Dev Diary #1 – The Sandbox Upcoming Features & Visuals

Hey guys! Today, I am happy to show you some of 
our latest updates in The Sandbox Game Maker. But first, let me just quickly 
summarize what we’re talking about here. As you may already know, The Sandbox is 
a virtual world where players can build,   own and monetize their gaming 
experiences in the Ethereum blockchain. Lately in The Sandbox, we’ve been through a lot 
of improvements, in terms of visuals and gameplay.

For the Alpha launch, we’re featuring a 
whole RPG metaverse, starring 3 factions   that have their own lore-enriched background. Of 
course, all of this is both solo and multiplayer,   so everyone can bring their friends 
and start exploring the LANDs together. We already have a lot of 
experiences that are ready to play,   and we keep on adding more every day! Of course, the community will be able to 
play with our game-making tools as well.   That means that any players and creators can 
imagine and fully customize their own game. We’re not only providing a 
backstory for players, we are   also aiming to host our community 
games inside the existing LANDs. The process of creation is quite 
easy and keeps on improving. The workflow is simple. Our ecosystem 
supports a creative suite, where you   can create and customize your very own 
ASSETs, using our free VoxEdit tool. Adjust, modify, bend and 
adjust your voxel art at will. This will be pushed into our huge ASSET database,   where players will be able to buy and 
use your NFTs to customize their LANDs.

This is a very important part of the game, where 
people can terraform, decorate and create stories   in LANDs. You can create whole stories, or 
just decorate your own house! It’s up to you! Of course, we’ll provide many experiences 
with a whole consistent metaverse   where people will be able to talk, 
discuss, interact and meet people. We have lounges for everyone, where players 
will be able to just chill or decide   which experience they will be able to play next. We made it convenient for players to walk across 
the metaverse, using roads to reach LANDs,   along with a whole transportation system that 
is being crafted and improved as we speak. The main hub will be the place where you’ll 
start your journey in the metaverse, with portals   linked to various experiences. Experiences 
will then be playable within your LANDs   depending on whether they are solo or multiplayer. The workflow within our Game 
Maker is quite simple as well.   Just terraform your LAND, using 
basic blocks and place your ASSETs. We already have a lot of free basic 
ASSETs and Premium NFTs to buy   in order to populate your 
LANDs and make them stand out.

We’ll also improve the fight 
features, among many other things. Another huge part that was 
expected by the community,   is the ability to add and display both 
internal and external NFTs in your LANDs. So you can now add a link to almost any 
kind of external 2D NFTs inside a brand   new museum template, that is provided 
if you want to be ready in a click. Of course, you can also build your own museum,   or even your own house and start 
showcasing your NFTs in it. These experiences can be 
easily switched to multiplayer,   so everyone can join and discover them. You’ll even be able to link those 
NFTs and add additional information. Of course, NFTs can be external – like 2D, 
or internal – like our usual 3D ASSETs.  Our game will allow you to display both of them.

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