattoo ethereum right in my head here bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button also guys don't forget your chance to win a full bitcoin down below in the video description as we approach a million subscribers we're getting there very soon today i brought on carl from the moon to discuss the prospects for ethereum are we looking at a three to four thousand dollar ethereum by next week that's potentially what he sees in the charts we're also going to take a look at bitcoin and see what it is doing as it seems to be quite indecisive at the moment now at any point during this video you want to take advantage of any information or trading information or any of our trading targets you can head on over to bitboycritter.comdeals and head down to the buy bit section sign up for a buy bid account and trade bitcoin or ethereum on leverage all right guys let's go ahead and jump into the interview hey everybody i'm joined this thursday as always with carl from the moon on youtube make sure to go subscribe to his channel if you haven't already you guys probably already are ethereum is pumping bitcoin seems to be indecisive i gotta go straight to carl the expert on the charts to find out what's going on but first and foremost how are you doing today carl i'm doing fantastic i think in a bull market we're all doing fine we're all doing well we have to remember to take profits obviously but i'm doing well how are you doing i'm doing good ethan's pumping and we love that um we hit 2500 a couple weeks ago now we're moving closer to 3 000.

I want to know on the charts what are you seeing let's talk ethereum first and at the end we're going to kind of look at bitcoin yep let's get right into the charts all right so what i'm seeing right now for ethereum is uh the fact that we have been forming a big pattern here that we definitely could say resembles a rising wedge right and well a rising edge is technically a bearish pattern but this pattern has or is right now in the process of potentially breaking to the upside so what does that mean well let me just take a look at this so you can see that we've connected here this line with this top right there this top and this top so this is definitely a valid resistance because we have a clear resistance line there and then we have this support line right there um so we are breaking to the upside we are not getting the volume that i would like to see when we break out what i would like to see is like a um [Music] a big four hour candle a a sharp uptrend here with a nice uh volume um like increase here if that happens then i i think that the bullishness on ethereum uh will uh increase into much more bullish because in that case we're seeing essentially breakout now the targets you could make the case that the target could be something like this obviously when you're trading at all-time highs it's hard to find like uh perfect targets but i think we could see something like uh 3.4 3.5 000 for ethereum um but more conservatively maybe um up to re-test 3k in the next like three four days if we do see this breakout we also have this double bottom pattern forming or that formed we already argued arguably broke above it right here and if you put a neckline like this maybe a little bit tilted to the upside you can see that the target here should be approximately two hundred dollars approximately um and um so so i'm i guess i am bullish on ethereum but i do want to see this clean break before i call this next big league to the upside because i'm not confident that we are seeing the breakout because we've seen several times here look we broke into all-time highs that right there but then we corrected all-time high corrected we are at all-time highs we could get a small correction here before we potentially go higher or maybe even see this scenario because remember we are in a rising wedge it is a bearish pattern so um and that's important when you're trading you want to make sure that it's a confirmed breakup before you do anything at all and um we can actually go into the one hour because on the one hour we are also seeing potentially another small rising wedge here like so um and uh but yeah anything on the one hour doesn't really have any bigger impact on the bigger time frame so this doesn't mean that ethereum is going to do this but it could it could mean that we might see a small pool back here before we potentially had higher um the target in the rising wedge is the bottom of the wedge so if we were to break down here we could retest 2560 that's what i'm seeing here and if you break to the upside then yeah that could maybe be the uh the trigger that is needed for us to see the the bigger rising wedge resolve to the upside so that's why i think that the smaller timeframes can be very interesting to look at because sometimes they can um they can trigger the bigger time frames to to uh to break out or whatever you want to say yeah um so i guess that's my quick ethereum analysis um for you right there so ethereum to a hundred thousand dollars by next week is that did i say that right oh if that happens i'm gonna tattoo ethereum right in my head here that's funny that's funny yeah i mean i'm pretty excited right now i mean looking at the chart it looks like it is breaking out above uh the resistance line of course everybody knows eventually resistance turned into support support turns into resistance yada yada yada so um if we are in fact breaking out above this i think you're right i do think we will see a giant handle to the upside at some point um not sure what will you know be the catalyst to do that that's definitely something that that i'm looking for so i think ethereum you know if i was looking at those targets correctly somewhere between three thousand to thirty five hundred dollars uh over the next few weeks is extremely possible um and we've kind of been around this twenty five hundred to three thousand dollar range for um you know so long where that was the target not necessarily we haven't been there for that long but you know i was obviously talking about 2500 back in january it took us this long to get here um so i don't know what the kind of next lines will be the next numbers we'll be looking at like when can we be looking at 4 000 or 5 000 or six thousand dollars but i think a lot is going to be determined by what we see uh this week on how much of a breakout we can get volume wise so but let's let's touch on bitcoin right now because bitcoin to me is being very indecisive last night we got the news that facebook did not impact my bitcoin that that was just a gigantic rumor and bitcoin dumped a little bit because of it uh but it held pretty top and right now it's right back you know around fifty four thousand five hundred dollars um and we're trying to figure out where is it going to go from here so what are you seeing with bitcoin in the short term yep well first of all i i guess i wanted to start off on the on the bigger time frame uh to to kind of uh then go into the smaller time frame if we look at one of my favorite indicators the ema ribbon we can see that on the the weekly time frame we're still clearly bullish we're in a bull market on the weekly time frame because