And if we are loading, if we are loading,
if we are loading it, I already feel the atmosphere for these three days of rest, my friends
and friends, first of all, I hope you have a happy 4th of July, we really need to motivate ourselves
to catch air that we know at the end of everything we will win if we stand
firm my friends because we have to see what is below and this is what is below
can do great great great great I don't know but I want to be in what is in that ticket on
that train friends and friends and today we are going to be motivated because it is really good that we know that there will always
be a green down in a red and this is something very necessary that we know it and we will
be seeing what positions I have had and this is very necessary that we see it because
in the course of this year I have had several positions that had red that many people
have criticized me they have told me that the actions are not analyzed I do not know anything about the Stock market
and sometimes it does not matter what people say it does not matter because what one shows in the end
is what it is worth and here I have some videos that I found in my library in which we return to
June 19, 2020 where I talk about two coins Where I talk about my position, imagine that price,
this video does not allow the good move we made in 2000 to lie here we have another video from
Cinemark where we look at my position of what cinema, how I buy it at 1 093 and how I earn 32 thousand
dollars this video does not That profit is going to let me lie here is the proof here we are with
if there were friends after losing 40 thousand dollars we returned to a positive of 21 thousand
dollars and we are just beginning it is still green and we are already positive these videos
do not lie what we have been doing for friends and girlfriends even if they criticize them even if they
say they do not know because that is not true because one shows what one knows and that is why it is
what e we are all here at the james and I follow my position and this position will take us to the
moon we will be talking about what is necessary is to stay even though we have criticism even if they
think it will not be done if we believe in something, well it goes then don't miss
this video because we are going to get motivated because this Tuesday we are going to enter strong and we are going to
beat these great institutions so that they learn who we are, we diamond hands, we
the eps, if you like the type of videos subscribe to the channel of the bell so that it notifies every
time it makes a video of real estate taxis shares news everything that creates money
we see it this channel then like the video youtube distributes it more with name as
I like everything destroy it so that people can motivate them to feel strong comment
on the bottom part all my diamond hands all ours and having said that we are going
with the video of the day Today's friends, let's go vicente, let's start here by seeing a red, my
friends, because as I told you in the beginning of the video, everything begins in a red but at the end
of everything it ends up being a beautiful green and it is that we visualize it to be able to find it,
here we are 51 dollars o 96 cents closed and I know that many are afraid that this will continue to
fall but we have to see the large photo and the large photo shows us incredible growth and
growth for more than a month now my friends now because It is very necessary that
we see this, what I am going to show you is because sometimes we have to see what it is to maintain
our actions in the long term, they are going to bear fruit ok and here I have some videos that I found
that I wanted to show you just what that it is this year and this is very necessary that we see it because
look here I have my position of two joint look at what price I was to show the two eat
to buy friends and friends look This price pointed to 0 0 2 439 we are a little bit this video
because in this video and this aside from that person they say that I do not know how to analyze that I do not know about actions and
look here at the samples because here they teach them at this time nobody made a video of two with friends
and friends nobody nobody nobody look at this and quite cheap here we are talking about 0.00 24 35 is the
value wants to demand that for a stop by 24 2 with 3 less than a penny imagine and credible go
that this voice cinema marks friends friends when all the cinemas They collapsed, no one was buying
the cinemas, but those of us who bought it here, we bought the cinemas, we bought them at 11.93 and look
at what price it reached 21 51 and we had a profit of 32 thousand dollars.

These numbers do not stop
lying my friends here we are with yes yes at one point we were losing approximately
40 thousand dollars but we did not sell we saw it red but we did not sell and now we are in a profit
of more than 20 thousand dollars more than 26 m The dollars we have of profit at this moment in sisi javi
because I show you these my friends friends because we are going to do it with her but that is
what I feel is going to happen because we are united and I feel that this action has more potential
than the others because there is more union in the emshi and because I really feel this equality
that we are joining these our brothers our brothers diamond hands we are all
united and I feel that I can have great potential friends and friends and that is why I show you that all
these Actions like two were in red as Cinemark was in red as in itself yes there I saw it
was in red and then right now we look at them and the same friends but what happens when
we stay we receive these great prizes are big digits but it is to understand trust
in the stock market of not listening to negative people who sometimes will come to us that I repeat
hosting but they will not achieve it because in the end Of all these people who speak negatively, these
people who comment negatively, seed friends are the ones who have nothing at the end and those who
manage to have many are all of you positive, all those who comment positively, and
all those who are diamond hands.

they want to continue strong in any action, not only
in it, if you really for me it was very necessary to motivate them today because it is very necessary
that we get motivated what is this Tuesday friends, there is a lot of information that if I come and
tell you all the information that They are emerging because we do not finish the video but what we have
to do is keep ourselves, maintain ourselves, maintain ourselves because we are already winning, we already have them here,
look at how we carry them like this, we carry them friends and friends, but it is only to stay and understand that
sometimes the numbers are not everything what their numbers show down here we are going to find
something quite large that goes to the root and waits We must defeat all these negatives and that
this can reach the moon because with everything that is waiting for them to have down,
we can say that it can reach quite high at what price it is very difficult to know but what we do
know my friends that we are Seeing only the tip and we are getting scared, magin
is that we see everything that is down there will be a lot my friends and that is why it is very
necessary that we maintain our positions.

Today I wanted to come and make a
positive video for Let us know that if we stay on the train then we can do very well now as I
always tell them my friends from life never buy or sell a stock because they see it in a video they
always study and analyze the stock I like to show them what I I am doing but
this does not mean at any time that they do it that does not mean that it is a risky action never
invest more than they can lose this we can say that in a At the moment these actions if they were
risky like two coins like cinemark as if there were now the one who does not risk does not win and that is why it
is very necessary that we know the risk but the one who risks and then ends up winning when he analyzes and
distracts lax then a lot of analysis my friends and friends first of all I hope you have a happy
4th of July with your beautiful families I wish you the best I hope you liked the video if
you liked this video share so that people feel positive like me I feel positive
with this action as I always do I say remember that there is nothing impossible for everyone to think about it if
you want we are seeing it until next time

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