Dewalt 18v Combi Drill with 2 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion Batteries

introducing the Christmas collection from Real Deals for you this really is a great cordless drill from the wall renowned for reliability and durability with all their cordless tools now unlike many cordless drills on the market this one really packs a punch it's a combi drill so it does screw driving it does normal drilling and it does hammer drilling and you can see this on all the icons around the collar you've got 14 torque settings for screw driving click it around you've got the drills selector there you got the icon with a drill bit and then for hammer drilling click it on to the hammer icon easy to identify there's a robust 13 mil keyless chap very easy to operate it's got two speeds first and second bow speeds are variable on the trigger as soon as you depress the trigger there's a job light so you can see what you're doing and that stays on for some seconds after you've released the trigger switch it on to fast instant stop it's got an electric brake now using new technology it has got lithium-ion batteries it comes with 2 1 point 5 ampair lithium-ion batteries and a fast charger as well lithium-ion batteries nice and lightweight and they hold their charge the same technology as your phone they recharge quickly and they hold their charge and don't lose them so if it's in the shade or garage for a couple of weeks you go to use your cordless drill you've got to charge it up not with lithium and it's instant drop-off as well they're good right up until they're empty other features and benefits on this it's got the XR motor in it very very powerful now this when I said this machine packs a punch it really does it's got over 60 Newton meters of torque and impact and strength in it that is a powerful motor if you don't believe me just look at some of the other cordless drills on the market and you see most of them around 40 42 Newton meters this has got 60 other great features on it nice big heavy-duty belt clip goes on your belt and it stays there look at that so when you're walking around on site it can be staying right with you you can mount that on the back as well this is a cracking piece of kit it comes with two batteries you can register online and get a three year guarantee that is how good this machine is you can do screw driving you can do drilling you can do hammer drilling this is a universal drill used by tradesmen trusted by tradesmen for years and years they trust in the DeWalt brand as I say everything you want here you've got a big brain you've got the latest technology you've got a powerful motor you've got two lithium-ion batteries and a fast charger and a nice big robust carry case what more do you want this really is a cool piece of kit to be seen with on site another fantastic product in the Christmas collection from Real Deals for you visit real deals for EUCOM to find your nearest stockist

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