DEX Crypto BATTLE (UNI vs BNB Price Prediction)

anyone in the crypto space both novice and veteran is familiar with binance finance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume in the world it's giant they have an unbelievable number of coins available to trade and they even have their own token binance coin or bnb however there's a competitor lurking in the midst that could possibly unseat binance as the top exchange unit swap their token uni what is uniswap in uni and why could it become more popular than binance and bnb well i'm going to tell you everything you need to know in this video and give you some price predictions let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens following all the top decentralized exchanges visible gives you the very best price and value for your trades bit swap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben everyday i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button if you're a fan of dexes and eunice wap then make sure to smash that like button for the youtube algorithm that way more people find out about it you get better liquidity that way if you like token research videos like this one you should definitely check out tokenmetrics also if you go head on over to bitboycrypto.coms and scroll the tokenmetrics section you'll be able to get a weak trial for less than five bucks in today's video we will talk about binance coin versus uniswap and the rise of decentralized exchanges at the end of this video i'm going to be giving you guys a price prediction for both uniswap's token and finance coin that you definitely want to see so make sure to watch until the very end or you'll miss what you came here for finance is the top cryptocurrency exchange by volume in the world as of right now with over 1 000 different markets over 300 coins and a 24-hour trading volume of over 14 trillion dollars it's easy to see why binance is king finance was founded by shang zhao or cz for short had him on the channel before cz raised 15 million dollars in funding through the initial coin offering finance coin or bmb and in july of 2017 finance was launched the bnb ico was a massive success and finance went on to become the world's largest crypto exchange by trading volume in less than eight months however in a very smart move cz decided to maintain the crypto market's interest in bnb so that the value would continue to rise to do this he offered a 50 discount on trading fees for traders using bmb for their exchanges this made bnb one of the top traded coins and the price of bmb continue to grow exponentially from its original price of 10 cents bnb has steadily climbed to keep reaching all-time highs as of this month bnb is worth over 40 bucks and is the number 10 crypto in the world with a market cap of 6.52 billion dollars however there's a new sheriff in crypto town and his name is d5 decentralized finance is all the rage and the d5 market is now the hottest market in crypto more and more people are becoming interested in decentralized finance and decentralized exchanges or dexes are one of the key facets of d5 so what is a decentralized exchange well a dex is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that allows for direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions without the need for an intermediary there's no need for an order book and unlike a centralized exchange which forces all transactions to take place through the exchange and take a percentage of the trading fees a decentralized exchange instead allows traders to exchange or swap coins directly between each other just always remember a dex is much better than a sex one of the main advantages of a dex is that it is non-custodial meaning that coin holders maintain custody of their digital assets throughout the entire transaction centralized exchanges force users to use the exchange's hot wallet in order to trade this means that while the coins are in the exchange's hot wallet the exchange controls coins not the user that not only leaves the coins vulnerable to hacking a common problem in crypto malgox but also means that the exchange can shut down trading and withdrawals at any time preventing the users from accessing their coins we saw this with kucoin not too long ago wasn't their fault but they had to do it as a result it's no surprise in the era of defy we're in now that dexes are steadily on the rise and perhaps the most successful decks throw their hat in the ring is uniswap uniswap is a decentralized exchange that was built on the ethereum blockchain that facilitates the exchange of erc 20 tokens uniswap utilizes an automated market making system or amm rather than a traditional order book instead of traditional matching individual buy and sell orders used by centralized exchanges users instead pull together the two digital assets are being traded and the price for the trade is determined based on the ratio between the two assets and also don't forget to check out an aggregator that pulls together 14 of these exchanges unit swap originally though began as an idea proposed by the italic butter in 2016 for a dex that would employ an on-chain automated market maker with certain unique characteristics inspired by this idea the following year hayden adams a former mechanical engineer at siemens began working on turning vitalik's idea into a working product the exchange was able to raise millions of dollars from venture capitalists including andreessen horowitz paradigm venture capital union square