we are way above the weekly ribbon we can even go all the way down to thirty thousand dollars and still technically be in a bull market on the weekly time frame in my opinion um going into the to the daily however we did actually break down below the ribbon so we are right now below resistance and um technically this is berries right we are technically in a bear market on the daily because we're below the ribbon and you can see that this ribbon is right now at 55k approximately 55.5 so um in fact i'm gonna have to remain bearish on bitcoin on the daily time frame until we uh break back above 55.5 k with a clear daily close and some healthy volume to back that up um and yeah so if you get a rejection off of the daily here then this could mean bad news for bitcoin however if you break above this then i think we could see a huge uh pump because usually when we see the ribbon like this get a support we see a big pump here we saw a bounce big pump bounce big pump so i think if we get back above the ribbon we could see a big pump and uh quite likely above the autumn high because that happened every time here ultimate high all-time high altum high we could see another ultimate if that happens so that's why bitcoin is right now at a very very critical point uh very critical and this is not a scenario where i'm saying it's going to go up or down this is what i'm saying is that if we break this level then we are going to go up and very very sharp in my opinion however if we get the rejection then in my opinion is it is very likely that we are going to see at least consolidation like this uh but actually um quite possibly a big correction maybe down to retest some critical support at forty thousand dollars um on the daily timeframe so let's go to the four hourly because on the four hour according to uh my ema ribbon here we are bullish and i flipped bullish right there actually i flipped bearish up here and i was bearish here and even actually everyone is a subscriber of my channel you guys know that i uh put in a short right here um and i made a short position down here took some profits uh but i did flip bullish on bitcoin after the fact and i'm still bullish on the four hour so this is the thing you can be bullish on the weekly bearish on the daily bullish on the four hour because it's all different time frames and you always have to take a look at the different time frames because it's just uh it can it can be the case that you are bullish embarrassing different time frames and only four hourly i am actually bullish as long as we're above this ribbon which is situated right now at 53 54 000 i would say 53.9 approximately so if we hold above here i remain bullish on the four hour um and if i just uh put a line right here then we can clearly see that we had support right there support right there support right there and right now we're getting support about this level and this is the 52.2 54.2 000 level um quite obviously a very important level so i think it's quite uh easy if we break below um 54 000 54.2 and the four-hour ribbon then it is very very possible and even very likely that we are going to see a correction and in that case i would be looking out for kind of the 50 thousand dollar level so so uh you said you're right now it seemed to be bullish it's above the ema ribbon so you said 54 200 it's like a really strong level of support so of course nothing we say on here is financial advice but if you could get a long in maybe somewhere around that 54 300 dollar level 2 200 level and then have a tight stop loss then that could have a lot of upside i would think you could make that case absolutely you can make the case that this could be a trade um and let's look for a target in that case and in that case i would look for this point as my target that's actually the target um that i've been talking about uh this one and also you can make the case for this level so we have two different targets we have um 57.2 very important target because it is the target out of um the diamond pattern that we traded over on my channel and also there's this potential bump and run pattern here where we have this bump and then we see this run you know what sorry i put this a little bit different uh wrong like this and we broke through this bumper run right here and long story short the target out of these two patterns is 57.2 approximately which lines up nicely with this support and resistance level uh but up here we have clear clear resistance at 59.4 or 59.5 so anyone who is in along right now i would take some profits right here and i would take some profits up here if you break down below these levels i would exit my position and i would uh um revert into a short and i am in the long position so actually what i said now is my strategy that's what i'm gonna do so there you go yeah personally personally i would be looking to take a lot more profit around the 57 200 level um because i i think we're going to get a red monthly candle so um if we get to 59 000 by the end of this month which is you know tomorrow maybe i guess um then you know that would give us a a a green candle for the month and i don't think we actually want that i think we want a little bit of a breather candle here um to get ready for the next run up but carl as always thank you for coming on the show today um your insight is phenomenal um you're right i actually watch your video on sunday where you were talking about that trade that you had made where you had shorted and um then you know eventually you reversed it and so it played out exactly as you predicted so um you know i got to sneak that in but uh carl thanks so much for joining us anything you want to leave us with today thank you so much for having me on the channel um i think that um we're bullish i mean on the weekly i think that we should all know that even if i'm even if i'm shorting or if i'm bearish on the four hour the one hour or the daily like i'm stealing it for the long term some people they call me out as being too bearish and i'm the perma bear but i'm just trying to be objective i just wanna be objective and and we can make money when bitcoin goes up and we can make money when bitcoin goes down and i think that that's important to remember and um and also i want everyone to know that i'm not trading with my with my whole portfolio right my hotel portfolio i hold for the long term i don't sell a single bitcoin uh just because we're seeing a correction in the four hour i would make a trade but i'm not uh touching my my my um i wouldn't do sports trading i'm not using my my portfolio for that so i mean it for the long term just like everyone else here uh bitcoin to the moon and yeah thank you thank you for having me on the channel absolutely and that was great advice uh you know i definitely agree to keep your trading portfolio separately from your hotel portfolio so all right everybody make sure go subscribe to carl's channel down below in the video description uh and uh make sure to drop the comments down below let us know where you think bitcoin is going if you're gonna take this trade let us know that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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