Damien Lost HOW Much in Dogecoin? (What’re Those?!)

we should come up with this new currency and it's called let's all put in for a tank yes yeah yeah and just dang yeah put everything in a tank a physical tank like the gun weapon money isn't real hey everybody welcome back to a very special edition of what today we are dealing with stonks just kidding it's cryptocurrency because that's trending right now and click on this give us your views i'm back on uh energy drinks i stopped taking care of myself again so i hope you're all doing well um that's right everything today has to do with cryptocurrency nft stuff stonks whatever nothing's real anyway let's talk about it but joining us are three very unfortunate contestants including sage oh hi tell us about yourself thank you hi uh i was not told um that uh i had to know anything about cryptocurrency [Applause] a deadly mistake all the way from liberia we got noah s grossman yes s all right liberia the ship council of the world you guys are great and hi you're all the way from mozambique oh tell us about that former french colony uh like i said this is the game of what are those and this is a very special edition where we are playing one specific type of round for three rounds so today we're gonna be playing a little game called how much in the world money is it dollars does it cost it is not the price is right it's a new game that we made up uh and you can purchase a t-shirt submit chaos so basically what we do today is i'm gonna show you three different items and you're gonna guess how much in the world money is it dollars does it cost without going over that's the twist that's the part that we made up that makes it special so today's yes ethan did you burp because i is that a red bull burp ian if you're smelling a red bull burp i think it only can come from one place i'm not gonna say i did or i didn't but you just you should trust your senses red bull and bologna then why do i smell fear and i had no bologna we had the same lunch thank you there was no baloney it was mediterranean which is worse first item today is uh stonks so for background context gamestop at its height got up to about 375 american dollars up from when it was like literally nothing it was the whole crazy thing look it up my question is as of today and i'm gonna move my mouth and have the editors put in like march 29th like what is the april 1st 2021.

Um how much in the world is it for one gamestop song oh god currently yeah today right now in this moment because it did it did crash well don't tell no i want to it doesn't matter but i think it did cross 4 20 69 at one point i think that's what everyone was setting there that's pretty funny what is it right now what did you say what no i'm telling you i'm so sorry bro you're like you're like my mom already on the menu what do you do you can't lose it right now there's no peaks and you can't go over okay okay okay okay right now you have been on the show more than anyone right now i know but i like being right he's got a little stock ticker in his glasses it's called a stonk tonker sorry um ethan uh go ahead and how much in the world money is dollar supposed to cost i said 230 dollars and 69 cents nice because i think it took a big old dive and then some people were like people i bought the dip so people bought the dip it's worst answer i've ever heard sage uh can you redeem this uh bullet train to heck i went very low i went 42-36 hilarious and you went real low in in hopes to not go over and win by accident smart that's called stress it's called the don't go over it yeah and it's the thing that makes our show different from all others yeah yeah please respect right you come up with here today okay noah what's your number thing like sage i was scared of going over so i guessed 189.79 okay okay okay so this is gonna be an interesting one i've never been more disappointed in my life oh um because noah gets the point 191.45 wow okay it's not hilarious it has neither a 420 or a 69 in it but it is the answer as of today i'll probably be right by the time this video comes out just watch all right that was round one as you all know uh right now uh noah is at zero everyone else is at negative one uh because you all know what you did round two is um nfts nft as we all know say where he stands for non-fungible tokens [Music] all right great so an nft is basically a a piece of art some kind of digital something that works as a cryptocurrency it can't be replicated you can screenshot it but the original ownership works in the same way cryptocurrency does look it up i don't have enough knowledge to fully explain it to you i'm sure the comments will tell me why i'm dumb as hell but there is a youtuber influencer person type person called elijah daniel who made a bunch of uh almost like trading cards for youtubers they're like parodies like uh tana mongoose i feel like i made it up but sure um and they're being sold as nfts so what is the current price right now for jeffrey moon it's not jeffree star it's jeffrey moon oh oh jenny and he pixelized it so people couldn't sue him for negativity i don't know he has black males in attack and being rich very effective yeah one of ten normal type does jeffree seem like a normal type to you maybe a normal ghost type i mean if there's only one card if there's only i mean that's got to be pretty valuable but also nobody likes jeffree star but that's why you would buy it that's why yeah right hey everybody time to write numbers don't call me over don't you dare yeah i'm really feeling this number like i feel like i got it exactly so i will say this though uh the currency that you buy with which you buy an nft is currently ethereum for this but we translated that into money dollars of the day so you can still use american coinage okay yeah yeaks you know a long time ago i had uh my brother's friend he's like a coder doesn't really matter but uh you know he once said to me many years ago he said listen there's this new thing called ethereum you want to know what it's about and i said no this sounds stupid now we know where i am today i mean i i was it still sounds stupid to me yeah but see i would be stupid and with like 1800 more money than i have what's more stupid being a normal person or only talking about crypto noah as the winner of the last round sage you go first how much in the world money is it i said 4 200 or this many ethereum oh playstation ethereum i've never been sadder noah as the winner of the last round it's your turn oh wonderful uh i guessed three hundred and thirty thousand dollars oh i guess for three whoa all right well i thought i went i thought i went a bit under with the more i thought about it but i don't think i i i think i got this one in the bag it's seven thousand eight hundred and eighty eight dollars all right here's the deal i've never been more disappointed in my life um i am going to make a judgment call here and say that uh you all have to rewrite your numbers in the next 10 seconds it is an amount of money that one of us in the room could maybe actually have on our person at this time oh it's and i'll be honest i don't have three hundred thousand dollars on me done or in the bank all right damn still the same amount of etherium though i don't understand what aetherium is nobody does uh so sage uh yeah all right ethan uh yeah of one million dollars ooh you're right you're right and he's talking about your pockets and we are going to mug you after the show yes you're welcome to try but i've actually trained against three people uh i guess 11.78 cents ah this brings me great joy as our newest person on the show sage you are closest without going over the exact number that i memorized but i wanted to check if you know it of course is 127.80 excuse me 61 cents equaling point zero seven one ethereum what a steal that oh my god that exactly yeah kind of yeah so what you're saying is that the hype train for nft might already be kind of yeah yeah okay yeah well we'll get back to that later in the show so that brings the current score total up to zero zero negative one negative 1.5 all right all right great uh for our final round um i got a little bit of a personal story oh we have i know so my family um when i was about 16 or 17 a friend told me all about doge coin he said hey i want to get this thing off the ground it could be really fun i am going to share dogecoin whoever wants it he gave me 10 000 dogecoin which i backed up onto a different uh hard drive i thought i copied all the wrong files and i no longer exist but let's think about if it were on this jump drive and i did go through a drive for like hours and hours the other night how much in the world money would that be worth right now you're gonna make me have to do math yeah quick math spruce uh you said you had ten thousands yes do you know what dogecoin if you ask me another question i swear to god noah i know how to use this i will plug it into you and download a virus i will update you to windows 7.

