so a slow day in the overall stock
market this morning for trading but a crazy day in the crypto world I'm gonna
show you how I made six thousand dollars in about five ten minutes in this video
so stay tuned what's going on guys like I said kind of a slow morning it's
Christmas on Monday people might be just not here not trading it seems like that
the volume is not there there's not really anything going on couple stocks
moving around this a grx kind of a bounce play it's moving around it got
sold off hard but this morning not really anything going on but the crypto
world is selling off huge at one point like coin down 50% you can see here I
actually did this entire trade live in the live feed this morning so if you
watch the live feed you saw this all went down I called it out there I was
looking for this dip here on litecoin this morning and I'm trying to show you
here kind of why I was looking so you can see back here beginning of summer we
had to support there that 150 area 160 area I was like okay I'm gonna put an
order out there I'm gonna try to buy 95 litecoin at that area and we'll see what
happens if I get failed I get filled if I don't it's not a big deal but I'm not
gonna chase this I'm not gonna buy and hope that I can get a bounce here with
nothing so this is low daily chart on litecoin you can see if i zoom in better
here the 5-minute chart so we dip down here to actually 144 so we dipped all
the way to 144 I wasn't that worried about it I thought for sure we at least
get some kind of balance here off the 150 area which we did we ended up
bouncing from 143 144 area all the way back up here to 217 I took profit there
at 212 you can see my orders here buying 95 litecoin at 156 dollars and then
looking for that break back above $200 selling into this push getting 212 fill
there you can see the fills boom boom boom getting filled so it was
about 10 minutes took me 10 minutes to do this trade I called it out in the
live stream talking about how I was gonna do it how I was gonna get in there
now put the order out there waited for the field got filled on the dip look for
the bounce this is very textbook day trading when it comes to you know
playing this chart here most crypto traders or most people who are buying
crypto they don't really understand the basics of chart reading or support all
that kind of stuff so that's one advantage that we have as day traders is
we can actually see that stuff you know this is a typical chart kind of balance
that we would play in the stock market so that's what I was looking for and
ended up getting filled here 1:56 took a profit there at 2:12 the reason I took
profit at 2:12 is you can see it really started going fast fast fast hi-hi God
above 220 got above 200 got above 210 and then it got the 216 hard to slow
down I was like okay boom I'm out of it took profit there are 212 got filled
took profit made $6,000 in a matter of minutes so ended up making close to
$6,000 no fees no commissions in and out here using G Dax doing it live in the
live stream this morning but just doing a recap here for you guys to check out
actually kind of nice little bounce here right now litecoin kind of bouncing off
a $200 area we'll see this once to get moving again if this does start to look
like it wants to balance I might end up buying in here we can get a nice support
bounce and maybe we can get back up that 250 area well see what happens but
beautiful play here this morning on litecoin and people always ask me like
you know why why do i trade cryptocurrencies or what i do this i
mean i'm trading anything if i can trade cryptocurrencies if i can trade the
stock market whatever it is if i can make some money trading it i'm gonna
trade it and that's what's what's so important really for this is for
everybody to understand that there are opportunities out there don't stick
yourself only into the stock market there's opportunities out there like
coin was down 50% this morning it wasn't easy but it wasn't hard it wasn't it
hard traded by any means really you know buying this support there knowing we had
that support there the 150 area I probably could even put out an order a
little bit lower but I'm happy with it getting that 156 bill taking profit
there 212 not a bad day not a bad day at all and you can see we're kind of
bounced off the EMA's right now they're on a light coin we'll see this can get
moving higher just about to walk away I was just about to press export on this
video this morning and SG lb went crazy ended up getting here on SGG lb for the
break above $3 got in there at 291 took profit they are at 330 beautiful trade
on SG lb is thinking about on knowhere sometimes just they just come out of
nowhere you just never really know you can see all of a sudden this thing's
spiked up what was it about 10 o'clock so at 10 o'clock this thing starts
spiking up I said I was done for the day this thing
spiked up and went crazy and Oh God above this three dollar ear he had some
trouble there at three dollars for a second and then came back kind of
balance off the ninety ma got there two three forty so we went right over three
dollars right up there to 340 I took profit at three thirty I wasn't
really expecting this kind of move aspecting like 10 20 cent move but boom
right there two thirty cents three thirty you can
see my profit here making three hundred and ninety dollars there on SGL be
making thirty dollars later on DCI X this morning DCI X was kind of all over
the place but not bad not bad at all not a bad day it's Friday Christmas is on
Monday I'm happy Santa Claus came a little bit early making some money on
like when this morning making some money on SGL be beautiful beautiful beautiful
I'm you can see I'm excited I'm happy and I'm gonna go see a movie now I'm
gonna go spend the rest of the day that's what it's all about really day
trading making your own schedule you know getting rewarded for the work that
you put in if you put in the work you put in the time you can make money in
this market you can make money doing different things trading whatever you
want to trade it doesn't matter what your strategy is as long as you're
putting in the effort as long as you're putting at a time you can do it and it's
just a great example of you know great little Friday here going into the
weekend look at SGL be about to explode again there it is up there two three
forty now 350 boom this thing's going crazy going crazy it's up a hundred and
fifty percent right now up there to 350 I'm gonna stay away from I'm gonna walk
away take my profit be done for the day hopefully you guys made somebody this
morning SGL be popping up alert in the chatroom before the move before the
actual trade but really a great day so far and like I said I'm gonna be done
for the day making six thousand dollars this morning on litecoin making three
hundred and ninety dollars there on SG lb can't complain about that I'm gonna
be done I'll talk to you guys tomorrow maybe later on we'll see
there goes SGL be above 350 now go in higher 360 it's on the move here
beautiful beautiful talk to you guys later

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