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Hello friends, my name is Le Duy. Today I will be back with the Hidden gem review series for you Today I want to give you a very special crypto. If it's special, please look forward to it after the intro! Hello hello everyone. Today we start reviewing a new hidden gem, which in my opinion is an extremely interesting hidden gem in the near future. That is dHEDGE. My code is DHT. We're going to do a little bit of gliding Before going to the main topic, today I see that the market is starting to turn green a lot and the signal from traders is that the market is gradually recovering. The number of purchases started to increase, the whole family saw that the green color began to appear a lot. This is the time when we can invest. I'll be scrolling up to Gecko to see today's market. The whole family can see, it's all green The code of dHEDGE is DHT, everyone.

DHT everyone remember. Her current price is 0.8, let me see what the chart is like. The current price is very good, here you can invest or invest something By the way, I also want to remind you all the time. All the tips and knowledge I share in the video are for informational purposes only, not for the purpose of recommending or pushing investors to invest in any project. Please help me with this. Because the down payment is your money, when I invite you to pay down, it's a different story This one first had a starting price of $2.2.

My current price is $0.8. The market is currently in a slight downtrend to correct the price and the price is very good right now. If anyone feels like this child and has studied it deeply, this price area is much better, 3 times higher than the price area on its top. If you surf the current profile, you will see that it is being sold on Uniswap, and Houbi exchanges, …

A lot of ha. The floors are quite reputable We do a little bit of surfing on Marketcap, it's only about 5 million dollars. Trading volume is not too much, about 940 thousand There's still a lot of potential. She's still in the development phase. But if it's developed, we don't say anything, we will almost not be able to buy it, we can only trade it to make money. And you have to write how to trade. I'm talking about the problem that we find gems to invest in.

We'll get back to her today. This coin will have something special, I will introduce to you in today's video. First, they say follow your favorite traders and strategies. That means you are allowed to follow the strategies of good investors, good traders or bots programmed with extremely effective trading strategies. They form bots that you follow. This coin was created to be like that.

Its foundation is non-custodial trading for a variety of synthetic assets You will find it a bit complicated, a bit strange. Non-custodial means it won't keep any of your assets. Your assets are held by you, you own Synthetic property means that in addition to crypto coins, there will be coins like ETH, Bitcoin, … all kinds of coins later. Many types of assets that it later wants to grow larger, it is a variety of assets. Synthetic assets are built on top of Ethereum using a derivative liquidity protocol called Synthetix If anyone knows this Synthetix protocol, you must know one thing that it was popular for a long time. This is its protocol and I have linked its website here: synthetix.io, you can learn is a decentralized platform of ETH. To create the Synths, you have to look here. With this, we will come up here a little defi pulse We see that Defi's market has 11 billion already, the growth is terrible.

You will see here Synthetix is ​​ranked 8th, this investment channel has increased 200 times compared to last year, historically has increased 200 times and it helps to make our transactions liquid. Aggregate chains that track the value of your assets. It came into existence as a stablecoin Havven. Synthetix rebranded extension in February 2019, just last year It is supported on 30 Synths representing flat currency.

For example, if you put in dollars, it will give you an sUSD, the s stands for Synthetix. It represents units of goods. I said earlier, instead of just cryptocurrencies, it will have dollars, euros, and other currencies later on, it's called synthetic asset currencies. This guy can do it and he has gold too. Briefly introduce you this Synthetix technology used to build dHEDGE and combine with it. You feel secure because the second is that it combines with the very trending things you see on this chart, very trending, ranked 8th and in the past has grown 200 times.

You feel more secure with this method If you want to learn more about it, then when you read the documentation, there are many articles and review methods about Synthetix The good points of this dHEDGE, I will come back to our DHT We will be legal, there is a very good thing that when you create pools, if you have too little money, it will not allow you to create. It requires a lot of things from you, outside normally will need a lot of assets, a lot of money to create a pool, a lot of prestige. But for this DHT platform, we don't need that, just $ 20 we can create a pool for ourselves.

Managers do not need to demonstrate transparency about projects because why? For example, managers like me, I create a pool, I trade on it, I don't need to tell everyone about me or how. There's no need for all of that because it's already shown on this DHT platform And everyone can see how they invest. If anyone feels like me, they will follow and invest in me Another is to track investors' investment strategies in real time. This means that when you invest in the investor's pool, you will be able to track what the investor is doing, what to invest in in real time.

It means that you have just done something, you know it. You can check those transaction histories Next, it has more good points is the decentralized management fund on the platform of dHEDGE Diversify investment portfolios both short and long term. This is when you invest short-term or long-term, with these pools when you withdraw at any time If you want to stay long-term with an investor that feels very secure, it's ok for you to stay long-term.

As for other investors, you feel you should trade short-term with this man, you don't like investing anymore You can completely withdraw money from that investment fund immediately. There are many diverse investment channels, investment types The investment section has how many types of pools, then I will analyze why it uses the word diversification of investment channels The 3rd important thing is the very low spreads for the ETH platform when you trade very high prices. As for DHT, the spread is extremely low, there are transactions that are almost zero Asymptotic to 0. This is a competitive strength of it compared to other exchanges in the market The liquidity of these DEXs is quite high with a large volume, so you can be completely liquid, so you can rest assured about the level when you want to withdraw or liquidate these coins? Absolutely fine and very fast. You can rest assured about liquidity These are the types of pools that I want to talk about.