You had ten thousand i forget that i forget the zero the zeros i'm so sorry dude you know what filming could be a lot quicker for you noah if you just record one line and then we just hit play play every time we have a round you're not wrong like nfc you say god damn it i have nothing to go off of great um remember you can't go over buy the shirts okay ian you know what's your turn to go first let's make it happen sure uh i'm gonna say 500.

That's some spicy cash that i could have had um what do you say uh i said six thousand one hundred and three dollars and one cent if only i had that much right now to my name i have made some very bad decisions i just realized i added one too many zeros when i carried my zeros but it's fine this is an extra zero that i wanted to guess whoa i think it would have been 11 238 but i added another zero so this is my guess officially is a hundred and twelve thousand dollars i did add another zero i know i'm a broken man but if i had missed out on that amount of money you'd see a lot more yeah well i thought i thought it was eleven thousand two hundred uh-huh but comments we're gonna go with this i wouldn't be like oh if she dipsy lost my thing in the trash oops yeah yeah okay um wow this has never happened before ian is closest wow bringing the grand total up to a tie a triple zero scenario it's never happened wow yeah yeah i agree with that uh the amount uh at its current price of uh five point eight cents each would be five hundred eighty american dollars yeah i know which is still a money i would have probably really liked to have sure that's a psp a ps5 and a fancy dinner it's a ps5 and a psp yo that was uh then you know what we don't want people to have a general sense of victory here so we're gonna have a tiebreaker the question for y'all is what is the most expensive selling price for a piece of nft ever what is the most expensive nft without going over and without being under pencil down heads up seven up hands up keep it keep up the good work quiet coyote if you hear my voice clap once if you can hear my voice clef twice all right class today we're learning about christopher columbus he sucks um hey all right uh noah money yeah how much tell me uh i was feeling this number earlier uh add a little bit to it uh 330 thousand sixty nine dollars disappointing oh sage uh how much in the world 58 million uh so much money all right in i believe it's the beetle art which if i'm using my brain correctly six milli get it out of here sage the exact wins of money in the world is 69.3 million hilarious yeah i missed a zero i knew there was a six but a lot of zeros uh stage is not great big winner today i don't want to say crazy i said you're a great big winner hey y'all this has been the show of one ah no if you like the lunacy that we have presented to you today well gosh darn we do it all the time why not hit that subscribe button uh so that we can just come to your inbox at any time and you won't even be expecting it it'll be neat uh if you want to see other videos that we've done um they're over here they're over here hey if you want to buy the shirts that they're wearing you can't they own those three but if you want to buy the same type of shirt we do have it available at uh smosh.

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