DATA GEMS: What’s up with the PopClock?

[Music] Hi, my name is Armando Mendoza. Have you ever wondered how fast the population
has grown in the US and in the world? Let me show you the population clock. To look at the population clock, we are starting
right on our landing page, which is We have several tools on this webpage, but
the one that we're interested in is the population clock. Which is right here, and you can see how fast
the population is growing not only in the United States, but it's also in the world. To get more detailed information you click
on the US population link that is going to bring you to this page, and the way that we
determine the population is using the latest census data as a base. We take into account the birth rate, the death
rate, and the international migrant. So, in this case, there's one birth every
eight seconds, there's one death every 11 seconds, and there is one international migrant
net every 28 seconds, which gives us a net gain of one person every 14 seconds.

I hope you found this tool as fascinating
as I do. For more videos, please subscribe to the Census
Academy and don't forget to follow us on social media. [Music].

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