Der große Filter: Warum Leben auf der Venus keine gute Nachricht wäre | Harald Lesch

in 2020 traces were discovered in the venus atmosphere that suggest it could go live there we also reported about it and everyone was enthusiastic i just wonder why that would be a catastrophe if this is confirmed [music] there is still life in the universe on other celestial bodies at first one would rather say well there are enough stars and if there are planets around every star there are planets that have somehow developed life that still say the sheer power of the large number we have 100 billion stars in the Milky Way and if only ten percent of them or what I only know a percent or what if the planets have there will also be enough around them that are so similar to earth, i.e.

Planets with a reasonable mass with enough water with one neat atmosphere and so on and so on everything is good that means the sheer amount of possibilities It should also open up the possibility that not only a counter has arisen on a planet but multi-cell that has become more than multi-cell to the multi-cell but plants and animals on land and so on up to a civilization, in other words, back on earth Are the cosmic average otto normal consumer so even if you want to know what an alien looks like, don't look why the others will look so similar, it is no coincidence that we have eyes where up here she has eyes for the signals to take in and process from that of the star to her around which our planet reports that we have up here so for the vibrations of the air more on the bottom of life everything is no coincidence, evolution everything is natural so it should be with the others have run in a similar way and there is a huge problem if you did Actually, life believes that life is a totally universal phenomenon that can function more or less always and everywhere on the planet , then there should actually be an incredible number of civilization in the Milky Way who are further than, for example, wire-haired dachshunds or dinosaurs or somehow just biomass but then could There are also some who have developed technology as a civilization and even space technology and that, for example, in principle we would be able to say so in principle we would only be able to travel to other stars if that is also the cosmic average then yes then you ask yourself where are they because the others so why if there are so many possibilities of the milky way why have we not already been visited by at least an unmanned alien spaceship who I know sent a robot to us and somehow signs on the other hand we are there or at least s maybe too electromagnetic signals so here hello we are here or something from time to time there is also a signal for example 177 the ohio construction signal but that was an absolutely unique case otherwise quiet wherever you look and wherever you listen and The question arises, of course, where are all these communication-ready engineered civilizations that would have to fly through the Milky Way, this silence out there, in the 50s, one of the great physicists, namely Enrico Fermi, asked where are you when you are everywhere in sin city there are different possibilities so if we start from this point of view of the average there is an unbelievably great variant that the galactic one there are unbelievably many extraterrestrial civilizations yes but they do not show themselves they show us they 240 but they want us to have all of our problems here Solve eme all by yourself so without your help, so to speak, only when you are adult enough civilizations this planet then we let you in the galactic club rhine where he is not now if we now apart from that, what kind of reasons could it go then that is the one others that the others are not here and then there is a picture that is really called the big filter in the scientific debate, i.e.

if there had been such a guillotine from the beginning in the history of life that simply says so and if it doesn't is fulfilled then it will never come out of it at all then we will be the absolute exceptional case so where actually a pass six was actually thrown ten times in a row and that was it so one of them got through, so to speak, not through the other bottlenecks through them through them these very special conditions and if this filter is far behind then it really could that we are something very special the more the filter life develops or the special form of life develops on our planet the closer it gets to our current situation, the more other planets with corresponding life forms there could be the first filter is not where the cells are created but where the first skeletons are formed, for example, that is much later the first cells are created 3.8 billion years ago the first skeletons a billion maybe even 800 million years ago that means that Is a huge period of well-being on the planet can somehow develop is no problem at all said that everything is single-celled everything is fine no problem but when it goes into the next jump then it doesn't work or there is no photosynthesis on a planet, this substance like oxygen is released sets and therefore no protective cover in the st atosphere namely the ozone layer is produced and life is already practically impossible on the land everything remains in the water and in the water i can tell you that you do not develop high-voltage technology that you need for space technology under water because the laws of nature are valid everywhere in the universe exactly that That means the more we know about these conditions that are necessary so that certain life steps could be carried out on our planet at all, i.e.

Steps of life towards more and more complex to more and more sophisticated variants, the less it becomes clear why the others no longer exist or why there are others are not yet there and then of course there is now the situation that in the last 20 25 30 years we have really started to look for life in the solar system and now let's imagine how much fun it is confirmed in the Venus atmosphere on a planet we know about on s a surface is unbelievably hot 54 degrees celsius the pressure of the atmosphere is unbelievably high 95 atmospheric pressure and there are sulfur servers alessandra under these impossible conditions there is a form of life from molecules of cells that have somehow reproduced and so on and in the process, this substance was released by the man who wants to have discovered it in 2020 that would be confirmed the discovery of life on venus would mean that practically under very general conditions life on planets arises and develops and with that, of course, the problem of silence in the interstellar arises space namely where are you will of course become even more urgent because that means the number of verifiable planets in the Milky Way would be huge and of course the number of civilizations as well system but then even interstellar then it becomes even more incomprehensible why the others have not already visited us at least in a robot version , unless there is a filter that will filter the big ones in the future when such a universal development principle is on the planet and itself so that the option always opens up that in the course of the history of this planet a civilization appears at least once , the technology develops and that sometimes in the milky way hundreds of thousands of times and how you can still not recognize by their signs of the electromagnetic signals or or the spaceships they are have sent off band or unmanned that must give reasons why this civilization then failed in its further development and that would then be the big filter in the future and if that were so that we are practically a normal case of civilization in the Milky Way because on our planet e ben that has happened what is based on planets life has developed then there must also be a typical event that apparently affects all civilizations of this milky way which practically quite naturally in the course of the development of a witness civilization inevitably occurs what could that be there you think up a gun something crazy what to say out of the system itself comes out here environmental destruction which is such a classic case through our energy-intensive way of life we change our planet so much that we can still scientifically investigate how much we like to change but we can do it no longer the crucial one to make the decisive turnaround the planet is slipping from one climate regime to another that makes it impossible for us to live on the planet in large numbers in practice here we have in climate research the number of days may deadliest to blame there is scenarios I already say if so if it gets a bit warmer here then the number of these deadly days for us will become larger and larger and wider and wider areas of the planet we would become completely unteachable for us another variant would be a technology a technology that enables us For whatever reason groups of people are still being ruined, there are no longer any who would be able to build spaceships or a pandemic and by that I do not mean the corona pandemic, which perhaps arises in a similar way , namely because we are nature have come too close and give her too little freedom because this civilization is spreading so much on the planet technologically and in the way of life suddenly ever closer and closer to nature, so under stress , nature puts itself in quotation marks she doesn't do, she just develops me hr mutations of some viruses that may have been quite harmless up to then and now suddenly a whole world population is suddenly wiping away with survivors no question but certainly no longer with a planet hair active civilization that would still be able to bring large spaceships somewhere In the end there could actually be the great hope that you will not find anything on venus, not even on mars or europe, that our search for traces of extraterrestrial life will be totally unsuccessful because then we have the great hope that we will be alone in the universe we are alone there but how lucky we were

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