DeFi Index Nedir? DeFi Projelerine Nasıl Yatırım Yapılır?

Hello friends, I am Alp Işık welcome to my YouTube channel. I continue to shoot videos about decentralized finance DeFi. I have a playlist on this topic on my YouTube channel called DeFi decentralized finance. If you haven't watched the videos there, I highly recommend watching them first. We gave very important entry level information there. After watching those videos, you can look at the higher level videos. The subject that I will tell you today is actually what is DeFi index? Where to buy How is it sold? I will try to explain these issues. I hope it will be a short video. First of all, there is no such thing as DeFi coin, DeFi token.

DeFi, decentralized finance ecosystem or decentralized finance world. But what CoinMarketCap calls the best DeFi token according to the market value published is actually Players in the decentralized financial ecosystem can have tokens and coins used on their own applications. For example, the Compound, the Maker Here suits them Can have their own coins or tokens But in general terms, there is no such thing as DeFi coin, DeFi token. For example, if you enter the Compound Let me even show you its homepage from here.

Compound is one of the most popular platforms now where you can borrow and lend on decentralized finance. For example, when you go to the app section and link your wallet, here you can see the interest rates. You can see the borrowing and lending interest rates. This also has a self-issued Governance Token. So about the decisions at the same time here It has issued a Compound Token as a Governance Token where you can express your opinion and vote. And it has an area of ​​use on this application as well as on its own website.

But this has also been valued as a token. For the same example, made by Maker Dao You can see here as MKR tokens and coins at their market value that you can see on CoinMarketCap. But people's head It was Compound, it was Maker, there are a lot of such decentralized finance platforms. We want to buy and sell them. After all, I am not interested in the way the business is managed, the voting, what they are for.

But for people who say I want to invest something in decentralized finance with them, it usually goes to their coins, tokens. Especially if we consider Compound for example, the reason it is so popular is, Thanks to the COMP acronym token, which has recently issued itself, we can say that people's eyes have turned back to the decentralized financial ecosystem. Now I wanted to briefly talk about this first. Other than that, what I will tell you is definitely not investment advice. Just like the other videos. And again, I am trying to emphasize that something like DeFi Token, DeFi Coin is not a separate investment tool. These projects in the decentralized finance ecosystem are the tokens and coins issued by them.

Well, in order to buy and sell these, you can enter such platforms, connect your MetaMask wallet, Here you can borrow, lend and do a lot of transactions. But apart from that, it has made this process very easy for some users in central exchanges. For example, the most suitable example for this is the DeFi index of the FTX exchange. In fact, this is what I intended to introduce in this video. The FTX exchange did something called the DeFi index. Here, we are talking about decentralized financing, but on the other hand, we are talking about being traded in central exchanges. So there is no escape. By the way, the FTX exchange is one of the first centralized exchanges to add this Compound. If you want to make a transaction here, I left a link in the description section. From that link, you can become a member of the FTX exchange and earn 5% discount on commissions. You will not be paying too much money for wasted commissions. So what does the DeFi index of this FTX exchange do? It does exactly that. As he explains on the right side Players in this major DeFi ecosystem have made a basket of their own tokens and coins.

Available in Basket Maker, Compound, Synthetix From 11 such different coins here he made a basket for himself. So, how is the price of this basket determined? He did something here called the index price. For example, let's click on this. After clicking on the index price, let's search it as DeFi. In the table you can see here, How many coins in the index are, can be added here. Apart from that, what is the weight of the coins in the index? How much did he average out of which? Apart from that, their prices are ultimately averaged. It is here that these averages are taken from which exchanges and how they are made in detail. You can see it here.

You can click on the index price, or you can see which coins and tokens are in the basket from here. Now if we look at it this way, this index doesn't have a lot of history, since it's actually quite recently announced. But as you can see from here, by trading only this index, With DeFi, I believe these decentralized finance projects will be successful in the future.

or do not believe. Because here you can open both short positions and long positions. If you think this will increase, you can buy, or vice versa, if you think it will fail, you can move into a sell position. You can perform your transactions very simply here. For some users, this really sounds a lot more practical. At the same time, for example, when Compound first went on sale like this, We got it through Uniswap or something. But some users like how to use Uniswap? How to connect a wallet? How does MetaMask connect there? Since he was confused in Ethereum while giving the fee, while giving the gas fee, For example, it waited for it to be listed on central stock exchanges.

For example, it was the first exchange to list COMP on FTX. Apart from that, for example, there was Balancer. This is again when people buy from decentralized platforms via Uniswap or 1.inch exchange, etc. some again waited for it to enter such stock exchanges. Here again FTX of them, As you can see on it already writes new. For example, he should have listed his Maker a long time ago. It had opened a vote recently. “Which one should I list? This is from the DeFi ecosystem?” He asked. Here Maker was chosen. It is also writing on it now. You can see the new listings here. That's all I will tell you in this video. As I said through DeFi index, it is a platform where you can buy and sell basket-made coins and tokens via index.

As I said before, I left the link of the FTX exchange in the description below. From there, you can sign up for a reduced fee and pay less for commissions. I will continue to make short videos of this kind about DeFi decentralized finance. If you have not yet subscribed to my channel, I ask you to subscribe and click the bell button next to it. See you in the next video, goodbye..

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