Disc Wars / Coliseum Arena Battle | The Renegade (Part 1) | TRON: Uprising

Congratulations, programs.
You have been selected for the games. – If I don't survive, that Renegade is to blame.
– Rilo, I told you… -It's not his fault? The only reason we're here is because
the Renegade remodelled Clu's statue. The next thing I know, they picked me up
for breaking curfew. I lost track of time, I shouldn't have to die for it. We'll survive this, you're not going to die. For your safety, you are being equipped
with battle armor. Do not attempt to remove your armor. Processing complete.
Enjoy the games. All combatants prepare for team battle. Difficulty level: Extreme. So, you still think we're gonna survive? In the name of our great leader Clu, let the games begin! Here they come. Regiment, positions. We're not gonna survive
two rounds against them! Stay close to me, Rilo. Attack! Resist! Player 6 deleted. – Hey, that was good!
– We're gonna make it.

Stay close! Black Guard deleted. Advantage challenger. Rilo! Player 11 deleted.
– No! Get down! I couldn't save Rilo. He's gone. But we're not. Neither are they. Then let's level the playing field. Cutler! Black Guard deleted. Advantage challenger. Hmm, they're good. Too good, sound the bell. – But the round–
– Is over. Do it..

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