DeFi Top 5 EXPLOSIVE Projects Revealed with 100x Potential in 2021

d5 was all the rage back in the summer at 20. i remember it like it was yesterday the crypto internet atm machine was back all you had to do was throw one ether in and get two back but this wasn't the good old eath giveaway scam this was just how easy trading was during this time but many people believe that divine had its 15 minutes of fame and it's time to find a new niche to base our investments on today i'm going to tell you the sneaky underlying reason why d5 will be back in 2020 and why it will lead the charge for all coin season then i'm going to gaze deeply into my crystal ball and give you my top five divi coins of 2021 miss it and live with regret let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboycrypto my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money then make sure to hit that subscribe button and if you like any of the gems we talk about today make sure to head on over to and sign up for our newsletter we are starting our weekly newsletter back up so you can keep up with all the latest happenings from around the crypto world and you can check out my thoughts for the week now in this video we're going to be breaking down the underlying cause that makes me believe fully the divi is coming back for another swing and right now you should be putting out some feelers looking for which coins to put those bitcoin profits in they're they're not here today i get it but it is coming then i'm going to give you my top five divide coins for 2021 these are five projects that range from somewhat speculative to slam dunks so you're definitely going to want to watch until the end to see all five coins one coin is going to absolutely shock you so if you were invested in device over the spring and the summer then you made bank if you are a true degen like me then you are raking in uni air drops by the boat load the amount of uniswap tokens i got airdropped to my wallets at its peak pretty embarrassing those were great times and the euphoria of divi moonshots was the closest thing i had felt since 2017 for all coins but then just like that it was gone poof people say it was a bubble that popped and it isn't coming back same people called bitcoin a bubble in 2017.

People have to understand the difference between bubbles and cycles we're used to our national economies which are driven by fiat fiat for those who do not know is a physical representation of value that has no intrinsic value us dollar think paper money coins their only value is what we can spend them for and more importantly there's nothing backing it in the united states switched to fiat in 1971 for instance when old tricky dick took us off the gold standard after that gold was free to increase in value and our national currency no longer had anything of value attached to it other than whatever our imaginations can dream up cryptocurrency on the other hand is full of coins and tokens with both intrinsic value as utilities and with perceived value based on rarity cryptocurrency is deflationary instead of inflationary like fiat and every four years when the bitcoin having occurs and production of bitcoin is cut in half we get a shock to the supply a swift change in production and this is the built-in coin anomics that bitcoin has that drives up the demand the price goes up while the supply shrinks now there's rarely a supply shock to the supply of fiat but in the last year we've seen what happens when you have a supply shock in the other direction aka the u.s federal reserve printing dollars like it's going out of style inflation the value of our dollar is down over 10 in the last nine months old carl from the moon youtube channel laid it out great on twitter this week he said 24 of all existing dollars are printed in the last 12 months it's astonishing when you think about it the point is this we've seen a non-stop bull market in the stock market over the last several years seems like it's lasting forever but see there's really nothing out there that will make the stock market go on timed cycles cycles driven by points in time when a change occurs is really the thing that separates the crypto markets from the stock market we know when they're going to happen and i firmly believe that divide did not pop it just went through a cycle where people started pulling profits out and who could blame them we weren't really even to the bull run yet and all coins were exploding bitcoin was still sideways around 10k to 12k and let me get this right you think when bitcoin starts heading up to 30k 50k 100k or more the people aren't going to remember what their bread and butter for all coins was devi is on pause right now and that is the time to accumulate those high potential projects for the deep eye explosion round two so here are the five coins i believe are your best bet to make massive gains in devi in 2021 coming in at number five i have ave formerly eathland ave has found its way to the upper echelon of divi projects with staying power now i could have easily chosen compound or maker or even here and i consider all of them but in the end i think the compound already had its miracle run when it sat atop d5 for weeks unseating maker is the top d5 project back before every project was considered d5 or at least before every project changed their direction so they could be with the cool kids in d5 and maker well let's just say it seemed better times and i don't think it is dropped because it got exhausted at the top i think that it legitimately has some issues we saw this during the crash in march and you're in finance well there's no way it can continue crushing it this much am i right i think ave is the most complete token out of all the heavy hitters that were birthed in d5 and have stayed in d5 ave is known as the liquidity protocol and has almost two billion dollars locked up on it right now ave allows users to provide liquidity for other coins and offer them the best returns on it this liquidity is for what they call flash loans these are uncollateralized loans for people to be able to borrow instantly instead of having to go through the process of collateralizing because ain't nobody got time for that it takes a few clicks the latest news though is that ave just got a huge upgrade that will save users gas fees and even more importantly the version 2 upgrade will make even risky investors trade safer making transactions smoother and trying to stabilize borrowing rates it just feels like now that it has gone through its token swap and launch version 2 that it is ready to bust out and it's already near the top of d5 look for ave to explode in 2021 at number four i have an oldie but a goodie zrx this protocol allows users in exchanges to trade and swap erc20 tokens i mean it's basically old news now you can do that almost anywhere but you may not know that the zrx protocol powers bitswap and some of the other exchanges that you frequent your degens the idea behind xerox was good and the team executed it they were way ahead of the times in 2017 2018 when nobody even knew why anyone would want to trade at the irian tokens i was super bullish on it in 2018 because i could see the future obviously but they were a little too far ahead of their time zrx floundered for a long time but now looks to be right back in the fight scratching and calling for divide dominance in 2021 and you may not have known this but zrx set an all-time record in volume this quarter just as we talked about earlier crypto happens in cycles and the excitement is building again around zrx i think it's gonna break out in number three i have synthetics according to tokenmetrics this is the number one overall coin for the next year for value investors and it's not even close this is the only coin i've ever seen on token metrics with a score this high we are trusting the ai in the machine learning on this one synthetics i've said for a long time is a very underrated coin in the d5 game every time i thought it was going to explode something seemed to happen in the larger context of devi that made it stall out i feel like it was right on the verge of an explosion before d5 went down if you want to dig deep into why token metrics is giving it this high of a score though you need to visit to sign up for tokenmetrics today you can get a cheap trial and see how you guys like it i know a lot of you guys signed up for it over the last couple of weeks and you are getting to see why i turn to tokenmetrics so often [Music] come in at number two and this is gonna surprise a lot of people cardano cardano d5 well technically it isn't d5 but here's the thing they will be when cardone is set to explode in this bull run a lot of doors and possibilities are going to open up for the ada ecosystem this is one of my top overall coins for this bull run but i'm particularly interested to see how cardano's 4a and d5 will go because after googan is fully up and running it'll be an easy transition for cardano to get big into the decentralized finance game and why wouldn't they we've covered several stories over the last six months about potential ties between cardano and d5 players it seems to me like cardano is keeping its cards close to the vest on this one on purpose i've heard whispers and little birdies saying do not sleep on cardano when ada comes to play comes ready and i believe the team has been working connections partnerships and alliances specifically to make a big splash in deep eye when no one is watching coming in number one i have chain league come on it's an easy pick now we have a big video later this week on oracle's and why my 900 prediction for chain link may just not be enough i gave you guys a scenario several months ago where it was fathomable but barely that link could reach two thousand dollars per link token but i said in the video that i wasn't quite sure it could go that bullish because there would need to be extenuating circumstances i think we all see the chaos around the world and it's reasonable now to expect the most bullish scenario across the board it's what i'm counting on if you want to hear why oracles are such a big deal though then look out for that video later this week but there you have it my top five defy coins of 2021 which ones i get right and which ones did i get wrong make sure to drop those comments down below that's all i got be blessed goodbye [Music] so you

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