ventures llc and parify as well as a hundred thousand dollars from the ethereum foundation in november 2018 uniswap officially launched uniz wap was an instant success and it quickly gained liquidity and a large trading volume unizwab has become the top decks in the world with almost 1200 different markets and a 24-hour trading volume of over 936 billion dollars you just swap surpassed even the trading volume of some major centralized exchanges such as coinbase pro for a short period of time which is incredibly impressive for a newer exchange let alone a dex never saw this coming this quickly this is why unit swap though is taking the throne as the top decks in the world one of the unique advantages of uniswap is that it solves the problem that exists of high spreads for illiquid assets on centralized order book exchanges there's plenty of them out there in general there's not much incentive for professional market makers to provide liquidity on assets that are thinly traded with uniswap however anyone can become a market maker providing liquidity by simply depositing assets into a liquidity pool and earning fees based on the amount of trading the only downsides to uniswap are that there is substantial slippage and that sometimes transactions fail this means that even if the swap doesn't go through you will lose the gas price for any swap attempt which can be high during times of heavy usage september 2020 uni or uni launched its own token uni and distributed the token to past users of the platform actually got five of those airdrops but because unizwab allows traders to walk coins directly with each other it doesn't have any fees so unlike binance's b and b coin which is used to get a discount on trading fees uni is instead a governance token this means that uni holders control the protocol and decide on any changes to the protocol itself from its initial price of three dollars and nine cents in september of 2020 unis continue to increase in value reaching an all-time high of 12.99 just recently on january 24th there are a number of notable differences between b b and uni for starters uni is an erc20 token on the ethereum blockchain now bnb was originally issued as an erc20 token however with the launch of the binance chain main net in april of 2019 the erc 20 bmb coins were swapped with bep 2 bnb at a 1 1 ratio and are now hosted on the binance chain instead of ethereum bep2 or bep2 is the binance chain but this means that the value and success of uni is more directly tied to the value and success of ethereum whereas the value and success of bmb is only influenced by the success of binance another notable difference is the token supply bnb has a token supply capped to 200 million coins with 100 million bmbs offered in the ico uni on the other hand has the total supply cap and 1 billion uni the entire supply of 1 billion uni were minted at genesis and will become accessible over the course of four years the initial four-year allocation of uni is as follows sixty percent go to unit swap community members about twenty-one percent go to team members and future employees before you're investing eighteen percent go to investors with four-year investing in less than a percent go to the advisors with four-year vesting a perpetual inflation rate of two percent per year will start after four years ensuring continued participation contribution to unit swap at the expense of passive uni holders this means that actively contributing will continue to see consistent gains on their uni after the four-year release schedule which only further incentivizes uni holders to huddle their uni for the long term now for these reasons i can only see unique going up in the short term in the long term finance is still the top exchange in the world but with recent crackdowns on which geographic regions can even use binance along with the accusations of money laundering in the leaked tai chi document outlining possible plans to illegally sidestep regulation and siphon profits to binance finance may have some trouble in its future but i am a big supporter of binance and i do use it frequently but this coupled with the increase in popularity of decentralized exchanges makes me think the unit swap is only going to continue to grow and uni will just keep going up in value in a very short amount of time uni has already rocketed to the number 15 spot for all crypto with a market cap of 3.3 billion dollars i only think that momentum will continue with uni likely overtaking b b and becoming a top ten coin in the very near future so the smart money like myself is betting on uniswap and uni in the short medium and long term so as far as price predictions for these two coins i believe that both of them have decent potential but uni has the higher ceiling if defy in fact returns for round two like most of us think it will for bnb i can see essentially a 10 from here and the price rising to 400 dollars per coin but i think unit swaps uni token can move closer to 15x from here reaching a high of 225 dollars per coin make sure you drop your price predictions for both down below also do you think binance can maintain its position as the biggest exchange and bnb can maintain its spot at number 10 or will the rise of dexa's unseat finance pushing uniswap to become the biggest exchange in the world and drive the price of uni to the moon drop your comments down below that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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