Daily Defi: Top 3 Micro Cap Altcoin Gems, Moral Case for Bitcoin, YFI Updates & More (Crypto News)

welcome back to daily d5 today is june 7th of 2021 monday hope everyone is having a great start to the week today we'll be talking about d5 drop yield lee and world token three great low cap all coins along with you you're sorry you're not finance uh some development at the miami bitcoin conference really great news coming out of that conference with uh you know what's going on in el salvador a lot of just the the kind of incredible things that they're doing with the lightning networks really build on top of bitcoin um and yeah so we'll also talk about this this is another great thing is the bitcoin 2021 panelists make a moral case for bitcoin i thought this was interesting i actually watched this you know jimmy song is a great guy he's been in crypto for a very long time i'm robert breedlove huge fan i highly recommend this podcast i remember listening to it uh it's it's with a lux treatment by the way um i remember listening to it when i was driving in turkey to uh goblecke tepe and just really insightful you know they're both incredibly articulate gentlemen so total value locks and decentralized finance sits at 67.05 billion dollars while ave dominance is down and sideways just a little bit point uh at percent d5 pulse index up almost two percent to 391.09 so you can see what's kind of going on i mean this mostly correlated with what is happening with uh bitcoin because that dominance is so high so everything is up today you know we're kind of looking good on this monday a lot of people are thinking like oh sunday maybe we'll have this retracement back but uh you know i think we could see a short-term um if you're just looking at the technical analysis charts once we break out of this uh really of this symmetrical slash descending triangle that we're in what depending on what chart you're looking at uh you know it's going to be a big move now whether that's to the upside or the downside i personally prepare for both so i have plans set up trade setup in both cases because i think this will most likely be a big trade um we have kind of done this overall pump dump consolidation um and we've been consolidating for a little bit now i made a video a couple of days ago i think was on saturday talking about bitcoin you know is going to 20k or 40k next those are really the measurement price targets out of the out of the current triangle pattern so uh here with juicy nfts if it'll load for us um maybe oh wow so nft volume that's crazy i haven't seen this i mean these levels of nfts had not been seen in a while and crypto punks is up to that number one spot you know recently crypto punks has been down a little bit um so 24 hour nft volume 2.5 million dollars pretty crazy uh we have seen this consistently stay at these levels but over the past couple weeks it's been in the low thousands um so anyways let's move on to this first article again from decrypt so in brief the moral case for bitcoin stems from property rights thinks bitcoin developer jimmy song and also jack dorsey talked about this and michael saylor is it's truly the only thing where they're not able to take it away from you you buy land somebody can take it away from your government take it away from you you buy gold you buy silver if you're not custodying it right someone can take it away from you even if you're throwing into private vaults you have that problem you know you just put your money bank account somebody can take it away from you somebody can inflate the currency so ridiculous and look so ridiculously much look at all these countries where this has happened time and time again i think it's still yet to come sadly uh in a lot of different countries is mass inflation we're kind of seeing the upfront inflation i mean i see it and just look at housing commodity prices uh although the you know the imf and the fed doesn't come out and say oh we're having these higher levels of inflation that's what's going on is i truly think i mean there's no way to get around it with massive monetary stimulus uh yeah so anyways um this is really the one true thing where you can cast it yourself if you have your private keys not only can you cuss it yourself and you have true you know property rights but you can also be incredibly mobile so you could say the same thing like on gold so like you buy gold it's truly yours you buy a piece of land or you buy a house but again how mobile are you know what happens when you know if you study world history different societal rises and collapse happen so i i think we've been a relatively peaceful time throughout world history and you know who knows what's going to happen the next 10 years i mean i i don't want to play play the doom and gloom story but it's a non-zero chance of these things happening so you always have to factor these in that's why it's the same thing with technical analysis or investing you have to price these things in and form that in your plan that's what i always do and i talk about on this channel so bitcoin success is a moral imperative argued a group of bitcoin advocates at a major conference in miami on saturday far from a get-rich-quick scheme bitcoin upholds property rights and topples state monopolies on violence they said at the panel titled the moral case for bitcoin so i i would recommend checking this out i'll have uh coin telegraph and uh decrypt links as well as obviously all these projects links with every daily defy but uh it's pretty interesting so as philosophical proof the panel compromise a mix of developers and ceos cited the strand of libertarian philosophy that emphasizes self-ownership by this logic your body is your property everything that extends from it including bitcoin falls under your property rights the thing that violates the property rights is theft and the current system is a cesspool of theft said one of the panelists bitcoin developer jimmy song again jimmy song been in this space a long time breedlove ceo of parallax digital thinks that the uh american dollars are immoral every time a dollar is printed that is a violation of human property rights he says that's that's an interesting point um breedlove is truly a modern day philosopher when it comes to bitcoin i mean go listen to his his series um he has i would recommend if you just want to start off go with his early i think was in maybe 2019 or early 2020 um interviews with anthony pompliano he has one that's like a message to ray dalio i would highly recommend you go watch that that's some one of the thing that really got me into dollar cost averaging into bitcoin um when it was you know under 10k for a long time uh i i really think breedlove's just really really profound in this space so anyways that's basically it for