Daily Crypto Bulletin | July 18th 2021 | Paypal & Bitcoin, Tether Stablecoin, Top 10 Trending Coins

Hello, and welcome to the daily crypto bulletin from mymoneykarma, where we filter out the signal from the noise and give you just 3 bits of information that you need to understand the world of crypto. Paypal raises its weekly bitcoin purchase limit from $20,000 to $100,000 Paypal's statement mentions increased customer choice and flexibility, but our outsider focus is on what this means for an integrated financial system. As a payments processor, Paypal begins to connect more seamlessly with currency, bitcoin, and a payment app, Venmo. An integrated financial system first needs to integrate crypto with fiat. Tether is the world's largest 'stablecoin'- crypto that is pegged to other assets.

With its dollar-backing, it has become the de-facto reserve currency of the global crypto-economy. The only thing more interesting than Tether's niche is its CFO, a doctor, health-food expert, and now crypto wizard! Check out FT's recent piece on him below We round off the week with a list of coins expected to grow in July. At least now you've heard of them! Ethereum. Polygon. Stellar Lumens. Cardano. Chainlink. Bitcoin Cash. Binance Coin. Tether. Monero. And I think we're missing one. Bitcoin. And that’s a wrap for the daily crypto bulletin. Remember to subscribe to our channel and mine some crypto-knowledge – its price only seems to keep going up!.

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