DeWalt 1/2″ DW059 Cordless Impact Review

caboose your mic is hot I was watching Brian's mobile one and he did a video reviewing the DeWalt 20 volt 3/8 inch Drive impact the 3/8 inch Drive impact Brian reviewed is smaller than the XR P 18 volt half inch impact that I've got it's meant to be a more versatile all-around tool I liked what Brian had to say about the 3/8 inch Drive impact and in addition to his video I find mine to be an enormous time and knuckle saver when I'm out and about so I made this video response this is a DW 0 5 9 Dewalt makes a version of this with either battery type and they both produce the exact same amount of torque so there's no differences there this is the next size unit up and the one that doesn't just easily blast rusty axle nuts off but can torque them down so tight that you can seize the hub of course you should never do that you really don't feel very much recoil at all when you're using this and it's pretty amazing so you have to be careful this particular model uses NiCad batteries that won't last through as many charge cycles as a lithium-ion but on a warm day a fresh NiCad battery will run at higher output continuously included don't live through as many charge cycles and you should never let them freeze I bought this 18 volt XRP cordless contractor set last year on sale for 350 bucks at my local hardware store it came with a sawzall radial saw light two batteries a charger the big 18 volt cordless drill in their lineup in the bag I got a couple pair of gloves in here just in case the radial saw blade and two sawzall blades were also included it was really a good deal but anyway this half inch cordless impact as a bear tool is normally 150 bucks if you already have the batteries and charger I had my eyes on it when I bought the contractor set it's a great addition to your toolbox and I want to show you why four years ago I bought an air compressor for 400 bucks about $150 worth of hoses fittings and accessories and $90 worth of stuff to wire it in I think I spent about four to five hundred dollars more for an assortment of air tools and accessories not to mention the tooling involved for all the pointy ends of these things I use these sockets with all of my tools whether it's carbohydrates air or electricity that powers them the only problem I find with air tools is they're only as good as where your hosiery it takes time to pressurize the tank and a lot of electricity to make a lot of noise to charge your compressor mine use is the equivalent of 160 watt bulbs when it's running so there's preparation time involved with putting air tools to use you can plan around that and they're extremely versatile worth every penny the power company based on the effort and time that they save you but their lack of portability and the space they occupy is an issue for some people cordless impacts don't have any of the portability issues they make one powerful enough for anything you have to do in the garage or on the go and though they're expensive they cost a fraction of what a full set of air tools costs this really would be a game-changer for a mechanic who doesn't have air tools or the space to put them yet speaking of useful we're going to have some fun today I'd say we because Robert Baxley from the turbo Talent channel is coming over and I'm going to carry this thing to the junkyard and see what we can scrounge up the tools you carry to the junkyard determine what you can bring home some of you have stories to tell about removing a crankshaft with a hammer and a flat head screwdriver I'm sure but in addition to bringing the proper tools with you you should be very careful about who you bring with you one GTS summer and a 2gb SMR are usually a good pair because they don't fight over the same parts either way it's the personality issues you might have to fight with you don't want to bring anyone that makes you get dirtier than you have to hand you the wrong tools gets you in trouble with your wife or spending too much money or tries to make you pay for their stuff since I brought the tool bag I had infinite power to troll for Robert let's see what we can get from this 91 gsx we found hello hands-on what are you that I'm like man he's got a socket to fit this your hands in graduate extension good luck get back for that huh I was holding my thing in and just an axle yeah that's it in flush lon all right Rollo let's go good to go groundwater all right well that all be I will thank you gonna hold the backside owning it can I see it anymore I can't get it in I just round it off monster we're gonna do a seat let's have an axle holding it in let you go don't wanna set it separate top I got none right there oh I have a feeling my next money should be expensive glasses give you the attack oops hit food zombies are starting to burn a little bit nothing like a little straw lit fluid avoid soaking clothing especially Underpants and all because you've never put oily rags and packet ID for them back on keeping the car for a long time you need to go get spare that's how we roll so violent I warn you if you buy one of those things you never use your compressor again I'm gonna tell you now here right uh-huh yeah I'm sure glad you told me to come out here and look at this hey nice one hey you know the magic again hey wait a minute oh hey watch this video you said he called you you have Padma Stephanie man headlights transmission she named with everything time to go check out sure I've got transmission brig masculine proportioning valve oh no it's back up on the widow 2675 okay that's fine I'm sorry it's tough with every patch one makes me more cause he's got drainage my still transmission I got all this is a nickel for Nestle yeah it was always a long and everyone paying for not one paying for any business I thought I'd let you know I'm being interesting so I beat you huh I shouldn't got that car sorry to try get some huh good I hope I didn't yeah my 24-hour headlights Kamui oh yeah I didn't even come close to you pull it 71 no yeah me go back yes Martha thank you ma'am yes ma'am thank you I really went back and centering my pop-up headlights for 50 bucks of it something about what else I need yeah I mean you know you just start laying about this stuff when you check out like I made out like a bandit transmission 1995 all of my break stuff twelve dollars and 70 cents yeah that output shaft kind of messed up it's missing about two-thirds of each tooth input shaft looks fine no problems they're really little rusty I can clean that up replace that sleeve but uh nothing wrong with just think it's all attached I just need to replace that output shaft so it looks like I have a candidate for rebuilding I'm really excited about this I've always wanted to do this but I've never had one that I've been willing to take apart so this is a great opportunity for me and I'll bring you guys along when it happens I didn't even give this thing a workout it's capable of much more but what makes it invaluable as it's convenient cordless tools are lighter quieter more energy efficient and less expensive than their pneumatic counterparts overall but they can't do everything you won't be sanding and painting your car maintaining your tire pressure boost leak testing porting and polishing anything or even crown stapling with battery-powered tools but your air tools can't fill a wheelbarrow full of parts in a junkyard in less than 50 minutes coming from someone who owns their tools already they offer the same capability outside of your garage and that's what really makes cordless tools valuable to me thanks for bringing up the topic Brian and thanks for putting up with me Robert Oh

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