DGTX Rewards Program Is Live via Uniswap — Here’s How It Works

– [Guide] Hey guys, and
welcome to the brand new DGTX Rewards program, all right. So what is it then? So a few hours, I deposited 5,000,000 DGTX into the DGTX Rewards program and the program duration is 30 days. So those 5,000,000 tokens get given away over the next 30 days,
which is about 166,000 per day. And this is the rate that
they get them locked out. This is still locked. This is what's been unlocked
so far in the last few hours. It's about two DGTXs a
second, I think gets unlocked. All right so, first thing you've got to do is you want to connect your MetaMask. So if you don't know what
MetaMask is, go to metamask.io. Download now follow
the simple instructions that will give you this little fox up here in the top right of your browser. So then you can click on connect MetaMask click connect with the
account that you want. Connect, and there you go, so
now the DTGX rewards program page is connected to my
MetaMask wallet up here.

MetaMask is just an Ethereum
wallet that attaches to your browser, that's all it is. All right, so now I want to go to deposit. You can see right now there's
nothing in the rewards program yet, haven't made this live. It's still on the test URL. This is gonna go live in a few hours. So deposit, get your
pool tokens on Uniswap. So that's what we want to do
because basically, off we go. Basically what we're doing
here is we're incentivizing on chain liquidity on Uniswap. So you get pool tokens by
adding an equal value of ether and an equal value of DTGX
to the Uniswap market.

Just to show you what
the Uniswap market is this is the Uniswap market at the moment there's 439,000 there in liquidity. This is the DTGX ether market on Uniswap. And what you're doing
is you're adding ether and DGTX in equal value into that pool which provides liquidity on that market. So, and you get a pool token
in return for doing that. And then you deposit that pool token into the DTGX Rewards
program and we reward the pool tokens proportionally. So over here, I'll put in 0.5 ether that tells me I've also
got to put in 7,105 DGTX So, okay, click on supply, confirm supply. This is a blockchain transaction. So click confirm, transaction's submitted. So now we've added those tokens. We've added that liquidity to Uniswap. So if I go look in my well, first of all you can see it's pending here and if I go look in my
wallet also activity here you can see it's pending there.

I can click on that, look
at the pending transaction on Etherscan and there it is. It's just confirmed. So what I've done is
I've deposited 7,105 DGTX into that Uniswap market. I've deposited half an ether
into that Uniswap market. And what I've got here is 58. This is what we're looking at here. I've got 58 pool tokens in return. I've got 58 Uniswap pool
tokens that represent my share of that liquidity in the,
in the Uniswap market. So these 58 tokens are now
in this wallet that I've got. So I go back to DGTX Rewards, refresh and I already had a few other pool tokens in there, I've been doing some testing.

So now I've got 127 pool tokens
in my MetaMask wallet here. So let's just say let's
deposit a hundred pool tokens. Deposit, so first off
I've got this confirm yep. Waiting for the transaction to be mined before we can proceed to the next step. Yep, there it is, so
I've only got 27 left. So the 100 deposit was successful. Now total deposits is $805. Unlock rewards is this much. So the APY is still really
skewy because there's so little in there and the rewards are
so big that that's the return.

But as we open it, when we open this to the public, that will
become a normal number there showing what the rate of return is. The reward multiplier, that increases the longer that you stay in. So if the first week you're on one X the second week you're on
two X, third week on three X. So the longer you stay in it, the bigger proportion of the rewards you'll get and right up
to the last day is the day you're gonna be getting the most rewards. And this is gonna show
your accrued rewards here. So let me just refresh it,
see I have a, there we go. We've got some accrued
rewards, 'cause you know I'm the only one in there. This is what I've been paid out. Now, how do I get that money? Well, I go to the withdraw and if I, here you can see I've got 100 pool tokens in this rewards program. Now, if I withdraw that, then I get my reward of 7,515 DGTX sent back to me with that same transaction.

So I withdraw 100 pool tokens
and I receive 100 pool tokens and seven and a half thousand DGTX. So I click on withdraw. This says, you should stay in longer because the longer you stay
in, you'll make more money, but withdraw anyway, confirm. This is a blockchain transaction and here you can see
what's happening with it. All right, there it is, it's confirmed. So that's showing that
we've withdrawn DGTX while we withdraw the 100 pool tokens and we got our 7,700
DTGX bonus part of that. Well, not bonus, the rewards
came with that transaction. So they're now in this
MetaMask wallet that I've got. No, no, the 100, yeah the 7,700 DGTX are in that MetaMask wallet right now. So there you have it, that's
the DTGX Rewards program.

Incentivize is on chain liquidity of DGTX and ether markets on the Uniswap. So here you see I've
taken out my money now. So now it's back to infinity present 'cause there's nothing in it yet. So we're about to put this
live on the new digitexcity.com kind of teaser website that
we're gonna put out now. And then you're gonna be
able to connect your MetaMask accounts wallets to it
and then start earning the DTGX rewards. There's 5,000,000 DGTX being given away over the next 30 days, and
that multiplier keeps going up. So get in as soon as you
can and all right then. Cheers guys, thanks a lot, bye..

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