this article let me know what you think about this um i'll wrap it up with this so if the currency is really fluctuating in value such that you could become a power or really rich in a matter of a couple of days you can't carry out your life sharding explained um in a 2018 interview with ru rooters bitcoin is volatile so it isn't an ethical currency she said perhaps there's a compelling rebuke of that take but bitcoin 2021 is for bitcoiners and by bitcoin as the panel it was preaching to the choir so that that is something that's very richer i mean when you look at this conference there are some kind of dark signs i will say that that was kind of why you know i was considering oh maybe we'll have this drop on sunday i mean guys when when you see someone like max kaiser obviously is a hype man just like you know this logan paul jake paul they're heightened they're they're master marketers right they feed off people's attention if if you don't know how to control your attention which a lot of people struggle with and i completely get that if you can really truly control where your attention is going you're not controlling your life you're not controlling your energy your where your attention goes where your energy goes you know your eyes are kind of these goal seeking mechanisms and where whatever captures your attention is is really what you value so if you're spending your time watching content or or consuming information that is literally irrelevant like just horrible uh magazine article type things that you would see it like a checkout aisle you know i don't even know what they're called i've never really purchased one but i and maybe like people i don't know what you know what i'm talking about those like what do you what do you call them like paparazzi or there's something where it's like uh i'll move on i can't remember let me know in the comments you know i'm talking about a tmz that's what it is tmc but i mean if that's what you spend your attention what is that doing for your life it's just entertainment i i rather integrate entertainment with what i am interested in right so i i try and direct that energy that laser kind of energy towards investing towards business towards assets towards growth all these things rather than okay consuming content like candy you know it's it's just like your your content diet okay so anyways little rants over urine.finance in miami developers talk uh new vaults products in vertical so layer two decks liquidity pool position strategies and insurance is on the horizon for the rapidly expanding team two sweltering blocks from the great gated entrance of bitcoin miami i managed to track down at a core developer sorry core contributor one of the most important projects in the decentralized finance ecosystem this is very very true um is uh is your finance i mean your finance has been around for a relatively long time the i can't remember the guy's name who created it but uh i mean they're doing great things i've covered this project in detail in the past i thought this article had a little bit more in depth but it's not looking like it so i think we can just kind of move on um although i will point this out this is what i was looking for so new chains new projects um as with many d5 protocols layer 2 has been the focus of urine's development and volt strat strategies so what you have to understand here is layer 1 is essentially just the the main block change like bitcoin is layer one and then layer two would be something like lightning network okay so a lot of strategies have been playing with side chains redeploying volts on side chains dope doggy told coin telegraph not sure who doggy is um the vault would still be underneath but it would uh source liquidity via a bridge from the side chain the only barrier left is that bridge bridges between chains can often be flaky as doggy put it i can't get over that doggy thing man i need i need to get this dogecoin thing out of my mind so i i don't laugh when i see doggy as a name okay so taking hours or even days of process making traders and developers antsy um in the end he thinks that the roll-up solution as where the space will largely migrate so that's great for wifey fundamentally um that they're building new things uh that's always great you know more scaling more applications more kind of uh banks as they say here so or volts rather than products so next we're going to talk about three tokens that i think are very interesting extremely low cap so high risk high reward highly recommend doing your own research go watch that video link down below in the description first world token basically the way i see this is you know ebay or these uh these platforms basically where there's buying and selling exchanges well the that's kind of analog right you're getting something physically in the mail so amazon ebay etsy depop all these different sites then you go to digital assets so you go to things like exchanges then you go to okay nft marketplace well what will really be the one true nft marketplace well world token is really working on becoming that at least from what i understand is they're really really focusing on innovating in the space and using the world token to do this um using it for many different things so um shop using worlds you actually use the world token on this uh this exchange here so you can see you know there are all these partners here shopping.io that is awesome you have ethbox um chain games one ledger really really nice so about the marketplace the world marketplace will be a one-stop shop for purchasing digital goods online we're talking nfts games collectibles common cards gift cards music ebooks and more all transactions in the marketplace would be escrow-based so that is huge um basically when the money is in escrow so ebay for example does not do this ebay that's one of the biggest things like when there's these giant auctions for example like h3h i don't know if you guys know who this is but it's guy on youtube and he does these like comedy videos and he auctioned off his beanie where he basically stacked like the world's largest beamy and he sold it on ebay and since he has a very large following people went on and made these ridiculous bids like it would end it was going like 10 million at one point but the problem is is the money you can bid while the money isn't in escrow so you're just saying oh i will pay this the end of the auction just like if you watch blood diamond or whatever that movie with adam sandler is when they're doing the auction for it he bids it up but then he doesn't have the money at the end so it's same with ebay you know somebody can just go on and bid it up now maybe they've changed this now but from what i understand is still the same um they can push the price up but then at the