There are 3 types of pools, of which there are 2 main types of pools: Active pool for managers – those who create pools and then trade on them, showing everyone the results to invest in. I am very transparent and open. No need to shout, introduce or do anything big. Everyone in the DHT ecosystem can see me. I can completely enter the top 10 trading and be known more, invest more money One type is the Algo pool for available strategies. This is what I said earlier, bots are created following successful trading strategies There will be bots and you just follow those bots. Choose the campaign you like and put money into that pool, it's called Algo pool – pools that don't have human management but only bots Hit, trade according to the bot Another one is a composite pool for managers of other pools That's it, simple. In those 3 pools, there is 1 pool with 2 modes: public and private Public means I want to prove to the world that I am a good investor, come here I trade styles and show on it for people all over the world and this DHT platform to see.

I am a good person and ranked in the top 10, everyone will follow me to show you its website a little bit. I'll scroll up to see its website Invest like the best – their slogan ha. You see all the good investors show up on the top like this, their investment, their profit potential is 150%… Start we put money in with these people, hit with synthetix, staking pool or ETH long line. What word do you see? Algo pool, this is the active pool. What I explain, you come here to see and can understand everything. This staker pool if you don't understand I will explain later You understand these two. This is the active pool and this is the algo pool, follow ETH and go long We return to our slide. The public one is done and showed up like the other guys, showed us how the profit rate is, trust you, give you money Another type is private. Private here means that when I am a person with a very high trust level and a community available, famous in a certain market in Vietnam and everyone trusts me very much.

When I create a trading strategy I don't want the rest of the world to know, only the people in my private group know. I created a pool on this and set it to private pool mode, I invite anyone to invest only to be allowed to see that pool and invest, please note. But not everyone who wants to spend money can be poured. Those who already have a name in the market are allowed to do that, it's great When public is for those who do not have a name, want to prove their name, while private is for large investment funds or people who already have a name. In the market and want to build their own team. Another difference of DHT from other coins on the market, is that it cannot cheat because it works on the blockchain field, especially DeFi. All transactions are transparent Tracking in real time so there is no cheating here. Because of that, investors like me, the managers who create the pool can't withdraw their assets I created a pool then many people invested more than a million dollars, I saw too much I withdrew.

Ok you will never withdraw money, this is a very good thing about this DHT coinHT I can never withdraw an investment partner's assets because they hold and we just need to invest That's a really cool thing here. How do good managers increase their income? It means that when I have a high trust level and many people invest in it, I will definitely get a % fee on the amount they invest in. That's how managers increase their earnings. A very good thing Investors earn profits through deposited assets for managers, those who follow them, managers benefit, investors also benefit. You can follow the managers by tracking the trades they have invested As I said before, tracking real time. You can turn back on the transaction history and check everything they have invested how, what strategy If you see something that is not right, you can stop immediately and withdraw your money These are funds that invest in DHT which have increased quite a lot. Last time I made slides I remember there were only about 8 but now it's a lot, this is a good sign You see this as a good signal, twice as much, I see it as double.

I just updated when redoing this set of slides. Tokenomics. 50% will be locked by held in DAO. The remaining 50% will be paid according to the above mechanisms. Mesa Auction or other investors will be paid 7.72% sold during the ICO. All tokens hit the market are only 7.7% The rest will be locked ntn? First, the Seed level will be locked for 3 years and then opened. Those who make strategies will be locked 5% and locked for 3 years after that Only partners who get 3% and lock for 1 year will be opened. In the Core Team and the Advisors group 20%. Core Team is locked for 3 years and Advisors is locked for 2 years This means that they want you to commit to a long and long journey, not just invest in, build it, blow up the price and then leave.

This is a tokenomic strategy of this DHT coin This is the slide where they say they are a way to diversify investment channels compared to those in the same industry. There's Balancer, PieDAO,… you see their partners. What do you search for these coins to see ntn. They say the coins are a bit passive and active What do you mean? That means they on the platform they use the Synthetix protocol are very flexible in terms of transactions, handling new information. Very passive transactions It is more diverse because Synthetix allows you to deposit for example if you put in 1000 dollars it will automatically convert to sUSD. You can take it to trade, sell all kinds of things It's very flexible so it uses that method and allows Active Strategies and the others are Passive Strategies Here is their road map.

They have gained many large investment funds such as BlockTower Capital, Three Arrows Capital or DACM, Maple Leaf Capital. You see a lot. They just ran a tournament for Synthetix to invest in. Then they listed on Huobi and OKEx. In the 3rd quarter of 2020 they started to allow the mainnet to appear and complete the Liquidty Minning feature And in Q4/2020 will launch Stacking issue. Remember. You notice that the mainnet has not yet been released, so it is still potential. If the Mainnet is successful, completes the Stacking feature and even Liquidty Mining, it will bump up to the big exchanges right away.

The finished features will be listed on the major exchanges right away. It's natural for her to increase the price. The risk here is that it hasn't launched the Mainnet yet and this dHEDGE is dependent on the Synthetix platform. If Synthetix doesn't run well or has a problem, it will definitely be affected right away It is risky to link to a method of a 2nd party that is not under its control. If there is a problem with the 2nd party linking, it will definitely be affected If nothing happens, it will be very good for DHT in its development career, in the short term because it is only the 3rd and 4th quarters. The year is almost over, there are 3 more months until we will pass 2021. Hopefully it will complete the road maps as it said. At the end of the video review, the information I provided that you find useful, please like, share and sub to the channel to help me.

If you have any useful information, please let me know below the video Thank you and see you in the next videos of me and the team. See you again!.

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