Darwinia – Cross-Chain Application Hub | NFT | DeFi | Blockchain Games Solution | Polkadot Ecosystem

What is Darwinia  Darwinia is one of best-known networks in the 
blockchain area as well its Evolution land game.   When we talk about Darwinia, we say, that it is 
a decentralized heterogeneous cross-chain bridge   protocol developed using Substrate, focusing 
on decentralized cross-chain token swap,   exchange, and market.
What they do is a cross-chain   application hub, that provides application 
interoperability and asset cross-chain functions   for blockchain applications in games and DeFfi 
sector. Darwinia aims to build an internet of   tokens and is creating the infrastructure for it.
When a user sends assets from Darwinia to another   chain, the assets are locked on the original 
chain Darwinia. That is performed with a backing   contract on Darwinia and no middleman needed, 
locking operation is under trustless control. At the same time, the transaction is sent to the 
target heterogeneous chain. Darwinia Relay (a   super light client, integrating MMR cryptography 
technology to make sure each confirmed block   header aware of chain state history) deployed on 
the issuing chain verifies the transaction — it’s   done with the cryptography technology, 
so again — no need for middlemen trust.  Business direction is also focused on on-chain 
NFT services and cross-chain NFT markets,   cross-chain token bridges for stablecoins, 
and cross-chain Token Dex protocol.

Denny Wang and Alex Chien, two 
co-founders of Darwinia entered   the crypto community in about 2012. They 
participated in Bitshares development,   and Denny was a core developer of Bitshares 
1.0. as well as participated in the entire   crypto ecosystem and other projects, 
such as Ethereum, MakerDAO, NEO, etc. In 2018 Itering Singapore company was founded and 
now this company is the developer of Darwinia open   source software and it is the core development 
team of Darwinia. For now it developed such   projects as the very popular Subscan blockchain 
browser, NFT Shifter services, Itering ID   and DKMS — decentralized distributed key 
generation, signature, hosting, recovery solution. DARWINIA AND POLKADOT
Polkadot and Substrate   framework was chosen for building Darwinia 
because of its strong underlying support   and security guarantees, extensive open 
source community and reliable partners.  Darwinia network will become Polkadot parachain. 
Meanwhile Darwinia Network can work in two modes:   as parachain and solo chain.

In a parachain mode 
the original validators and Staking mechanisms   will be used to ensure local consensus within 
the Darwinia Network, which will help achieve   faster block confirmation and higher 
TPS, while the cross-chain security   of the parachains will be guaranteed by 
the validators of Polkadot Relay Chain. Evolution Land is a virtual management game based 
on blockchain. Players can work together or fight   against each other in activities such a mining, 
construction, PvP, scientific research etc to have   fun and increase wealth in their blockchain 
based assets. EvolutionLand is also a DAO:   decentralized autonomous community that 
allows users to create, experience content   and applications, and thus profit.
Evolution land is a showcase of Darwinia   cross-chain solution, the third continent will be 
deployed on Darwinia Network. On the one hand it’s   a game, like SimCity on blockchain, where gamers 
can buy or sell lands, mine resources like gold,   wood, water, fire and silicon materials produced 
on the land or synthesize the elements into props   in smelters, as well as play in casinos, 
arenas or even in third-party Dapps.   On the other hand it’s a perfect learning 
playground, where people that are far from   blockchain technology can gain some experience: 
when deposit RINGs into Gringott bank and get   KTON as a prize (staking) and as a voting rights, 
as soon as Evolution Land is DAO.

And, of course,   cross-chain transfers — when resources are 
transferred from one Continent to another..

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