Dating Crypto Wojak 😡

Girlfriend: Good morning Wojak, I 
have a day off we should go out today. Girlfriend: Why are you so 
quiet and already on your phone? Girlfriend: We should really go out today. Girlfriend: We didn't go anywhere 
for the last three months.  Wojak: That's because Kitten coin was 
dumping, we should do something nice today.   How about a fancy restaurant?
Girlfriend: I love you Wojak. I need to get ready. Wojak: Why do people so want to waste money? If we 
invested those $100 for lunch into kitten coin it   would be worth $10.000, it's like paying $10.000 
for a dinner and it doesn't even cure cancer. Girlfriend: I'm so happy we are finally 
going out Wojak. Who are you chatting   with on your phone? I can see you are smiling.
Wojak: No baby, I am just checking my portfolio.   We should go to an exclusive restaurant, 
let's celebrate your day off. Girlfriend: I like these shrimps and 
the French wine, what will you have? Wojak: $500 for a bottle of 
wine that could be $50.000.   Let's have a champagne baby, we deserve it.  Girlfriend: i love you Wojak.
Wojak: Let me check my portfolio.

Wojak: I need to buy more 
kitten coin, it just dipped. Wojak: I am actually not 
feeling like drinking today,   can we return this champagne let's 
have some water it's healthy. Girlfriend: Good morning Wojak, I can 
see that you're on your phone again.   It's so good that we have booked the vacation. Wojak: I need to buy more kitten 
coin, I don't have any money left. Wojak: Baby I think I might have caught covid,   let's move this vacation for 
another time when I feel better.

Girlfriend: Whatever, where are we 
going at today. I barely slept from   all of your trading alerts 
last night. Why do you keep   setting them up when you never trade.
Wojak: You never know when a fake out   will be a breakout kitten coin is bound to 
moon soon. I had bought so many of them. Bogdanoff: Hi Chad, he bought kitten coins 
with all his money we dump now, dump it! Girlfriend: Good Wojak,   happy for you. Are we going anywhere tonight?
Wojak: Yes darling, I am so happy I have   bought more kitten coins on discount. Let's 
celebrate! I should check my portfolio.

Wojak:   Baby, I actually have a headache.
Girlfriend:   What happened? Is kitten coin down?
Wojak: Yes, but it's just   a small dip. I need to buy more.
Girlfriend: I heard from Chad that   it's a scam and he sold them all.
Wojak: What!? With Chad, really? two months later
Girlfriend: I'm so   glad I left that loser over you Chad. That's 
a nice car coming, when will we get a lambo?  Wojak: Hi there no miowers.
Megan Fox: Why are we stopping for these losers?.

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