end when it goes time to actually pay they don't pay you know like they're not forced into paying that's basically what escrow does is it's it's basically using smart contracts which is even better for escrow i mean that's how all escrow truly should be because smart contracts allow you to do this without human error and uh they they allow you not to have to trust anything but rather just to verify that okay this money will go go from the person who made the highest bid to the person who is selling whatever good it is um so you can see all these different use cases on here i think this could be really interesting especially since it's very low cap um it's under 10 million dollars uh 750 people like it uh right around nine cents uh close closer to 10 cents now trading volume very very low be careful with that um you have to make sure when you're especially if you're doing large sums into something like this i i not financial advice but average it you know that that's that's a strategy where it's like you don't want to be shifting something where it's like the volume is so so tiny i mean that that volume is really really small so again i think great fundamentals as long as you understand what's going on you can either watch these projects or participate in it so next yield lead this is the project building the algorithm ecosystem now i love el grande i've made videos on this in the past and one thing that they have been missing is d5 and really yieldly is putting the first d5 products on algorithm so i think that's absolutely awesome uh they you know they kind of show all these different things how uh they're basically using these crosstrain operations you have dot b and b so the binance margin ecosystem the erc20 ecosystem the polka dot ecosystem um you can see their roadmap here their team all here so they're they're front facing which is awesome it's always good to see so um let's read what what they're talking about here so we reconceptualizing we're reconceptualizing value including the way it is exchanged in our vision the community will exchange the digital assets swiftly and simply we are taking the first step towards connecting the blockchain universe by bringing d5 to algorithm why algorithm because it allows users to trade faster with lower fees and more security than any other protocol now when i first made the video on al grant i talked about really how they're focusing on beating the blockchain trilemma so with the blockchain trilingual you have decentralization scalability and speed kind of speed and security so what is the what is the going on here what algor algorand is really taking the point of view is okay most crypto projects most blockchain networks fail at one of those three things so for example bitcoin does really really well on decentralization really really well i would say on uh i mean you could say on like privacy but speed not so much right so if somebody wants to you know tip someone two dollars in bitcoin the fee is going to cost more right so that's what something like the lightning network's doing um yeah so you get the point there check out yieldly again i'll have that link down below in the description interesting project to take a look at so next d5 drop this is pretty awesome this is one that i've been actually looking for for a while um you can see they're on coin gecko but again very very early stage um this should be the right one make sure um you are on yep so this is correct okay so it's drops the drops token um be very careful i mean whenever a project that is showing question marks a mark cap um be careful but the point here is is you should just understand these products fundamentally what they're doing before you even invest right you should not just go you know someone on the street you're a barber or taxi driver or your cousin tells you to buy this token um in the crypto space you know shiba inu is going to blow up or just going to blow up it's the worst way to invest right that's just like playing the lottery rather something like d5 drop is doing great things but it's extremely early stage you have to understand okay if you really get behind this project if you really dig into the light paper if you go into the tokenomics if you go into okay what are all the features then you can actually invest in something like this confidently so this is a specialized launchpad and incubator for decentralized finance the introduction to this project with d5 continuously on the rise we are seeing a constant new development in innovation attempts across the space however with all the existing launch pads already out there there's very true uptake but a lot of different launch pads on this channel everything from truss swap poke starter um ducked up dime we've talked about uh soul starter we've talked about uh what is it sunday sunday swap i think or something like that up for the card i know he consists there's kind of launch pads um but what they're doing here is quite interesting because they're basically identifying this narrative okay the launch pad is already out there many of them are tailored uh not many of them are tailored to specifically decentralize finance and anonymous teams deep drop helps to streamline that process for new and existing teams looking to make an impact on the d5 scene while it's providing exclusive and secure opportunities for its community so that's great features drop staking slash liquidity providing safety programs drop stakers government's ideos token buybacks token burns periodic token buybacks and burns uh okay so i'm not sure why they repeated that but moving on cross chain ideas and fees cross chain token listing slash atomic swap drop holders and stakers tiered model for private and public sale allocation so that's great you can see the tokenomic breakdown here um if you're curious maybe i can do a detailed video into this again very very early stage so do be um very careful with this okay so that's basically it for this uh for this project um i mean they're backers shroom daddy don't know if i if i know about any of those two too uh well but you can check them out i guess um it is cool to see that you know partners d5 boost crypto x hash x unimax um all great so interesting project um again early stage with all of these three but again top three low cap gems at the moment especially to watch for during this kind of further i guess consolidation in the crypto market so that's all for this video let me know in the comments if you have any questions or what you want to see in more daily d5 episodes moving forward again this is a daily series on decentralized finance that's all for this video if you enjoyed it like subscribe button all like subscribe button all invest global and until next time

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