Decentraland Builder Tutorial: Introduction

hi everyone i'm nico from the decentraland team and i'm here to show you how to use the builder the Builder is a really cool tool that anyone can use it's all about dragging items into canvas and without you can create experiences that others can play with and discover while they explore the central app to use the Builder you don't need to write any code know about cryptocurrencies or do anything complex really you'll see that in its simplicity it's really powerful it's a really fun tool to use as well to use the Builder we just need to revisit the central and org and go to the Builder link up here on the top bar let's go ahead and create a new scene the first thing we to do is select the size for our scene central and scenes are made up to land parcels each one of 60 meters by 60 meters and we can choose either one or several of them in different arrangements let's go for a two by two here we see our scene is loading and you can now zoom in zoom out rotate and see things from a different angle which allows for great freedom when we're positioning things by default we have this green grass which doesn't quite match what I have in mind for our scene right now so let's go into ground inside the sci-fi asset pack I pick something that might resemble more like the surface of Mars or something perfect let's go to the nature category and add a couple things that we might find on an alien planet for example these craters or maybe some alien looking plant notice that there are two different ways to add items into our scene one is to click on something and drag it onto the scene like this and the other is to simply click on it and you'll see that it appears on the center of the scene and when it's selected it will have this yellow white line which means that I can easily drag it around also select other things and drag those around and I can also select something and delete it for example I also select something and duplicate it which might be helpful when you want to avoid having to look for something in all of these menus let's add some more interesting stuff let's go into the structures and its colonize this planet with something that looks more man-made notice that several of these things are modular and they're meant to be used together so as you move them they will snap into position perfectly as you move things you'll notice that they move in a bit of a grid so this might be really helpful in some cases but in some some other cases you might need to fine-tune the position of something in order to make it match exactly where you want it to move things more precisely you can simply press the shift key and keep it pressed and while you keeping a press you can move things with a lot more precision let's add a couple of these hallway bits if I try to add something here you don't notice that it turns red and that there's a red box all around it this red box might be more apparent with other things like these for example what this is telling me is that I'm trying to position something outside the bounds of my scene and that is not allowed because outside my scene all of this land will be actually owned by someone else who will try to build you know their own thing so suppose I want to rotate this action of hallway so that it matches the rest of my hallway to do that I can use a rotate tool which I can easily find up here when I select it you'll see that this gives more appears which lets me rotate things in different ways there's three different axis one needs different color so the green hoop here lets me rotate things in this way which is what I want that was fairly easy I could also rotate things in other axis like this which is not what I want to do right now thankfully there's you can easily undo these actions by going with command-z or control-z in a Windows machine and just undo an unwanted rotation this tool will be selected until an eye on toggle it or until I select one of the other tools for example I want to may want to position something on top of the roof of this building may want to add a laser turret to make sure that no one comes into my my little hallway here they laser turrets I divided into two parts there is the base and there is turret itself but what if I want to put the base up here on top of my hallway I can't because by default iMovie things always on the ground level which is generally what I want and it's helpful that is the default way but I may want to you know go a bit above the ground level so for that I can toggle the move keep move to and you'll see that this gizmo appears and with this I can move things in one single axis at a time ok great so let's go and see our scene not from the perspective of a builder but from the perspective of a player you can easily do that by clicking the preview icon up here this little icon and now we're inside our scene and we can actually walk around it as if we were players in the central and this is what people will see when they when they enter your scene pretty cool right so if I want to return back to the editor I can just click escape to free my cursor and close the preview like that so the other tool we have here that we can use is the scale tool for example suppose that I add this little section of wall here and I want to scale it so that it's longer here I just toggle the scale tool and this gives more piers and if I click on the center of this gizmo and extend it you'll see that I'm extending things in proportion and things are getting longer like larger in every one of this axis but you can also click on one of these sides here and extend it only in one of its axis like this so that can be pretty helpful if you if you need to extend something or what changes proportions in some way keep in mind that if you add too many things you've seen you would eventually reach the scene limits these limits are there because the Centurion is meant to be lightweight because players should be able to download things on demand as they walk around the world and if this experience isn't smooth and things take way too long it will really break the illusion of a continuous world while they walk around if you wish these scene limits you will see a warning down here on the bottom left corner telling you that you're either using too many triangles too many materials or otherwise too many triangles by the way refers to how complex the geometric safe are in your scenes doesn't really necessarily mean that you're using triangles there but that's the standard way to measure complexity once you're happy with your scene you can name it also give it an optional description you can share it on social media you can also publish your scene tool and if you own any land over such a ban or you can also publish your scene to a scene pool and other people would land can pick that scene and deploy it to their own land so that's it for this basic tutorial of using the Builder stay tuned and watch our following videos where we'll show you some more advanced ways to create content with a builder thanks

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